Deep Six Deep State Before They Destroy World

(5) Hannity: Worst 24 hours in history of mainstream media – YouTube


The Deep State, aka, the Bilderberg gang, is in full bellow now, demanding WWIII.  This lunacy has decided, for example, that we should go to war with Russia due to say, something happening in crazy former Yugoslavia micro-states like Monetnegro.  The DNC clowns actually said, we might start WWIII over Montenagro! Donald Trump Is the ‘Strangest President’ in U.S. History; Montenegro’s Former Leader Responds to World War III Comments…Trump correctly remembered how one of these former Austro-Hungarian mini-states was ground zero for WWI.


Of course, the mainstream media which screams hysterically at whatever Trump says, in particular, when he is correct…they are now saying ‘How dare Trump mention how WWI began!’


Trump told Fox News Tuesday evening that Montenegrins are “very aggressive people” and suggested they could start a new global war.


“Montenegro, you know, is a tiny country with very strong people,” the president said. “By the way, they’re very strong people, they’re very aggressive people. They may get aggressive and congratulations, you’re in World War III. I understand that, but that’s the way it was set up.”


All these former Soviet states want the US to go to nuclear war over border disputes.  This is, of course, utterly insane.  But then, sanity has fled the planet ever since voters in the US revolted against the revolving door of Bilderberg looters.


Trump’s demands that our ‘NATO partners’ (sic) pay up, for example, They won’t.  They are hoping to destroy Trump and thus, continue the freeloaders’ ride at the expense of US taxpayers who also have to live with a trade imbalance with the EU NATO partners.


The Balkans are infamous for causing massive wars.  Going back in time to the 1600’s and the Ottoman invasion that drove all the way to the gates of Vienna, this region has been a hot bed of religious conflicts as well.  I will note that the stupid story in Newsweek about all this attracted zero comments!  HAHAHA.


Meanwhile, Obama went to South Africa this week to talk about how blacks can steal stuff from white farmers there.  Right on the heels of the top candidate to run that country off the cliff, telling his followers that they will mass murder all white people, Obama praised this increasingly homicidal leadership for being great models for the future.  This should scare everyone in the US.


Ms. Obama opened her yap, too:

These guys like Hillary and the mainstream media billionaire owners all yap about how evil money is and how everyone must share the wealth while accumulating wealth via monopolies and insider deals and recieving open bribes from foreign leaders.


Trump accepted no bribes from foreign powers in the last election so of course, these gangsters accuse him of what they did so openly and obviously.  I am puzzled (not!) why Hillary hasn’t been arrested already?


The Obamas collect a billion dollars for ‘speeches’ too.  Arrest them all.

Anonymous ‘officials’?  HAHAHA.  Well, duh!  How do Presidents make these sorts of deals? Through the CIA???  Of course not.  Any perusal of history shows that all Presidents have done what Trump just did.  This infantile whining by people who should know better is infuriating.

I like the Daily Mail in England because they publish anything and everything, all the lies and all the truths.  Yes, Trump is correct: the DNC has openly decided to side with MS-13.  They want to destroy ICE. This is treason.  While the left shrieks about how Trump is endangering us, they want no borders, no police and want to turn the entire US into California which is collapsing due to these DNC policies.


The DNC now runs NYC and crime is rising, murders are shooting (literally with guns) upwards and will soon be as bad as Chicago and Detroit and Los Angeles…and the DNC is yelling about security issues?  HAHAHA.

The Gateway Pundit has been under attack by Google and Facebook traitors who want to shut down all opposition to global elite rule.  Google has become, just this week, nearly totally useless as a search engine, it is worse than usual.


Some items I seek that has information Google wants to hide, no matter how I phrase the search, NOTHING comes up!  It is amazingly crappy now.


Ocasio-Cortez: Occupy All ICE Offices, Borders, U.S. Airports, ‘Occupy All of It’ as this new voice of the DNC criminals calls for people to attack the government.  The war against our own government now that none of the systems are run by the DNC is being sustained by internationalists who hate citizenship, the very idea of citizens being able to choose leaders pisses off our Real Rulers.


House Democrats Unveil Latest Low Energy 2018 Campaign Slogan: ‘For the people’.  HAHAHA.  I hope Trump has a counter campaign slogan: ‘For the CITIZENS.’  I marvel at the brainstorm session that created this stupid slogan.  Since many of the DNC leaders are going senile, I guess this took hours of struggle to frame the correct words to do the magic.


‘For criminals and racists who hate Citizens’ isn’t a good slogan, they had to find something empty instead. European Competition Commission Hits Google With $5 Billion Fine | Breitbart reports.


HAHAHA.  This is one way to fund the EU which is spiralling down into economic collapse as they stupidly let in millions of freeloading, violent Muslim illegal aliens.


Vestager is expected to say that Google shut out rivals by forcing major phone makers including South Korea’s Samsung and China’s Huawei to pre-install its search engine and Google Chrome browser, thereby freezing out rivals.


