Twitter Attacks Trump Supporters, Twitter Stocks Drop Like A Rock

Twitter Stock Drops More than 18% in Morning Trading | Breitbart

So, all the West Coast fake liberal techie gangsters are in trouble due to messing with citizens, trying to brainwash us all, lying about everything, interfering with us using the internet to communicate with each other.  These filthy clowns want a Maoist world where people at the top control all thoughts and conversations and are utterly venal and corrupt and sexually exploitive while ordering us to be careful about our words, our sex lives, our jokes, everything.  These clowns in California and NYC are boring, stupid and annoying and I hope they all go bankrupt.




Twitter has blamed the drop in monthly active users on new European privacy rules known as the GDPR which came into effect on May 25. The company also blames their poor monthly active user figures on their decision not to move to a paid SMS carrier relationship, and their efforts to remove certain people from the platform, making it more advertiser-friendly. The social media platform is also banning accounts it considers bots in an effort to fight “malicious automation.”


Even in this statement from the twits at Twitter, they have to lie.  All these clowns lie all the time.  They think none of us can put 2+2 together.  They imagine they are very clever and we are mere animals.  Well, the fox eats the roosters!


Breitbart and other alternative news are showing the raw truth here:

Well…looks like this isn’t going to just vanish in the internet ether!  We have a President who uses computers and knows how the internet works and can use it skillfully.  He can’t be fooled.

The physical attacks continue.  This attack on Trump’s Hollywood star happened in 216, 2017 and today.  The ‘liberals’ are increasingly violent the more successful Trump is, this dynamic is getting worse and worse and is causing the Real Rulers to do stupid things, exposing themselves as manipulators and cheaters.


Under Obama: Immigrant youth shelters are a ‘gold mine,for sexual predators, with records showing HUNDREDS of incidences of abuse, violence and missing children.


A new investigation reveals hundreds of incidences of sexual abuse, violence and missing children at shelters where immigrant youths are held in custody of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement.


The ProPublica investigation, drawing on five years of data, is based on thousands of pages of state public records from more than 70 of the agency’s roughly 100 immigrant youth shelters.


Note how no one gave a hoot about this issue when Obama ran things off the rails.  The minute Trump walked in the door, hysteria broke out and all systems and crimes of previous Presidents like Obama and Bush Jr. were piled onto Trump’s back.



Leftists feel they can do as they please these days even or especially if it is obscene or vandalism or stupid.  The rest of us must be careful, watch what we say and not wear the wrong things.


I just found this…IN ENGLAND’S news!  HAHAHA.  The virtue signalling liberals are so nakedly stupid.  Contempt of everyone is key here.  They felt they had power and could do as they pleased and break their own rules and because they ran things, it was perfectly OK to do whatever they pleased.  To hell with all of them.


I just saw this story!  CBS which hates Trump, stocks fall like a rock, sex scandals, too!

ANOTHER sick pedophile working for cartoon shows reveals himself as a violent pedophile:1532494508637.jpg 3,818×4,733 pixels  4Chan uncovered his junk.

So, the guy behind Gravity Falls is…a vile man who lusts after children.  This is growing rapidly, like the collapse of a huge tower in Manhattan.


10 Dark Secrets In Gravity Falls Disney Tried To Hide – YouTube

The grumpy man in the cartoons is the pedophile who is connected to black magic illuminati junk which has close ties to child molestation, note the pyramid in the shows.  This black magic/child rape thing is what happened to ME.



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    Pages operated by Infowars still remain active because they had not hit the undisclosed threshold violations. The Facebook spokesperson told CNBC the Infowars pages are getting close to that threshold, but would not say specifically how many more infractions would be necessary to pull them.

    Jones’ personal account was temporarily banned from Facebook Thursday for 30 days after it was found responsible for uploading four videos that went against community standards. The clips were posted on different pages operated by Infowars and Alex Jones. Jones had previously been warned he could be blocked by Facebook for other infractions, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

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