Facebook Falls Of Wall Street Cliff, Crashes & Burns

Facebook approves $10million allowance for Zuckerberg’s security | Daily Mail Online


Instead of leading with the stock crash story, I am using the Daily Mail’s story about how good old Zuck the Cuck has to double his guards.  He and his loopy Bilderberg co-conspirators are claiming that enraged citizens want to kill him.  No, we just want him bankrupt and in prison.  The people who want to kill him probably will be investors who are being systematically destroyed as Zuck the Cuck shadowbans 50% of the US public and most GOP politicians as well as President Trump.


All liberal-run systems are running off the cliff like Wiley Coyote.  They are dropping anvils on their own heads.  All ‘entertainment/popular use’ systems run by SJW-loving Bilderberg gang conspirators are going bankrupt now.


Hollywood is exploding in their faces, TV is collapsing except for Fox TV.  Newspapers and publishers are going bankrupt.  Comix readers are abandoning Marvel and going independent media creators instead.  Big movie makers are exposed as torpid criminals who like to rape babies.


The epic hissy fit of the DNC/Bilderberg gang world rulers is systematically destroying…their own businesses which I find to be immensely funny!  Good for citizens to boycott everything from Star Wars to the NFL to Starbucks: this is working!  Keep up the good work.


Driving all these operations into bankruptcy is a great tool.  We see businesses collapsing due to pandering to SJW demands while openly attacking and alienating anyone who voted for Trump.  This massive ‘liberal’ hissyfit is working like magic.  It is like Rumplestiltskin’s temper tantrum in the old fairytale: he stomps his feet until he opens up the ground and falls into hell.


The million-dollar pre-tax allowance is a jump from last year’s $7.3million allocated for home security, bodyguards, and private air travel – the biggest sum ever for a Fortune 100 company CEO according to research firm Equilar.


Zuckerberg should be removed as head of his data farming operation.  Now even stupid people will learn he is using their personal information to sell to others so they can use it to hound, harass and annoy users of fakebook platforms.


The allowance was announced the same day Facebook’s stock market value plunged 19 per cent, wiping $119 billion off the company’s value and docking $12billion off Zuckerberg’s personal fortune in less than 24 hours.


HAHAHA.  Good.  Guess what?  It isn’t going to get better.  The entire operation is staffed with crazy California leftists who hate freedom, hate America and hate their customers.


The Facebook founder’s net worth is now valued at $74 billion, dropping him to the fifth richest person in the world.


In one more year, he will be bankrupt.  Here is one of many comments to article:


Redfeather, High Prairy, 24 minutes ago
Well now, with 10 million in security annually I could afford to be anti-gun, too.


All the Bilderberg gang wants all citizens disarmed.  Foolishly, the Brits allowed this and now regret it.  Yes, guns create some level of chaos and troubles but disarmed people are still victims of violent crimes and can’t fight back.  All of Europe is now in a grip of demented Bilderberg internationalists and are under violent, sustained attack by well-armed and extremely violent foreign invaders and they can’t defend themselves.


Anyone talking about this issue is visited by the police or suddenly arrested with no trial, put in solitary confinement for over a year by authorities like Tommy Robinson.


The New York Times 

So, the NYT covers this story but won’t examine how Zuck the Cuck did this to himself deliberately.  He, like the dying newspaper in Manhattan, thought he was a god and a genius and could do as he pleased and pleasing citizens is stupid.  So we kicked him in the balls and he still can’t figure this out.  Neither can the NYT, of course.


Today was some real news which meant most mainstream media didn’t cover it:

Fox News and of course, the foreign Daily Mail has this story!  Not the NY Slimes nor the Washington Postnatal Drip.  It is just astonishing, how little real news escapes the black box of censorship imposed by the stupid foreign conspirators who work with rich Americans to lie, cheat and steal from middleclass citizens.


Illegal aliens and innercity ‘minorities’ are now the main DNC base.  The party actively attacks citizens.  A cop this week was killed by a black illegal alien.  This was not headline news in any Bilderberg media system.  Something this shocking isn’t news!


I remember when the NYT used to report what happened when cops were killed.  They lied about the details but at least they carried the story!  Not anymore.  It is a verboten topic.


I didn’t get this story from the NY Slimes.  I got it from overseas!  This is amazing and disgusting. What is even more pathetic is, the use of women to patrol illegal aliens in prisons who are murderous, violent males from Central America, the place that our politicians are allowing uncontrolled illegal immigration from these days.


Women can’t fight men easily, women are weaker, slower and smaller than men in general.  They also don’t have a ‘voice of command’ which is very deep.  I have a very deep voice, trained in opera singing so I can make commands and men respond (construction work necessity).


Now on to another male/female news thing: Hollywood rapists and their female enablers.

Yes, the creeps in Hollyweird really tried and tried to pretend nothing was wrong and we were all overreacting to innocent joking about raping babies.  Yup.  Turns out these creeps are very creepy, nonstop creepy, constantly creepy.  So this news isn’t being reported by mainstream media and again, I get most of it from alternative news and overseas from the sex fiends running the Daily Mail.


