News From England: Obama Gave Money To Al Qaeda

The above story comes via the Daily Mail in England, not the USA.  This is common these days.  I used to go to overseas news 45 years ago to learn what was going on overseas since US news was mostly propaganda.  Today, I to overseas to see US news that is hidden here.  Much of what Obama and Hillary did when in power was concealed via a lying press and lying Congress.  Now, in dribbles and drabs, it is coming out but the attempts at concealment continue.  It has been obvious to observers that the CIA and White House were in collusion in supporting Muslim terrorists even to the point of letting these terrorists escape from Assad and move into Europe and the USA.


Obama administration approved $200,000 grant to group linked to Al Qaeda


 The March 2014 grant was a part of a $723,405 sum awarded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to evangelical charity World Vision – with $200,000 of the funds directed to the Islamic Relief Agency in Sudan’s capital Khartoum.


Saudi Arabia sponsors a tremendous amount of this terrorist action.  I don’t know if the new ruler who had a coup this last year is continuing doing this.


The money was awarded to the charity ‘to help provide humanitarian aid, including emergency food, water, sanitation, and hygiene services, to displaced people affected by the ongoing conflict in Sudan’.


Sudan has been under sustained attack by radical Muslim terrorists.  So it makes sense to learn that the US sponsors this via third tier entities pretending to be charities.  This is old stuff for the CIA.


Afterwards the USAID told World Vision to ‘suspend all activities with ISRA’ in November 2014 and the two organizations waited for the Office of Foreign Assets Control (USFAC) to confirm whether ISRA was on the terror list or not.  As World Vision waited for a reply, the senior director announced that the charity intended to continue working with the ISRA if the government didn’t reply within a week.  Eventually the Office of Foreign Assets Control replied and said ISRA was a sanctioned entity in February 2015.


But soon afterwords World Vision wrote to the Obama administration asking to pay ISRA ‘monies owed for work performed’.


So, it was called a support for terrorists…and then the White House intervened and the money was sent.  This stupid game was played over and over again all over the Middle East with ‘charities’ being a front operation for moving money to terrorists.  It is an old, old CIA trick.


Now on to the New York Times, one of the slimiest newspapers in the world.  Every day, without fail, their top story is something attacking Trump.  Since all their previous fake stories about sex, the election, Russia, etc. turned out to be false or stupid, they decided today to attack good news about the economy and run a story about how Trump had nothing to do with the economy at all.  Only if things go bad, will he be held responsible.

HAHAHA.  Snarling and snapping, the dying newspaper grinds away at Trump’s ankle like a crazed chihuahua. The NY Slimes has another front page article about HUD, the DNC program to turn huge hunks of major cities into slums.  I fought HUD tooth and nail when I owned property in NYC.  The establishment of a HUD property would drive down housing values like crazy due to the customers being often nasty people no homeowner would want to have as neighbors.


That is, they blighted neighborhoods and this was funded by taxpayers who pay taxes which I did in New York City.  I just went down the front page another step while writing today and there is this huge article which has the wrong headline:

Um, the main story is: there are SUPRISINGLY few attempts to disrupt the campaigns…by Russia.’  HAHAHA.  That is because the entire ‘Putin ran our elections’ hysteria was fake, fake, fake and the NY Times was part of the propaganda story that is fake and they are fully responsible for this misinformation fooling many crazy liberals driving them even more nutty than ever.


The fixation the Bilderberg gang had on their utterly fake ‘Russia ran US election’ storyline continues but is morphing into admitting there was no such interference.  Of course, note the ZERO reforms due to this fake story.  If the story was real, why, we would see our entire election systems change, right?


Of course, this is fake. Was fake from day one.  The NY Slimes crew assured us before the election that Hillary had a 97% chance of winning and they were all nuts the night she lost.  Hillary went nuts, too.  Then they all conspired secretly via Bilderberg meetings and other venues to run fake charges of treason against the winner of the election.


In total desperation, they now openly are enabling illegal aliens to vote so they can win elections via treason.  This whole business is infuriating.  And treason.

Jeb Bush on Immigration – YouTube


A Bilderberg Bush chats in 2015 about how the elites must import more workers to reduce wages. This speech was delivered in Detroit, a city destroyed by Democrats and internationalists.


This brings me to another election story this week:  Leah Vukmir Says Bogus ‘Ford’ Claim a ‘Typo,’ Attacks Breitbart for Reporting.


Chaos has engulfed the U.S. Senate campaign of establishment-backed candidate Leah Vukmir in the wake of a Breitbart News report that showed the candidate, in a fundraising letter to supporters she signed, lied about what kind of car she drives.


