Hitler Couldn’t Burn Paris But Illegal Aliens And Recent African/Muslim Immigrants Did

Riots in France after 2018 World Cup Win vs Croatia! – (Compilation) – YouTube


France has been overrun by illegal aliens just like the rest of Bilderberg run Europe.  The EU is entirely in the grip of this gang of robbers and they let in millions and millions of third world robbers so the populace would run to the crooks to be saved!  Well, a soccer team in France made up of all Muslims and Africans of recent arrival, won the World Cup and as per usual, riots broke out but with a new twist: mobs of blacks attacked and looted stores as well as burned cars and trashed several French cities espeically Paris which saw more damage and in WWII.


2 fans die as France’s World Cup celebrations are marred by violence | Daily Mail Online.  This headline in a rag that normally loves to blow up events and be hysterical, is odd.  I lived in NYC for many years and our slums would spontaneously erupt into severe violence and looting expeditions at the drop of a hat.  Simply turning off the lights due to a thunderstorm saw huge portions of neighborhoods go up in flames!


‘We’re the champions of the world! It’s phenomenal, just phenomenal.’  Even football fans who were not rooting for France but found themselves in the French capital for the game were overcome by the occasion and the amazing scenes of celebration.


This is insane.  The Daily Mail knows that all sports events cause people childish joy which usually leads to acting infantile and somewhat destructive.  What happened in France was identical to where I have seen riots in America: the black hood rises up and loots/burns as much as possible.


‘France was not my team but I am so pleased for them today,’ said Sarah, a 24-year-old from Birmingham in England who is studying medicine in Paris.


‘The players just showed something special all along, something that I liked, and I was not sure they would win today but they did. A lot of people are going to be drunk, if not already.’


No where in this article does the newspaper examine what really happened.  This was a Bastille Day event for recent arrivals in France.  They camp all over France and create crime and mayhem and are systematically destroying civilization.  This is an open invasion.

Finale du Mondial 2018 : La fête se transforme en violents débordements (15 juillet 2018, Paris) – YouTube


Young people going to universities in Europe and North America and other places that are NATO allies all are being taught by Marxist professors to be uncivilized and violent and above all, stupid.  Ignorant about history, ignorant about the horrors of communist dictatorships, young people think it is romantic to run riot and burn cities and attack citizens.


So they love the idea that millions of third world people are pouring in and attacking civilization.  To these young budding Marxist monsters, looting and burning cities is fun and fixes the horrors of Bourgeoisie.


That is French for ‘city people’.

Frankreich: Gewaltsame Ausschreitungen nach WM-Sieg in Marseille und Paris – YouTube


On July 4th, there were earlier riots in France with illegal aliens and revolutionaries trying to destroy civilization: French Police Killing Unleashes Familiar Riots and Recrimination – The New York Times actually reported this.


 It was there that the riot police pulled over a 22-year-old man acquaintances identified as Aboubakar, the son of immigrants from Guinea, during a traffic stop Tuesday night. (The authorities did not name him.)


The accounts of residents and the officers differ, but one thing was certain: The young man was shot in the neck and died before he made it to the hospital.


Police shootings are rare in France compared with the United States, and when they occur the investigative machinery of the French state is mobilized. On Tuesday evening, the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, a Socialist, called for “total transparency over what has happened tonight,” and extended her sympathies to the family of the slain man.

A socialist runs the city and voila: rioters have a field day of fun and games.  London better worry about their vile mayor who went out of his way to insult the President of the USA.  He and his lovely gang of supporters can and will loot London the same way.


In the USA, these noxious looting riots happen for any excuse but they seem to happen only in cities run by liberals.  I was thoroughly enraged with Mayor Beame in NY City when, after very violent and deadly riots that saw whole swaths of the city set to the torch and looted, he said NOTHING HAPPENED!


 Officials said that Aboubakar had had at least eight previous encounters with the police and that he had had an outstanding arrest warrant on a robbery charge.


On Tuesday night, after he was pulled over, they said, he backed his car up at high speed toward children and a police officer. But residents say that he had not been acting aggressively.


I know first hand how certain populations ‘I didn’t see/do nothing’.  This is their mantra.  They are always ‘doing nothing’ and it is a long time joke.


In May 2017, there were riots in a Paris suburb after a young man was killed while fleeing the police; there were riots in July 2016 after an arrest; and days of rioting erupted in 2005 all over France after two young men were electrocuted while fleeing from the police.


Each time, the government vowed to bring in more help to the neighborhoods. President Emmanuel Macron is only the latest to announce such help, mostly through an enhanced police presence. Tensions with the police persist.


The liberals always offer ‘help’ after riots and so the riots continue or worsen and France now sees riots pretty much all summer long.  Winter brings down the riot numbers because most rioters come from warm climates.


Here is a picture of the mayor of Nantes:

Black politicians in the US like the ones in France consider these riots and looting expeditions to be opportunities to get their paws on more money from taxpayers who don’t riot.  This leads to taxpayers fleeing states/cities run by looters.


We see this in the US.  The rich in NYC and California live in closed off communities and the riots happen in the slums which tend to be far away.  The Bronx, for example, is on the other side of the East River.


