Russian Operatives Gave $400 Million To Corrupt Clinton Crime Clan!

HAHAHA.  I just had this very violent little thunderstorm this evening and several inches of rain fell in minutes, like a faucet.  Thor has been stomping all over my little mountain!  And Putin just stomped on the Bilderberg gang and their High Unholy Lady, Ms. Clinton.  I talked often of the multi-million dollar bribes she collected during the last election and over 50% of this was from foreign entities seeking favors and power.  This is the #1 reason I not only opposed her but called her a traitor.  And she is a traitor!


The deafening screams of rage from our Bilderberg masters as Putin and Trump traded information and compared notes and opened each other’s books…this is both very amusing and very alarming since these Bilderberg clowns will start a world war rather than go off and eff themselves privately.


Who Is Bill Browder, Kremlin Foe Singled Out in Putin’s Offer? – The New York Times: according to the treasonous NY Times, it is OK to be treasonous so long as one is on the side of the Bilderberg gang.  Note how this stupid gang of crooks don’t give a flying F about Tommy Robinson, nay, they want him dead.  At the same time, these criminals pretend they love people who expose State Secrets and oppose Ruling Elites so long as these people being attacked are targets for removal by our Real Ruling Elites!


The Kremlin, Mr. Putin said, would allow Mr. Mueller and his team to travel to Russia and be present at the questioning of 12 Russian military intelligence officers the special counsel indicted last week for hacking into the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.


In exchange, however, the United States would have to permit Russian law enforcement officials to take part in interrogations of people “who have something to do with illegal actions on the territory of Russia.” He singled out one man: William F. Browder.


A London-based financier who led a global human rights crusade against the Kremlin that has resulted in sanctions being leveled against numerous Russian officials, Mr. Browder, 54, is a source of deep frustration for the Kremlin, which has gone to great lengths to shut him down. In May, he was arrested and briefly detained in Spain by officers acting on a Moscow-issued Interpol red notice, the sixth the Russians have filed against him.


More Brits playing international spook games.  Steele and Browder are Corsican Twins here.  Their goal is to create chaos and destruction of anyone who has pulled a country out of communism failures!  They want the US to ape the Sovie Union, for example.  They hate middle class voters and want to import millions of illegal aliens who will vote for communism.


Probably they hate Chinese who come in because the Chinese fleeing China hate Maoism and communism!!! I have saved and sponsored a number of Chinese fleeing communism in the past!


Mr. Putin on Monday detailed on television a variation of some of the allegations that the lawyer, Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, brought to the Trump Tower meeting — namely that some of Mr. Browder’s associates had funneled $400 million to the Clinton campaign with money illegally moved out of Russia.


“Business associates of his have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia,” Mr. Putin said. “They never paid any taxes. Neither in Russia nor in the United States. Yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. They sent huge amounts of money, $400 million, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.”


WAS CLINTON LAUDERING THIS LOOT IN THE CARIBBEAN???  I would love to know.  All those trips down south by her hubby in a private plane!  There is this ancient Chinese curse: may your wishes come true.  Hillary and her gang hoped to hang the Clinton DNC crimes on Trump and Trump’s opposition inside the rotting carcass of the GOP (ahem!) helped her along in this pursuit to frame Trump with Clinton crimes which are attached to Russian economic crimes (looting Russia!).


THIS is why the meeting between Trump and Putin was opposed so very violently by the Bilderberg gang.  THIS is why they are screeching, lying about the truth right now, they are not seeking information about the $400 million Hillary got from Russia, they want to pretend TRUMP got the loot!!! This is insane, stupid and extremely funny all at the same time.  I will die laughing except lightning bolts rained down on my little home for an hour and everything flooded…wow.  Thor is a busy body indeed tonight!


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22 responses to “Russian Operatives Gave $400 Million To Corrupt Clinton Crime Clan!

  1. Seraphim

    Finally Putin launched the bomb many were expecting for long, the exposure of the Kosher Nostra which looted Russia. Putins’ “Number 1 Enemy”, Bill Browder might finally benefit of a long vacation in one of these camps which his Grandad Earl helped to build. And he might drag some others who profited of this loot after him.

