Marvel Movies Director Gunn Celebrates Child Rape In Hollywood

Hollywood Director Sparks Outrage Over Pedophilia Jokes: these were not ‘jokes’ but rather, chatter about raping children by Hollywood creeps and their buddies.  The history of child sexual exploitation is long and hideous in Hollywood and going way back to the beginning when the film industry relocated to that evil town nearly 100 years ago, the satanic ritual rape of children ran right below the surface when satanists moved there to participate in movie making.  I, myself, was once a ‘child to be raped’ by these satanists and they succeeded but also woke up a great deal of anger in myself and my Watchers.  That is, when I was hit by lightning age 5, suddenly all sorts of very famous people would visit me and try to have sex with me.  It was very interesting to watch once I figured out how to deal with them (HAHAHA).


Black magic has been a feature of movies from day one.  Ever wonder why Disney called his parks ‘The Magic Kingdom’?  It was called ‘magic’ when Edison began making movies.  My grandfather knew Edison and was named after him and they liked fooling people with the double name.  The nature of movies is different from theater: it was, and still is in movie theaters, a flashing light.


This is seriously hypnotism.  I never liked movie theaters, I am very aware of the flashing lights.  I figured, when still quite young, that this flashing light is like lightning and so I am highly aware of the black spaces between the flashes and it gives me a migraine headache.  I usually wait to see movies when they are on TV or other formats, the black spaces are now gone.


Back to hypnotism: early on by 1895, people figured out that the new-fangled movies were actually hypnotizing audiences via flashing lights and they used this for political purposes, for example.  The Nazis were quite open about how this works.


How does this all tie into the fascination many movie bosses and directors and others have about raping children?  Wellllll…once they are over on the Dark Side, the demonic says to them, ‘You can have total power only if you do this to CHILDREN!’  Directors, for example, are all about power and doing tricks on people including their own acting staff.  But they don’t gain full power like they do when they target children.


By evolution, children when exposed to danger or power, try to placate it or obey it or give up all hope and go passive, hoping the danger would pass them over.  Adults can fight back, play tricks, etc. due to being much more knowledgeable about how the world works.  Children don’t have this ability.


So predators seeking power over humans latch onto doing this to children.  The Skull and Bones does this, the Bohemian Grove big wigs do this, politicians, dictators, all sorts of power hungry people do this.  This has been true throughout history.


Disney is buying up all the movie franchises to build a near-monopoly.  And this is in the process of blowing up in their faces.  The product they are producing is rapidly getting more and more obviously evil and a danger to children.  To me, it is glaringly obvious.  When an organization sucks in all the child rapists and black magic gameplayers, it becomes…EVIL.


Note how Google’s ‘Do no evil’ has turned into ‘we are the masters of the universe!’  They were so embarrassed by their previous motto, they dumped it.  We mocked that motto for a while before they dropped it.  Now, this very week, Google has deranged the search engine to the point it is now nearly useless.


It only shows ‘mainstream’ junk even when one is very, very specific in a search.  It no longer searches based on words but rather, outcome.  It is rapidly turning into an ‘anti-search’ engine. They Broke YouTube – Mark Dice’s video explains the latest changes to searches using Google:

No matter how you word the search, it brings up everything by mainstream fake news systems and all other stories are buried pages later.  It is very creepy now.  I tested Google yesterday and yes, it demoted all of us to a great degree and promotes mainly ‘mainstream’ junk.  But when I googled ‘they broke you tube’ this time, Mark Dice’s video does show up!

Note, of course, how no mainstream media is carrying this story.  Only alternative media.  I have noticed this with my own searches of my own news service that if I have my own headline and description, it still shows up on page one, just not at the top of the page, usually.


A number of people would use the same words as mainstream media to get higher ranks but that isn’t working anymore for now the search engine codes put only mainstream media (not Fox) first in the ranks so being creative is important but rather tricky.


This is a cat and mouse game with Disney and other mega-monopoly operations.  The Google executives want to make money off of the Disney people so they conspire to rig the game so the two near-monopolies can boost each other.

Democrat Congressman Urges YouTube to Ban ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Videos – YouTube.  The Democrats are now McCarthy clones.  This is astounding and freaky.  These clowns want censorship.  They want control.  This way, they can rape children and no one will ever hear of it due to all the conspirators who meet in utter secrecy at Bilderberg meetings and other venues, they can protect each other and worse, plot to commit major crimes.


And these major crimes are very major: world wars is one fine example.  These monsters kill millions and millions of people.  They need censorship to prevent anyone from seeing any alternative reality.  All dictatorships operate this way and the corporate entities that control much of our entertainment and news want total control because they want to enslave people and exploit them in any and all ways possible which is why these control freaks always end up being child rapists.


It is hardwired into the ‘control all humans’ brain systems evolved over the last several million years!  Fake liberals claim they want freedom and the right to be sexual creeps in public and at the same time demand total censorship and control so we only see the messages these creeps want to impose on us.


Foolish females fall for this garbage and are pushing it.  Note how many, many females in Hollywood not only protected male rapists but actually push hard to protect child rapists there.  This strange system is very disturbing and destructive.


This is now a huge battle for the minds and souls of billions of people.  The great powers of media systems united with hypnosis of movies is enslaving minds.  This has to be discussed in a sane way. Where are all the psychiatrists and universities teaching stuff?  Why aren’t they working on why Hollywood’s core systems is a hypnotic mind control system that is destroying people’s sense of reality and sanity?  Eh?

Hypnosis induction in the movies – YouTube



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20 responses to “Marvel Movies Director Gunn Celebrates Child Rape In Hollywood

  1. Moe

    EMS wrote: “So predators seeking power over humans latch onto doing this to children. ”

    You describe what these predators do but omitted the energies involved. Would you elaborate?