The elites live in ‘safe areas’ and to keep political power for the very rich, they form alliances with the very poor to tax the middle class (the rich park their loot overseas where no one taxes them).  This, in turn, kills cities as taxpayers flee.


I fled New York City due to my tax money going into failing schools that were a physical danger to my children and to protect them, I had to move.  Millions of middleclass families flee cities in all NATO states.  They are being actively driven out.  Cities cease being ‘civilization’ which means ‘cities’ and move to the safer countryside, away from the violent criminal mobs and their very rich protectors.


And…this is exactly what happened to Ancient Rome!


Oh, the NY Times just published this story as I was writing my story:

HAHAHA…the Japanese want to ‘trade’ with Europe only the Japanese believe firmly in one way trade.  Oh, that will fix Germany good!  The EU Bilderberg gang is stupid.  This never ceases to amaze me.  They would greatly benefit from reading my blog but the last thing they want to do is see reality clearly.  So off the cliff they go!


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13 responses to “Hitler Couldn’t Burn Paris But Illegal Aliens And Recent African/Muslim Immigrants Did

  1. Melponeme_k

    The fact is, the elite are losing control. Most people are turning away from their silly “entertainment” (filled with poisonous ideas, sounds and visuals). If people rise up to their level and even beyond, that is it. Their personal world of castle living and stolen wealth is over.

    So they brought in the groups that haven’t risen yet in mind or body.

    This is called a reset. Prior collapses were engineered to achieve the same result. When people, as a whole, start to regain their autonomy, the elites create a collapse. It brings people down real fast.

    This is their one trick. That is all there is in their bag. They think they are in the Kingdom of the Blind and their one eye makes them omniscient. But that one eye is just one trick. And it has been so overplayed.

    Anyway this is a reset. They do want to destroy civilization. They will hoard all knowledge. While the rest of us go back to grass huts and horses and forget what we once knew. They they will rewrite it all and since none of our descendants will know how to read…they will never see the scam.

  2. Petruchio

    Elaine: Those safe, gated Communities the rich folks/Elites live in won’t always be safe. You claim to know your Roman history. Then you must know that once the easy pickings are drawn down, the ‘Barbarians’ start looking at bigger and bigger payouts. They went where the money was.: Rich folks. Watch the rate of kidnappings go up.All of the Elites Renta-Cops are gonna flee at the first sign of Danger. And the City Cops? They want to live too. And they will put the squeeze on the people they are supposed to protect. Those rich Elites in NYC are going to be safe through all this coming turmoil? Don’t bet on it, Elaine.

  3. Petruchio

    News Alert!! It is being reported today that a 100 foot wide fissure has surfaced in Yellowstone National Park. Volcanic activity?

  4. Moe

    @3 Pet

    That would be 100 feet long, not wide. 100 feet wide would certainly be impressive!


  5. Lou

    #1—Most people are turning away from their silly “entertainment” (filled with poisonous ideas, sounds and visuals). –I am not convinced.
    Netflicks is booming and so is You tube.
    yes, periodicals are waning and so is the music biz, but that is due to ‘free stuff on the web.’

  6. Lou

    6, continued. The Oscars, The super bowl, the Grammies are all still big.

  7. Lou

    I lived in NYC for many years and our slums would spontaneously erupt into severe violence and looting expeditions at the drop of a hat. Simply turning off the lights due to a thunderstorm saw huge portions of neighborhoods go up in flames!–Thats Black people, going tribal, regressing to the mean [no pun on ‘mean’].

  8. Melponeme_k


    Netflix stock took a dive today because subscriptions didn’t hold up to their projections. This isn’t yet counting the subscriptions lost because of the Obama hire.

    All the awards shows have the lowest ratings in years.

    Don’t believe what they tell you. They lie. That is the power of their little integrated media setup.

    No one is watching them anymore. Which is why they freak when Trump has so many fans.

  9. All systems are imploding now. And the elites are making this happen…INADVERTENTLY. They are stabbing themselves in the chest, making themselves poorer and weaker! This is super funny to me, frankly.

  10. ziff

    thats a really clear example of fake news by ommision , CTV had one story on the celebration, nothing ! zee=row on the riots @ their website or CBC

  11. nane

    The euro elite hates ethnic Europeans with a passion. They want to replace us with people from Africa and Asia. That is why they invite in all those young male migrants, so they can rape, loot and kill us.

    The migrants destroy our cities and break down social cohersion, and the elites rejoices over this development. They love to see Paris and other European cities being burned and looted.

    They don’t want Europe to remain European. They want to turn it into a multicultural utopia were national identity is crushed once and for all.

  12. shawntoh


    Per our discussion, here’s the links you requested–

    Islamic Terror
    in Europe
    (Since 2001)…

    “This is a list of Islamic terror attacks in “non-Muslim” Europe since 9/11. This list includes Russia and Georgia, but NOT Muslim countries such as Albania and Kosovo (with the exception of Turkey, even though it is not necessarily a part of Europe).

    There are some honor killings on the list, which may not fit the strict definition of a terror attack.”

    SOURCE: https://thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/europe-attacks.aspx


    “The Muslim Migrant Invasion and the Collapse of Europe”


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