Bilderberg Attacks On Trump And Putin Diplomacy Are Reckless Could Cause WWIII

Aren’t these Bilderberg murderous lunatics funny?  George H. W. Bush was the Director of Central Intelligence and committed many crimes as director.  All our CIA chiefs cheerfully committed many war crimes while solemnly saying they are saving people.  So, Hillary thinks that world leaders who also are spooks are evil?  HAHAHA.  This shows how insane our Real Rulers are.  The mainstream media thinks Putin is evil?  So, by their own definition, Bush Sr. is evil and I assure everyone, he certainly is evil.  
Rand Paul Rants: Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Spread to the Senate – YouTube


Yes, they are all insane.  They firmly believe that reality is whatever they want it to be at any given moment.  When a popular movie director was uncovered as a potential child rapist supporter and who showed many signs of being deranged and evil, the leftwing/DNC media giants united to try to protect Gunn while they united to punish Roseanne for a mild joke.


Here is a news story about an opera singer who did child porn in New York City:

The New York Times does most of the opera news stories and the owners of that rag love opera in NYC and…didn’t run a single story about this child porn singer!!!  Not a peep.  Invisible.  And this is deliberate.  The NY Post which is the only paper to carry this story, is pro-Trump.


This stark contrast of what is ‘evil’ and what is ‘ok’ is scary.  It infects everything.  Nearly all our Presidents since my birth have done diplomacy with the Soviet Union which no longer exists.  Now, Russia is a capitalist country and…we get a total replay of the anti-Red garbage from my McCarthy era childhood!


The EU is more socialist and communist than Russia today!  How insane is this?  Very insane.  Scary insane.  Wanting to start WWIII insane.  Here is another headline from the Daily Mail which publishes whatever rubbish the Real Rulers feed them:

This wiretap was based on FALSE INFORMATION from Steele!  Note how that isn’t in the headline.  This is deliberate.  They know perfectly well, most people glance at headlines.  The information that this false charge against Page is from Steele is buried towards the bottom even though that is the primary information in the article.


Breitbart covers this story correctly: Justice Department Releases FISA Documents on Carter Page.


The heavily redacted 412-page document includes the agency’s initial October 2016 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant application to surveil Page, along with three renewal applications filed in January, April, and June of 2017.


Several news organizations, including CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Hill received copies of the FISA documents by filing Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. The application states the FBI had believed Page “has been the subject of targeted recruitment by the Russian government,” and was “collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government.”


The FISA application cites evidence in the Steele dossier, believed to have been compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, that Page engaged in “clandestine intelligence activities,” on behalf of a foreign power and “influence activities,” pertaining to the 2016 election.


I see this all the time, all over mainstream fake news.  To keep from being accused of being totally fake, they insert the real information at the very bottom of the story hoping no one would bother reading all the way down.  They did this to me when I made news in New York City many years ago.  I am very familiar with this dirty trick.


Reacting to the document’s contents, Page — who was not charged for his so-called spying activities — told Ross he is “[H]aving trouble finding any small bit of this document that rises above completely ignorance and/or insanity.”


The shocking news is, the trigger for the Page/Russia investigation was based on the Steele documents which were concealed by censors so no one would learn the truth.  Eventually, this house of cards will collapse.  What the Real Rulers are banking on is, in the midterm elections they will regain power in the House and Senate and thus, stop any reforms or actions by Trump and thus, re-impose total rule on us all again.

They have already nearly totally destroyed google search engine results.  They are working madly at wrecking all systems so we can’t use these to communicate with each other anymore.


Remember ‘global warming’?  We are all goint to die unless we stop consuming energy.  Here is a news story from the Daily Mail which amusingly, reveals what our very rich bastards really think about ‘global warming’:

This gang of planetary rapists are all super liberals who think they have to tell us how to live our lives while they live like royalty.  They want us peasants to starve and die like in communist Venezuela.  Note how one of the sex fiends from Hollywood is on this Ship of Fools.


This gang has spent a huge amount of time, energy and money to convince us, we are going to roast to death.  It has been painfully obvious for many years now, this is a gang of utter hypocrites who deserve to be mocked mercilessly.  They all hate Trump.  This is the main reason to support Trump.