As Breitbart News reported on Thursday, Vukmir falsely claimed that she drives a “Ford” in the fundraising appeal. She actually drives a Toyota Camry. What’s more, two different campaign videos she released obscure the Toyota logo–in one, the Toyota logo on the steering wheel appears blurred in a video and in the other the trunk is left open so as to keep the Toyota logo off screen.


At first, the Vukmir campaign did not respond to any Breitbart News requests for comment on the original piece. Then, the campaign claimed it was not making an inaccurate claim, as a top staffer for Vukmir claimed she drove the car and that it was indeed a Ford, not a Toyota.


So, the candidate is a liar.  Her staff fixes this by lying even more.  The chief fundraiser even claimed she drove the candidate’s invisible Ford!  When this lie was debunked by alternative media, the lies piled up even further.  The campaign literature wasn’t a lie, it was a TYPO.  Yes, ‘Ford’ was accidentally put in place of ‘Toyota’.  Talk about fumblefingers!


As per usual when fakers are caught, the lies pile up higher and higher, a blizzard of more lies:


Vukmir’s campaign manager Jess Ward sounded off when asked for further comment on the matter from Breitbart News. Ward also threw fundraising staffer Mary Beth Gahn under the bus, saying her candidate’s chief fundraiser is “grossly mistaken,” as Vukmir does not drive a Ford.


The candidate now blames her own staff.  Seems she picks very stupid staff.  Not an endorsement for office, this is a huge negative on her.


“Leah drives a Toyota. Period. Her direct mail firm mistakenly listed in a fundraising letter that she drove a Ford. Unfortunately, the error was not caught in time,” Ward said in an email. “Mary Beth Gahn is grossly mistaken, and if she was driving a Ford, it was not Leah’s. While I do not expect to get a fair shake from you or anyone else at Breitbart, I can assure you that Leah has no qualms about driving a Toyota. Your obsession with this nothing-burger of a story is amusing.”


Why would staff make this ‘mistake’?  It is impossible.  Someone ordered the staff to type in ‘Ford’ instead of ‘Toyota’.  Worse, the ‘Ford’ was inserted deliberately to make this Bilderberg bitch look patriotic.


It was a false front operation, not a mere lie.  Finally, here in upstate NY where I live, the story of NXIVM, a secretive cult launched from my old school, RPI in Troy, the institute that is or was supposed to be for engineers 150 years ago, a student there launched a scam operation to enslave women and due to being friends with rich spoiled brat leftist kiddies like the Seagram female, these monsters lured in women via ‘learn executive skills’ fake classes and turned them into slaves!


Wow.  Family of Seagram’s liquor heiress nabbed in NXIVM sex cult arrest pays her $100M bond | Fox News reports.


Bronfman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly helping Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere by stealing the email passwords of his “perceived enemies,” racking up charges on his dead ex-girlfriend’s credit card, committing identity theft and laundering money.


A rich girl joins up with a fraudster who went to an elite private tech school (where I once worked) ended up sucked into a slave operation and she was so blinded by love, she committed all sorts of crimes…reminds me of a certain very rich bankrobber rich chick from California way back when I was much younger!


Patty Hearst had a reasonable excuse: she was kidnapped and tortured and then brainwashed so I supported forgiving her.  At the same time, I noted that rich brats tend to be poor thinkers since they spend life in this cocoon.


Garaufis set the sky-hail bond — and ordered Bronfman to be kept on home detention with an ankle monitor — after prosecutors argued the wealthy scion is worth roughly $200 million, owns an island in Fiji and has access to a private jet.


Patty did go to trial and to prison but was pardoned by President Carter.  This chick probably won’t be pardoned so she is likely to flee.  If Obama was President, she wouldn’t worry about this.


The bond likely won’t be finalized for several weeks, however, because prosecutors said they still only have a hazy picture of Bronfman’s full finances.


Patty Hearst’s rich daddy owned many newspapers and he campaigned for his daughter.  Again, she was physically kidnapped and tortured so I was much more forgiving of her.  On the other hand, this Bronfman chick is a different story.  No one kidnapped or torture her.  Her buddies did this to other women!


“We have records indicating there are two major trusts that were restructured in April 2018, we don’t know how many trusts were there before and we don’t know what happened to all of that money,” said Assistant US Attorney Karin Orenstein.


The family is hiding the loot overseas, of course.


That angered Necheles, who fumed that her client has no “secret account.”


Bronfman, who used her family fortune to bankroll the cult — sinking a reported $150 million into it since joining 15 years ago — says she was not part of the slave group, but has defended it as a harmless “sorority.”


Show her no mercy, she is still lying about everything.  Patty admitted to her crimes and she changed greatly and became a normal human and raised a normal family and put her nightmare behind her.  She has many problems with the past for she did commit a number of crimes.  But having been kidnapped as a teen, too, I know how this works.