  2. Lou

    all sorts of very famous people would visit me –lets see their names, please.

  3. Turk 151

    Enough of the witchhunt. I know the Gunns and they are a respectable family, you have no idea about what you are talking about

  4. The man who raped me when I was 5 years old was the mayor of our town!!! He is dead now and the Watchers are dealing with him. I was seriously physically damaged, forget psychological damage.

    Powerful men joking with OTHER MEN about RAPING CHILDREN are EVIL.

  5. Jim R

    Even WordPress dot com filters stuff. I suppose they’d say that it is an automated anti-spam filter, but in another recent thread I tried to post a link to an alternative video host called Bit Chute. The video was a documentary which has been deleted off the more popular video site, and which gives an version of a story from recent history which differs from the “official” story.

    That was the only link in my comment, and every time I posted it, the comment just vanished into the ether. I don’t know if it filters links to the whole site, or if it was just that one video WordPress is trying to censor.

  6. No, it is the basic coding: you tube stuff is easy to post. In my stories, I post things differently, via coding instead of their auto systems this is because I want to control the coding.

  7. Jim R

    All I was doing was posting a link to dubya-dubya-dubya-dot-bitchute-dot-com. I would have been happy to just have the hyperlink appear, without a player box or preview or anything. I know WordPress generates those things for Twitter or Youtube links, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

    Just the link is fine.

  8. tio


    After a little concatenation here a little scratching around there I found the movie. Funny as all hell. I thought I’d be cunning and bang the video URL into a non content specific tinyurl and post that, which I have successfully done in the past. Guess what? Well I guess we have to accept the idiosyncrasies of posting here. But I’m sensing that this irks you a little too much, don’t let it, take it easy buddy.

  9. Floridasandy

    Turk witch hunt? Did he not think he might be fired after tweeting about child blow jobs– in this atmosphere???
    He should have been fired for stupidity.

  10. Anonymous

    So you figure comparing blacks to apes was just an innocent joke, but something as absurd as a tree performing fellatio is “a celebration of child rape”? You’re bordering on self-parody here.

  11. Jim R


    Thanks, I just wanted you to notice that movie, I thought it was a very good documentary. But it crosses the line of taboo by providing a story which deviates from the “official narrative” of the russophobic spooks.

    In the future, I’ll just have to spell out my links dubya-dubya-dubya-dot-whatever-dot-com, to get them past both WordPress’ censorship robots, and Elaine’s mad websmithery skillz 🙂

    We still luvz ya though, Elaine!

  12. Lou

    Marvel, Disney, NY T,



  13. Lou

    WRT–So you figure comparing blacks to apes was just an innocent joke–all humans are evolved bipeds, evolved monkeys. So what?

  14. Lou

    off topic—‘200 Years Together’ finally available, free,!iK4XBKbA!tzVBkH71Xg0l4R4WaqbvFnsMw7-Cs9JiWWPe4I0DUnQ

  15. Melponeme_k

    “This is now a huge battle for the minds and souls of billions of people. The great powers of media systems united with hypnosis of movies is enslaving minds.”

    This was all developed in Nazi Germany. That was how Hitler mesmerized thousands with movie magic via Riefenstahl and rock show flashing lights during his speeches. That was all brought here via Operation Paperclip.

    However the same people that were behind Nazis that were also behind Communists.

    This is the deal. A small group of people have been engineering social movements. None of what happened in the 20th century was natural. It was all engineered the same as 9/11. And they keep repeating the same story.

    Once again they have re-engineered the social nationalists vs communists. They have turned the US into the bogey man in lieu of Germany. They have set up Trump as a kind of Neo-Hitler. They are now lining up Illegal Aliens to be the next mass of victims in “camps”. They allowed former Nazis to take up important positions here in the US. They harbored Communists (mainly the Jewish Frankfurt school group saved from Nazi Germany) and allowed them to take over the educational and social sphere.

    Now they are going to try to create a WWII sequel. It doesn’t matter who wins because it will be the same people behind it all.

    People say they are Jewish. Sometimes they even say they are Jewish. But raping, killing and eating babies is not Jewish. It is some strange religious sect that we hardly have any idea about and it hides behind different religions.

  16. Lou

    GUNN >>>>>

    Expendables is so manly I fucked the shit out of the pussy boy next to me.

    The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!’

    I remember my first NAMBLA meeting. It was the first time I felt ok being who I am.

    I’m doing a big Hollywood film adaptation of The Giving Tree with a happy ending — the tree grows back and gives the kid a blowjob.

    I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place.

    ‘Eagle Snatches Kid’ is what I call it when I get lucky

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  17. Lou

    On Gunn’s website—which is now shut down but has been preserved on the Wayback Machine—there was a page where he noted that his friend Huston Huddleston, now a convicted pedophile, had sent him a video called 100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves and a note that read, “I thought you’d appreciate this.” Gunn’s reply was, “Appreciate it?!! I just came all over my own face!!’”

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  18. Turk 151

    Ok, fine, if Takis website is true, (whoever he is), i stand corrected.

    However, there is an endless amount of crap in the news, so.why would you believe this newsstory happens to be true, unlike the endless load of crap that fits into someone’s agenda, that we have all had to sort through for the past 17 years?

    Dont forget, we have a pussygrabbing president that should have been impeached because he colluded with Russia, instead of the anointed Queen Hillary.

    So how do you consistently draw the line?

  19. Hollywood is run by a gang of rapists who rape children. I was raped as a child by a prominent man, this rape thing has been going on a LONG time.

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