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22 responses to “Bilderberg Attacks On Trump And Putin Diplomacy Are Reckless Could Cause WWIII

  1. Rob

    I was reading about gaslighting. I thought nobody would do that and get away with it. But isn’t that what these Biblderbergers are doing? Lies, bold lies, then some truth to disorient your moral compass. Add in intimidation and make an example of a few unfortunate indivuals to make the point. Gak!

    And confirming Elaine’s assertion that global warming is biased by location of recording stations:
    “Global Warming Hysteria: Record Heat, Vanishing Sunspots, CO2, & Lawsuits”

  2. Tim E.

    Mike Bara put this up on Twitter the other day

    same link if you can’t access Twitter

    I wonder what the Bush body count is up to, and if it rivals the Clinton body count.

  3. Hilarious Gutfeld’s take on the New McCarthy Hysteria.

  4. Petruchio

    “Yes, they are all insane.” Maybe the REAL rulers are, but Members of Congress? Maybe some of them are–like McCain–but I believe most Members of Congress are reasonably sane. Most Members of Congress are Political Wh#res who do and say as they are told.

  5. ziff

    i should but can’t delete those posts ‘ max igan’ is a nut

  6. Kenneth Hausle

    Trump is an ass. Simple.

  7. Kenneth Hausle

    and to add to that last comment, since “why not”?

    I predicted this for sure. When dubya did the attack on Iraq, everything starting getting f’d up. But, it was nothing more than the continuation of the so-called “Original Sin(s)” of this country that otherwise seemed so great.

    Slavery and killing those who were here first. Both of those concepts are failed universally if you know what I mean. So, here for the sake of humanity, let me tell you: (1) If you take a slave you will soon be one, and (2) If you kill those who were there before you, you death will be imminent.

    Simple. Just like was I spoke to in the last post. Later you losers…..

  8. timothy carroll


    How truly profound. What words of wisdom you utter.

  9. Kenneth Hausle

    Yeah, I here you. Sincere or not it is true.

    Trump is an ass, and this country we live in has big-time original sins.

    Truth hurts, but if you don’t learn then see you later.

  10. Kenneth Hausle

    Hey, how bout a correction for old times sake: “Hear you….

  11. timothy carroll

    Good posts, ziff! Even the “incorrect” one!

  12. Tom W Harris

    Notice Humpfy Drumpfy’s body language after his meating with Putin. Obviously Vladdy gave him a beating.

  13. Tom W Harris

    That last link should read:

  14. Wow. So many people who can’t think, can post here! I hope you all are prepared for WWIII. Your buddies in the DNC seem bent on creating this war and trust me, you won’t escape the nukes.

    I am puzzled as to why so many people want WWIII and are so suicidal?

  15. Buffalo_Ken

    That is the beauty of this site. Is it not?

  16. Lou

    Your buddies in the DNC seem bent on creating this war –to cover the financial house of cards, pizzagateS [plural] and organ harvesting.

  17. Buffalo_Ken

    I’m not going to add anything more here but I could because I know better. As it seems to my probably uninformed opinion, this site has gone to turd.

    Really not much to be learned here anymore. There are better sites. Including my own.

    Just my humble opinion on this free-wheeling internet location.

  18. Moe

    @19 BK

    Leave your site address. I’ll be happy to give you an opinion.

  19. Buffalo_Ken

    Here you go Moe:

    Kind of you to ask.


  20. Buffalo_Ken

    Still waiting for an opinion, and yes, that was sarcasm. Some of my sites (most are gone now) have been way out there.

    But I dare to share.

    Lastly – only because I have so much of my personal energy invested here, do I continue to post sentiment. Cause like I said, best I can tell, based on scanning, this site has gone to turd, and there really ain’t no more learning to be had here. Check the older posts (Use google or whatever you want), and then there is a bunch to learn — for all of us.

    Elaine – Ain’t it time for you to have a break? Enjoy your mountain. I suggest that in all humbleness.

    Your friend,

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