  2. tio

    I see the political world through my computer screen, and to be honest sometimes I doubt myself since what I have learnt seems, at times, to be utterly preposterous. And then I see this:

    If you ever needed proof of a global conspiracy … Interestingly, the torygraph published this (it’s behind a paywall so don’t bother).

    When Trump sees Putin, he doesn’t think about the Cold War, he sees a conservative champion of civilisation

    Forward thinking at its finest … £ Kerching $ !

  3. Ken

    So much negativity, all over Trump doing diplomacy. If the press and world politicians aren’t careful the public will start to think that they protest too much.

  4. Saint Mike

    The reaction by most of the media, by the Democrats, by the anti-Trump people is like mob violence. The madness is dialed to 11. This is simply the President of the United States, doing what every other President before him has done , diplomacy.

  5. Moe

    Hmmm, not seeing the $400 million figure on many other sites: Elaine’s right on top though.

    Should this not be prime-time news? ‘Alternative’ sites that fail to acknowledge the summit’s disclosures should be suspect.

  6. Jim R

    Interesting that all these headlines shout ‘treason’. It reminds me of the idiots’ discussion of whether the president ‘can pardon himself’. The stupidity is blinding and deafening!

    Whatever Trump decides is not treason, because as chief executive, he is the arbiter of foreign policy. His decisions trump (pun intended) anything done by the spook agencies or media. Right out there in public in the shining light of the noonday sun! Trump is chief executive. On the other hand, anyone who tries to sabotage his foreign policy just might be a traitor!

  7. Moe

    Lame Cherry coins a good one (not always the case, sometimes she’s off the wall).

    Excerpt: “…according to those who have spoken to President Trump, is a belief that he is standing in the way of others trying to “start World War III.”

    Yah think?

  8. Mewswithaview

    Wolf Blitzer in full TDS meltdown.

  9. Moe

    Moon Of Alabama

    Excerpt: “Trump knows the heartland theory of Halford John Mackinder. He understands that Russia is the core of the Eurasian landmass. That landmass, when politically united, can rule the world. A naval power, the U.S. now as the UK before it, can never defeat it. Trump’s opponents do not get what Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Advisor of President Carter, said in his book The Grant Chessboard (pdf) about a Chinese-Russian alliance. They do not understand why Henry Kissinger advised Trump to let go of Crimea.”

  10. ziff

    Russia , so what exactly is the problem ? Seems like the sad drunken uncle whom no one can help. Or ? the problem of remnant peasant cultures , would love to see Jordan Peterson do a profile of that , low IQ ? ,,more ?

  11. Russia has some of the smartest people on earth. Has for many years.

  12. ziff

    My comment was poorly considered. I was thinking that poor nations are prone to kleptocracy [ although USA hasthat problem too ] . In other words the experince of poverty is so tramatizing some will get to the other extreme without higher principle.

  13. Lou

    13–China has more people. And it does not have laws against job interviewers giving IQ test to applicants, USA does have a law against IQ test [due to most Blacks having IQ of 87 or lower].

    When Bill Gates looks for geniuses, he goes to China.
    When he does charity, he goes to Africa [blacks need help].

  14. Many schools no longer give IQ tests! Indeed, the schools like Yale and Harvard that still require IQ test, all of them have different scoring systems for people who take these tests.

    Chinese, for example have a 250+ point deduction for being too smart! Black students get a bonus of 250 points! So there is effectively a negative intelligence test being applied.

  15. Lou

    16–Fake equality is being enforced.
    Affirmative Action, etc.

    Chinese, for example have a 250+ point deduction for being too smart! –seems like an Orwell horror story.

  16. Lou

    Irish Savant,

    The previous post was about how anti-white alliances in Western countries are inherently unstable and are beginning to fracture as parasite numbers grow and YT’s spoils get thinner. I also predicted that, as a byproduct, Jews will come a cropper under this new dispensation as non-Whites are immune to Holocau$t™ guilt-tripping. And now another intriguing face-off is underway. I refer to the lawsuit against Harvard by Asians who uncovered data showing that if grades and standardised test scores alone determined admissions, the percentage of Asians in an incoming class would more than double, from 19% to 43%.

