Clinton Had Secret Meetings With Putin In the Past, Mainstream News Ignores This Information

Watch: Hillary Clinton Had Secret Meetings With Putin And Bonded With Him

The DNC operatives including Hillary, have met with Putin in the past, openly and more importantly, SECRETLY.  This news has obvious proofs so it can’t be called ‘fake news’ so the US Bilderberg media giants simply have zero news about this.  I looked at a bunch of mainstream media and none are reporting this information.  As I frequently point out, one huge tool the Real Rulers use all the time is to not report real news at all, they do the ‘omerta’ cone of silence and thus, keep populations ill-informed.

Alex Jones’ Infowars has an interesting series of headlines today (great cartoon from the fine artist, Grrr Graphics – Official Ben Garrison Cartoons).

This is classic people in glass houses throwing rocks at windows.  Trump didn’t hide his diplomacy.  Obama and Hillary did.  The deranged world view of Trump opponents relies on ignorance so they can emotionally fool citizens.  They cynically use the old, worn-out ‘Russia is evil’ tropes.  This is causing a hair trigger reaction with Democrats and the Bilderberg GOP gang.


It is like Pavlov’s bell causing dogs to drool.  The NY Times continues its descent into insanity:

HAHAHA.  Deny the evidence!  Works every time.  Every ‘leak’ from DNC operatives in the FBI and DoJ were breathlessly posted by NYT staff and when the truth came out, hard facts, they have to now backtrack and the best way to do this is to pretend the new, actual information, is fake and the rumours published via anonymous sources, is real.  Below is another front page editorial by the Bilderberg’s NY Times staff:

HAHAHA!  Openly stupid!  The way ‘competition’ works is…the US has open borders and no one else has this and everyone and I do mean everyone…gets to export to the US while the US can’t do the same.  That is how ‘global economy’ works.


And which country does this the most?  Well, more than one: Asia!  China and Japan in particular, do this lopsided trade which involves them preventing any real imports from the US.  Duh.  I have written about this for years and years.


The NY Times hires traitors to work for them.  These traitors think nothing of bankrupting our great nation.  They think this is all very funny, so simple.  It is simple: lying about the trade deficit is easy to do.  Tell everyone, it doesn’t matter!  Great.  The python of free trade slowly suffocates its victim.


Look at what else I found on the front page of the lunatic NY Times?

I do screenshots of all this trash because no one in the future will believe me if I told them, this was how ‘news’ was reported in the past.  The point of this pointless article on the front page is…Fox News stayed in Russia and did the tourist thing there after interviewing Putin!  Oh, the humanity.  Obviously, Wallace is now a Russian agent is the implied suggestion.

Ben – How We Can Stand Up To The Left! This Story Will Shock You – YouTube

The left’s tactic of terrorizing anyone who is middle of the road is explained by Ben Shapiro.  The candidate for a 9th circuit judge position.  Using high school/early college articles written by the candidate dozens of years ago, the DNC claims he is unfit to be a judge!  How insane!  At the same time, the DNC is demanding that their own people and supporters who wrote stuff fairly recently, is dirty fighthing because anything older than five years in the past, is going too far in the past!


It is very annoying, this refusal to face reality.  It is scary.


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8 responses to “Clinton Had Secret Meetings With Putin In the Past, Mainstream News Ignores This Information

  1. Melponeme_k

    That picture of Putin gripping his chair is hilarious. He looks as if he is afraid she will cast a spell on him. I wonder what he had to do for that Uranium. ****shudder****

    Meanwhile in San Francisco

  2. Moe

    @ 2 Mel

    The fecalization of America. Brave New World indeed.

  3. Petruchio

    Another thing the Fake News media ignores is how Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were both close ALLIES of the United States!! Even Libya’s Qaddafi was allied with the US at one time. Obviously the MSM’s “outrage” is molded to fit the current Narrative of the day. The Bilderbergers and their minions like the Clintons and the Fake News Media rely very heavily on the ignorance/ indifference of the General Public to get away with the treasonous things they do.

  4. Mewswithaview

    Rand Paul vs John Brennan (CIA)

  5. Yes, all our buddies overseas can suddenly learn they are enemies, fast!

  6. timothy carroll

    An earlier view of SF, California, a mere 55 years ago. If you listen carefully, you can still hear the globalist leanings by the broadcaster.

  7. shawntoh


    Hillary Clinton fell again–

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