In this case, forgiveness is necessary.  In the Bronfman case, no one put a gun to the female’s head.  The true history and sinister origin of Bronfman family wealth – Frank Report


In Yiddish, “Bronfman” means “liquor-man.” The family is Russian Jewish. During Canada’s prohibition (1915-19), Sam Bronfman, with brothers Abe, Harry and Alan, turned their hotel and prostitution operations into “boozeriums.”
Sam and his brothers cut distribution deals with Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, and Arthur ‘Dutch Schultz,’ Flegenheimer.  In Detroit, the “little Jewish navy” of Morris Dalit ferried Bronfman booze into the U.S.


Seriously…this is so effed up.  Rich people can afford to do insane things and they do this a great deal.  We see the results of this all over the planet.  No morals.


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19 responses to “News From England: Obama Gave Money To Al Qaeda

  1. From June 11, 2018, David Knight reported the Obama money to terrorists story.

  2. Jim R

    Well, of course. If you’d been watching the analysts on RT, you would have known this for years. And it was a lot more than $200K

    The Obama administration, USAID, and various other US-supported organizations, along with the Israelis, have been supporting Nazi groups in the Ukraine and jihadi scum in Syria and Iraq… McCain was photographed a while back, meeting with the jihadis, showing that party affiliation does not matter.

  3. Jim R

    The headline about ‘Russian hackers’ is a little disturbing.

    It looks like the CIA is planning some shenanigans again. The electric grid will go on the blink, and they’ll start shouting about ‘Russians’ when it’s really just them, flipping the light switch off and on..

  4. KHS71

    Isn’t it treason to give our enemies aid and comfort?

  5. Lou

    Obamas book noted,
    ‘When the winds of change blow, I will stand with the muslims’
    or something like that.
    He was groomed from early on.
    Check Ann Barnhardts research.

  6. Melponeme_k

    Caught in lie that was pre-staging the next “events” in history. The elite have been doing this for centuries. It is only due to the internet that we can catch on to the crimes.

    They supported the “Russian” revolution in early 20th century. They also threw their money behind the Nazis before WWII as well. Both these groups had prominent JEWISH spooks egging everything on. All in the name of controlling UTILITIES.

    Apparently they are of a different sect of Jews because they really didn’t care about their fellow brethren being thrown into incinerators during WWII. And they didn’t lose a beat using this horrific incident to further their own looting, rape and lies in the years since then.

    The Patty Heart story was one big FAKE.

    Click to access hearst.pdf

    If she suffered torture at all it was at the hands of her own elite family. All of them are fascinated with strange religions that tell them pain, fear and sex can give them power.

    We have no history. We have fake events and engineered tragedies.

  7. Mel, I knew some of the gang that kidnapped her in California!!!! They lived near me in Berkeley! I was NOT their friends, I just watched them operate as they turned themselves into monsters. When Nixon won the election, they all went nuts. Hearst was very apolitical back then before her kidnapping.

  8. Melponeme_k

    Elaine, it was an engineered event. It was an MKULTRA narrative from the first.

    To gain control of a victim, their psyche must be fractured. WW1 and WW2 were big fractures. But the one that broke everything was the JFK assassination (staged or not) and it caused massive psychological damage to the country.

    It is interesting to note what happened in popular culture the year after the event. Hollywood pushed its first film through the censors that showcased nudity, The Pawnbroker. Mind you, it was a holocaust film, the powers that be never fail to cash in on the suffering of the poorer fellows. The Beatles were another engineered event to take control of the music sphere (Note they gave hints to their MI6 roots in their Sgt. Pepper record).

    What they were doing is carving off pieces of our collective psyche and fracturing them into different movements. Movements they control. This is also why we have reiterations of the same crap over and over again. Not because we are without talent. But because the culture industries are arms of intelligence and they don’t allow real artists to work. They can’t control real artists. Real artists tell the truth. Not like the inbreds being pushed as artists.

    Hearst was one of those inbreds. And she turned her “tragedy” into an acting career. Why did they allow it? Only because she took part in the biggest role of anyone’s life.

    Truth be told if we were all left alone, I bet we would still be a largely agrarian society. The big cities would still be but not so powerful as to suck in such wealth and take over the political sphere. Our news wouldn’t be global fake events. It would be mostly society. Who runs the general store. And police blotters would be filled with stories that Mr. Smith had an argument with Mrs. Smith and was thrown out of the house. He later snuck back in while she was at work, took his clothes, money and catnapped the family cat. That would be our lives. And I have to say, I would prefer that to what we have now.

