FISA Court Abuses Must Be Punished: Arrest Comey, Yates, Rosenstein And McCabe

(1) Hannity: FISA court was abused for political gain – YouTube


Hannity at Fox TV has a very good summary of the FISA court abuses engineered by Obama and Hillary.  All the warrants against Trump’s staff were based on unverified or openly fake information fed to the court by a gang that hoped to rig the election so Hillary could win no matter what.  Carter Page should sue all these clowns for defamation of character and an attempt to frame him based on false charges of treason.  This attempt at framing a Trump ally was done so he would lie about Trump and Putin.  But he refused to sing that song and now will hopefully see the gang who tried to frame him go to prison.


Rosenstein is in very deep water here.  In the Hannity video, Rosenstein explains his own crimes…he actually tells us how this works and how people doing what he is doing is highly illegal!  Only he pretends he isn’t doing what he condemns.  Below is a screenshot of the John Hancocks of the criminal gang who tried to frame a President based on false ‘evidence’:

Yates, Comey, McCabe, Bonente and of course, Rosenstein himself are all on these documents used illegally to try to create a literal coup and take down the winner in an election.  The mainstream media is mainly guilty, too, they pushed these false stories and lied about material information in order to whip up rage against a real President…all based on falsehoods!


This is a much bigger scandal than the Nixon scandals.  Of course, war crimes are the very biggest but it seems almost all Presidents do that and Congress and the media push for war crimes, too.


This attempt at a coup should mean many people go to prison.  Many should be kicked out of DC entirely and forever.  The NY Times staff and owners should face charges, too.  And the Washington Post’s billionaire owner of should be prosecuted.


We did this to the corporate/media giants in Nazi Germany at the Nüremberg Trials, after all.


The lies in the media were used to get the FISA warrant to spy on Page.  This circular conspiracy is very much fed by the owners of mainstream media.

Trump is removing the security clearances of the gang who tried so desperately to frame him.  This abuse of power is obvious.  The New York Times certainly is abusing its right to publish whatever it wishes.  Every day, without exception, the lead story is anti-Trump no matter what really happens.


Today’s editorial spread is typical: all DNC/Bilderberg crimes are totally ignored or hidden or worse, made into Trump doing what they are doing like in this excellent example of twisted news today:

As the NYT embraces McCarthyism along with all the DNC, Ganz editorializes that TRUMP is doing this!  The Jews running the NYT have a strong vested interest in dual citizenship.  Back when this was introduced and passed along, I was very much against it.  One cannot be a citizen of two places at once.  This leads to treason eventually.


But they wanted it so they could control Palestine and now we have this snake in the grass in domestic politics.  Oh, about the Daily News dying: no surprise.  Way back in the 1980’s, the Daily News was the only paper to publish news about me.  The NYT absolutely refused to do this even when something really big like when we camped out in front of the UN and forced China and Bush Sr. to give Chinese students sanctuary!


Years later, the Daily News went full SJW retardation and fake news and so…fewer and fewer people are buying the rag and it will die like all the other things infested with unpopular SJW ideology.  This ideology is killing Hollywood, it is killing many popular entertainment systems and the audience is leaving and refusing to consume this junk.  Good.


Not a peep about this at the NY Times.  They don’t cover news, they create news out of thin air.  Just like they won’t report crimes in the city if blacks are doing the crimes.

These two stories are front page news at the dying NY Times.  Note how the liberals comment heavily on the news Fox News reported accurately by turning it upside down and pretending the President is ‘targeting former nation security and law enforcement officials’ because he is refusing to confront Russia.


Not a peep, of course, about Hillary playing sweet to Putin.  Even after Hillary admitted to doing this, the NYT won’t report that, either!  HAHAHA.


Trump’s triumph with North Korea due to talking hard and tough and then coaxing and befriending Kim…that isn’t interesting to NYT readers who comment there.  I was banned from commenting years ago as were anyone who had any alternative views and isn’t a 100% SJW liberal.


Note how the NYT is now yelling that being middle of the road is now evil!  They definitely are flying off the cliff and they aren’t flying monkeys, either.  They are lead weights.


This embracing of far leftist ideology for the DNC is making Trump immensely happy.  I wonder if the clowns who own the NY Times figure this out.  No, they are too deranged.


From the The Gateway Pundit – Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback:

IT’S TRUE! Tucker Carlson Stands by Claim: Tony Podesta Was Offered Immunity to Testify Against Manafort — IN DC CASE (VIDEO)

The corrupt prosecutor has been deliberately giving all the gangsters who tried to frame Trump ‘immunity’ so they can…fram Manafort.  This, too, is a crime.  Tucker Carlson: Tony Podesta Was Offered Immunity to Testify Against Paul Manafort – YouTube

This dirty trick will backfire.  There are accumulating reasons for inditing the entire Mueller staff and associates who conspired to frame Trump.  Are these lawyers too stupid to see what will happen next?


YES!  They are really this dumb. What they hoped was, to win and thus remove all possibilities that their conspiracy would be exposed and themselves, arrested.  But their chances of pulling off this coup is fading fast.  And they know it, thus, the pure panic and doubling down on the lies.

Carter Page: I Started Getting Calls in July 2016 About Mysterious Russians I Never Met With – YouTube



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4 responses to “FISA Court Abuses Must Be Punished: Arrest Comey, Yates, Rosenstein And McCabe

  1. Saint Mike

    I guarantee you that they would do it to him. Facebook, Twitter, Google already put Conservatives in internet jail or ghost them to the internet gulag. It’s going to be just a small step for Leftist to do it in real life when given the chance.

  2. Mad Madame Mao is their model leader.

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