They can’t resist sex stories!  Their paper is crummy about real news that really matters but great for wild sex stories.  Back to Zuckerbergermeister:

HAHAHA.  He is doomed.  He might fend them off but then, the people demanding he leave are shareholders who are…now selling off his stock.  Zuck the Cuck is too arrogant to figure out how this works.

Yes, the mainstream media Zionist/Bilderberg international powerhouses are screaming at Zuck to continue to destroy his business.  I hope they succeed.

The Gateway Pundit has been having immense fun about this.  They have been attacked by Zuck’s gang of F@cks.  Shadow banning and making threats of erasing the Gateway Pundit’s materials has been going on for the last year.  Ditto, many others including Trump.  The shadowbanning has reduced visits to these sites by nearly 90%.


Who goes to a site with little updates and nearly no information?  Zuck knows this which is why he chose to cheat clients and lie to them and let them post stuff but not let anyone else see it.


The collapse of Facebook will be swift.  Once people decide a service is a disservice, it is the end of a business.  No one wants to do business with someone who is lying, cheating and stealing.  Football owners barely can figure out this obvious lesson and their business is falling off the cliff.


Seems none of these lunatics can figure out what is so obvious to me.  Trump is loving this, every time some major business or corporation attacks him, they start going bankrupt.  We users of these systems and services and entertainments are growing very angry and vindictive and we actively want these people to go bankrupt and are willing to refuse to use their systems until they do go bankrupt.


This will teach them all a sharp lesson.  They have to learn it or get to enjoy the rest of their miserable lives, in poverty.  Move in with their innercity gangs who hate us and want to actively burn down our cities.  Good riddance.



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7 responses to “Facebook Falls Of Wall Street Cliff, Crashes & Burns

  1. Melponeme_k

    Just a note, Zuckerberg has very big hips for a man and well developed breast tissue. Good hourglass shape too.

    It doesn’t matter if Zuckerberg goes down with the ship. He will still have his wealthy family and relatives to go back and hide among. They will welcome him with open arms and pat him on the back for a job well done as a paid actor. He created nothing, he is in charge of nothing except to be a face. To convince us that the world they created around us is actually real.

    It isn’t. And I’m telling everyone now, we are watching the families purge the low hanging fruit. They will retreat for awhile, lick their wounds and start their Holly Hobby Doll House building again. In the meanwhile, unknown family cadets, who will behave unobtrusively, will be running their business concerns.

    They are hoping we miss the fact that they have deep roots and only cut off the tops of their weeds. I’m convinced this time, everyone sees enough of their structure to totally uproot and destroy them. We don’t have to execute them, we just need to take their money and move to a more just financial system. All their worth is associated with money and things. It will be worse than death to them.

  2. Lou

    MEL–they are not all trannys.

    EMS–The collapse of Facebook will be swift.–if the government wants that.
    There is a great artcil at this site about Zicks rise. I cannot find it but this is similar.
    Jewish nepotism > harvard, Times Man of the year, etc.


  3. Wc

    Off topic, but still about bilderbergers. I just found out that Betsy devos is an Amway heiress and her brother started the Evil Blackwater. I was happyish with Trump until I found this out! Elaine, how do you feel about this evil woman being appointed by Trump? Drain the swamp using Blackwater, ponzi scheme demons! WTH? Cannot believe it! How could this ever have any legit reasoning? I found out about her bcuz her 40 million yacht was vandalized by sjws. So I thought, htf does an edu sec have 40 mil yacht? Googled her to my horror. Ha. This time I kinda see the lefties point. She is obviously a bilderberg.

  4. Melponeme_k

    @Lou – Explain why his hips are the same size as his shoulders. Why does he have a female skeleton? Why are his hands so small with delicate wrists? He is out of proportion all over because of the hormones.

    LOOK at the first picture posted. Does that look like a male figure? Does his match the other men in the photo? The others are covered up but Zuckerberg isn’t. Why? Because they always have to tip their hand and show us what is really going on.

    The ones we see, the ones they push in front of our faces for fame…I would say 80% of them are changelings. It’s their religion. It’s their religion because they are willfully misinterpreting sacred scriptures that spoke of creation being a female endeavor with men as helpers. The highest form of creation is the combination of the male and female thoughts inside of one person that gives them the clarity to create the world around them as good, kind, loving and giving. The elites have debauched that into transgenderism.

    So tell me, is the world a good and kind place in their hands? Is the torture of their own children (not only ours) making the world beautiful?

  5. You can’t run DC without using swamp monsters.

    It is impossible. But you CAN cause them to cease biting you this way. There is no magic wand here. I am a realist. Trump’s changes: if people joining his side don’t interfere, I am OK.

  6. Wc

    Good to know, Elaine, thanks. I just thought it was weird…

  7. He has to keep various systems going.

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