  9. Jim R

    Melponeme, not everything is an engineered event. This headline just seemed like a segue to one, because ‘Russians’, ‘hackers’, and similar hysterical themes the NYT has been spouting for the last five or six years.

    As for the Patty Hearst story, I think it is pretty well explained now. The ‘well known narrative’ fits with the facts. There were a lot of radical crazies running around back then. Young people were under a threat of being drafted and sent to Vietnam. There were a lot of crazy ‘social justice’ movements around at the time.

    Elaine’s observation is the more ominous, because these factors are back now, and on the rise. People committing violence in the misguided name of ‘social justice’. I think the CIA is probably pouring gasoline on this fire, but Trump has been the catalyst for a lot of pent up hate. And I do think the riots are more ‘engineered’ now than they were in the ’60s.

    So now all we need is for some psychopathic maniacs to show up, like Charlie Manson or the SLA loonies. I doubt that the loonies are all manufactured, I think they can arrive that way organically like the ones of the 20th century.

  10. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Unfortunately, yes, everything is an engineered event. Read what I’m writing. I’m not saying nothing happened. I’m not denying people being violent or that there were victims. I’m saying the events were groomed and courted. What else would you call Obama donating to Islamic terrorist groups? If these groups used that money to attack a target would it be a “natural” event in history? If they hadn’t been funded, would they be able to commit such acts? Or would they be small sects running crazy in a market place, small enough for the local community to take care of them?

    All these misguided people running around with money flush in their pockets (thereby disconnecting them from the need to earn for their bread), is engineered by the spooks and the elites. Engineered and thereby FAKE.

    Manson was part of the families. So were the SLA. It seems strange that all these psychos from Ted Bundy to David Koresh were part of rich families. Don’t you think?

    So the focus we should have now is not the engineered event but the psychology behind it. Again, we are a fractured and mind controlled collective. How do we integrate?

  11. Jim R

    Revolutions are almost always started by the idle rich.

    They are the ones that have the time, the money, and so forth..

  12. Lou

    8–James w Howell was just sentenced to 7 years. All he did was violate probation and have weapons.imo.
    What do you think about him? Mind controlled?

  13. Lou

    David Koresh –was he innocent? Clintons drugs coming thru, next door to BDC?

  14. Melponeme_k


    I say it is mighty strange that there is nothing on James Wesley Howell’s family. And they only have dangerously crazy stories dated from only 2017? I mean, dedicated lunatics should have YEARS of stories dating from childhood about their frightening antics.

    The Howell name traces back to a Welsh King back in Athelred’s days. They made it to the shores of America in the 1600s and settled in all the right places…Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Long Island.

    Anyhow, they scrubbed this man’s family information because people are getting wise to the paid actor wackiness. It looks very suspect when these people have relatives in intelligence and military. Hmmm?

    You have to read Miles Mathis’ website. He is good at finding the smoking genealogy guns.

    Click to access waco.pdf

    Interesting you know, if you read that article. David Koresh had doings with a Howell who was in charge of a 7th day Adventist group.

  15. I, personally, KNEW the people involved in the Patty Hearst thing! It. happened right after I wrote an editorial about a dead policeman, killed in front of my commune, and then had to flee Berkeley due to death threats from these lunatics. Patty was totally apolitical back then and then was kidnapped and repeatedly raped.

    She then was lured (yes, this happens!) into joining her rapists who then gave her a new name and ID. Once she surrendered to cops and went on trial, she was a model prisoner and reverted back to who she was before the kidnapping.

    I have great sympathy for her and understand her ordeal very very well.

  16. Melponeme_k

    All of these groups were infiltrated and groomed by the intelligence agencies.

    1) Did you know ALL the people this group was associating with at the time?

    2) Did you attend their meetings?

    You don’t know. Neither do I. But we have a systematic method that has been time tested and true. The group mirrors the rise of the Islamic groups and any other crazy groups in recent history.

    Whether or not Hearst was a willing dupe or not, makes no difference. What she was involved in was FAKE. What these groomed groups do before their directed acts makes little difference to the spooks. As is obvious by how the Islamic invaders act now in Europe.

    She was “Abused” but then went on to voice act on Frasier. YAY. I guess they had to throw her a bone. Right?

  17. Lou

    Patty Hearst– joining her rapists who then gave her a new name and ID–typical Stockholm Syndrome stuff. MK Ultra.

  18. Petruchio

    “Saudi Arabia sponsors a tremendous amount of this terrorist action.” 19 of the 21 9 11 hijackers were Saudis. Solution? Invade Iraq!! Yes, this makes perfect sense. Perfectly logical.

  19. Jim R

    We hated the Sauds so much, we gave ’em all these weapons:

    The truth shall set you free. But first, it will piss you off.

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