ANTIFA Rioters in Australia Attack Lauren Southern, Stefan Moyneux: Melbourne Demands Victims Pay For Useless Cop Protection!

Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux Australia Media and Police Watch Melbourne Event Aftermath – YouTube


So, ANTIFA rioters attack citizens of Australia who are attending a paid event and…the victim who is the speaker at this event is being billed for the riot?  The police want money from the victim?  These rioters were trying to physically harm the victim and her supporters and they, the victims, must pay for protection that was so poor, they were attacked openly?  I would sue the government of Victoria, Australia, for promising protection and then not giving it.  The police are responsible for dereliction of duty.

The Bolt Report | Lauren Southern receives $68,000 bill from Victoria Police Australia – YouTube


Yes, victims of mob violence by lunatic ANTIFA leftists must pay for all damages caused by these insane people!  Um, no court should support this sort of lunacy but then, liberals are crazy now, they have no perspective on reality.

Lauren Southern And Stefan Molyneux Invade Australia – YouTube

ANTIFA uses Nazi tactics.  The intimidation of citizens by mobs is highly dangerous and the police should have used physical force to remove all the rioters, not stand back and let them assail victims.  This disgusting display of ‘liberal leadership’ is why I am now 100% against liberals everywhere on this planet.


Is the Media Covering Up Toronto Shooter’s Islamic Terrorist Motive?  Another crazy mass murderer runs wild and…is a Muslim who attacks people who aren’t Muslims!


After an almost 24 hour delay in releasing his name, as soon as Hussain was publicly identified, his family immediately released a statement that sounded like it had been written by a lawyer asserting that the killer’s carnage was motivated by nothing other than mental illness and depression.


The mainstream media immediately ran with this narrative and pushed any speculation that the shooting was a terror attack to the fringes.


All Muslim terrorists are supposed to be insane and yes, they are insane!  But they are also terrorists.  I think all terrorists are insane.  But this doesn’t excuse them, they all yell about their insane god while attacking everyone else so I say, remove them all if they support this sort of insanity or act out insane.  None of them lived in North America before 60 years ago, most are new-comers making themselves very unwelcome.


President Trump: Countries That Have Treated Us Unfairly on Trade for Years Are Coming to Washington to Negotiate and the Bilderberg gang is going nuts, of course.  So are many corrupt Congress critters who collect bribes abroad.  Ever since Reagan collected $2 million from the Japanese, all our ‘leaders’ have collected bribes.  Trump hasn’t which irritates our Real Rulers no end.

McConnell: Ryan and I Have ‘Made It Clear That Putin Will Not Be Welcome’ at the Capitol as infantile diplomacy continues to roar along in Bilderbergland.  DC is utterly cut off from oxygen and reality.  McConnell and Ryan both collect foreign bribes so they are pissed at Trump successfully forcing trade rivals and so-called ‘allies’ to pony up and do fair deals, not screwy deals.


This takes time!  But it has to be done.  The alternative is bankruptcy of our Great Nation and the loss of sovereignty which goes along with a collapse of the currency and violent upheavals.  This bull has to be taken by the horns, by god, and as soon as possible.  Trump is acting very fast in this and bless him!  About time!


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8 responses to “ANTIFA Rioters in Australia Attack Lauren Southern, Stefan Moyneux: Melbourne Demands Victims Pay For Useless Cop Protection!

  1. Lou

    Australia, Canada, UK are all fuct.

  2. Mewswithaview

    From June 2016 Mr. Bill Browders activities again

    Millionaire Tries to Stop Documentary Claiming to Tell the True Story of Russia’s Missing $230 Million

    Here is the documentary put https in front to get the link @

  3. Mewswithaview

    You won;t be surprised to learn that insane Senator John McCain was one of the sponsors of the Magnitsky act.

    The Man Behind the Magnitsky Act
    Did Bill Browder’s Tax Troubles in Russia Color Push for Sanctions?

  4. Duski

    So… if I am lunatic and going on a riot, as long as I am “liberal”, someone else will pay the bill? …ok.

    Crazy world and I am afraid it will get a lot crazier. But at least crazy is being forced into the open where everyone can see it and most people will probably distance themselves from it, eventually.

  5. This news appears only on alternative sites, the mainstream Bilderberg ‘news’ hides nearly everything from the masses.

  6. Duski

    Even so, more and more people are waking up, there are just too many crazy things happening all at the same time. I wonder how next elections in your country will go and how will msm then howl… or maybe I am just too optimistic.

    And it was not a long time ago when I thought rebublicans were worse… well, plenty of warmongering there as well. Lets hope we get a lot of new faces in.

  7. Petruchio

    Elaine, I would wager you that alot of the people leading these ANTIFA attacks in Australia are “imports”. Professional agitators who stir up the masses for these events. This includes the people at the forefront of the attacks. But don’t worry Elaine. The ANTIFA crowd isn’t the only ones who can use violence. To borrow a quote from the Marxist/Maoist playbook “A Revolution is like scrambled eggs. You can’t have scrambled eggs without cracking some eggs and you can’t have a Revolution without cracking some heads.” And two can play that Game. I do not advocate violence in any way shape or form, but I also say this: wait until these ANTIFA types start getting shot at and get fractured skulls from people mounting counter attacks. We’ll see how well these ANTIFA ‘tough guys’ hold up then.

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