They were also made to set Google Search as the default, as a condition of licensing some Google apps. Google Search and Chrome are as a result pre-installed on the “significant majority” of devices sold in the EU, the European Commission says.


These fake liberals running operations like Google have no idea how they are fakers.  They happily work tirelessly, like Disney, to create a monopoly and then tell the rest of us, we are evil if we don’t support this sort of draconian economic rule.  These are not real liberals, real liberals want competition, not monopolies.


I keep mentioning McCarthyism but haven’t provided the history of this noxious Red Scare stuff so here is a historical summary of that terrible time which we are now reliving with the DNC fake liberals doing the McCarthy garbage: McCarthyism and the Second Red Scare – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History.


The initial infrastructure for waging war on domestic communism was built during the first Red Scare, with the creation of an antiradicalism division within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the emergence of a network of private “patriotic” organizations.


With capitalism’s crisis during the Great Depression, the Communist Party grew in numbers and influence, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program expanded the federal government’s role in providing economic security.


The anticommunist network expanded as well, most notably with the 1938 formation of the Special House Committee to Investigate Un-American Activities, which in 1945 became the permanent House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Other key congressional investigation committees were the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and McCarthy’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Members of these committees and their staff cooperated with the FBI to identify and pursue alleged subversives.


The federal employee loyalty program, formalized in 1947 by President Harry Truman in response to right-wing allegations that his administration harbored Communist spies, soon was imitated by local and state governments as well as private employers.


Note how the media forced the President to do something dangerous and stupid.  This, because the US President, FDR, allied us with Stalin during WWII.  After Stalin and the US won, the right wing attacked our government for being ‘pro-communist’.


As the Soviets’ development of nuclear capability, a series of espionage cases, and the Korean War enhanced the credibility of anticommunists, the Red Scare metastasized from the arena of government employment into labor unions, higher education, the professions, the media, and party politics at all levels.


The second Red Scare did not involve pogroms or gulags, but the fear of unemployment was a powerful tool for stifling criticism of the status quo, whether in economic policy or social relations. Ostensibly seeking to protect democracy by eliminating communism from American life, anticommunist crusaders ironically undermined democracy by suppressing the expression of dissent. Debates over the second Red Scare remain lively because they resonate with ongoing struggles to reconcile Americans’ desires for security and liberty.


Seems few people learn anything from history.  Real history is always driving humans nuts.  It does amuse the Gods.  I guess, they view humans as hamsters on a wheel going round and round.



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11 responses to “Deep Six Deep State Before They Destroy World

  1. Melponeme_k

    “this new voice of the DNC criminals calls for people to attack the government this new voice of the DNC criminals calls for people to attack the government”

    People is the correct term. What this woMAN is really calling for is for Illegal Aliens to attack the government. Civil War is becoming more and more remote as most black people are moving toward Trump’s camp. So I guess the left will settle for foreigners to run rampant and violent throughout the country.

  2. The DNC and media giants are going nuts because some kids in Russia made up some parody ANTIFA tweets! The Bilderberg gang is now screeching that PUTIN is posting these jokes.

  3. shawntoh

    You can watch it here– McCarthyism

  4. Melponeme_k

    The Elite Media can’t find real incidents of racism, so they generate fake claims themselves.

    Please note that neither Sherri Shepherd or Wendi Williams are real women. They are Trans. These Media “people” (if want to call these confused, nasty individuals by that name), all they have is their fake existence. If people disconnect from the media, these people have no reason to exist. Can you imagine a life where your only validation is from products? The only claim to femininity that these two have is from Revlon, Spanx and other useless designer junk from China.

    So they spend their time attacking real women.

  5. Pete

    Lets hope Lisa Page throws them all
    Under the BUS ! LOL

  6. ziff

    why was the Page testimony secret and strzok not ? part of this is just crappy bs american politics as usual. Constant diversion from anything intelligent.

  7. Jim R

    I posted this comment to an old thread yesterday —

    This happened in the Reagan administration but there is no statute of limitations. Put that case together with several dozen others, up to Seth Rich. And if there is no one to investigate them, our ‘civilization’ is toast. If there is an investigation I’m pretty sure it would drag in the ‘deep state’.

  8. Did you know that ‘Operation Paperclip’ whereby my father went into the Nazi rocket caves and pulled out some scientists and lots of paperwork, that was TOP SECRET until recently??? I only knew about it due to intense detective work I did when I lived at home and could pry into my father’s secret stashes of materials.

    But why was is super secret and even today, all the gory details like the six French slaves strung up across the cave’s entrance, is still classified!

    So it is in the Spook World with everything; even long, long after an event, it is kept secret! This is what they do, all the time. This is how they wield power and keep people hopelessly confused.

  9. OC

    Excellent article by Dmitry Orlov of the end of WWIII:

    We can all sleep better now.

  10. Good catch, Henry. Funny as hell.

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