    Now I don’t give a damn whether the suit succeeds or not. My view is that huge numbers of Asians should not be in America in the first place. Let them develop their own universities in their own countries instead of forcing out the people whose ancestors conceived of and built their own institutions. But if all goes well it could shine a light on the real admissions scandal.

    Even as things stand ‘Whites’ are under-represented as the following enrolment figures from 2014 show:

    Asian 16%
    Black non-Hispanic 7%
    Hispanic 8%
    International 10%
    Mixed 3%
    Unknown 12%
    Whites 43%

    When SAT scores (the only neutral criterion) are taken into account both Whites and Asians are drastically under-represented. But the really significant statistic lies in the “White” breakdown. You see of that 43% Jews make up no less than 24% while gentile Whites make up a mere 19%. The respective proportions of the population are 2% and 68%. So Jews are over-represented compared to Whites – the people who founded and built the institution to its current preeminent position – by a staggering 1200%! This would be slightly reduced when corrected to reflect higher Jewish SAT scores but only slightly. I read research quoted by David Duke which shows that this margin has diminished to insignificant levels in recent years for reasons as yet unexplained.

    So that’s the beguiling prospect held out by this lawsuit. And being taken by a non-White minority means it’ll get favourable media treatment. So will the ten-ton elephant in the room finally be dragged out, trumpeting indignantly, into the cold light of day? Well we should never underestimate Jews’ staggeringly effective shape-shifting abilities whereby they can transform from White (‘greeting fellow white people’) to unique persecuted minority depending on circumstantial exigencies.

    But for sure we’ll watch this space.

  17. Moe

    From Jim Stone (been reading Jim since advent of his blog and he has been right the majority of the time)

    Confirmed: Putin circumvented U.S intelligence, and gave Trump real intelligence. Additionally Putin has been reported in Mex Media to be headed to the White House for a second meeting with Trump. Crickets in American media on this topic.

    160 TERABYTES, that’s with a T. It is all the communications, phone calls, EVERYTHING the corrupt U.S. intelligence agencies did to undermine the presidency and rig the election, all the communications from rigged media, and it is all in plain English. Yes, Putin and Russia were doing hacking I guess because they have the entire crime body nailed from top to bottom. Pulled the pants right off the NSA. They must have known about that vulnerability in all Intel processors and exploited it. Ouch. That would be “unintended consequences” if there ever were . . . .


    That story is straight. Here’s how I know: I commented to Claudia that they were reporting old news about a Trump Putin meeting. I at least understood that much. Then Claudia said, no, they are not reporting the old meeting, they are reporting that there is going to be a second meeting, this time at the white house.

    I just checked American sources on this topic and there are only crickets. But is is confirmed that Mex Media did report this, on Diez en Punto (I hate them now but that’s beside the point) at least if they said Putin was headed to the U.S. that would not be wrong.

    160 terabytes of the truth, while American intelligence did nothing but lie their asses off to Trump would be precisely why there is such an enormous freak out going on in the criminal MSM, criminal intelligence agencies, and criminal left in general. They now know Trump knows EVERYTHING THEY LIED ABOUT and they are scared sh*tless.

  18. We have no idea what will happen next. Trump has to play with his cards close to his chest because the entire Machine run by the Bilderberg gang is freaking out right now and howling with rage, foaming at the mouth.

    This is STUPID! It is also weak. They are exposed now and think if they freak out, people won’t see their naked nastiness? HAHAHA.

  19. Moe

    I never considered until now that one purpose of Trump’s meeting with Putin was to gather Russian intelligence. Makes sense, since he knows he can’t trust US intelligence agencies.

  20. Yes. The DNC and GOP leaders were pulling every evil stunt possible including aping McCarthy witchhunts in order to prevent the two men from even talking.

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