The Bilderberg Coup Continues! Infowars Removed From You Tube/Facebook

VIDEO: After Banning Alex Jones, Left Calls For Fox News, Steven Crowder And Others To Be Banned – YouTube


This is just the beginning.  The stocks of major online businesses are now being hammered by investors as the war against citizens roars onwards.  Obviously, the California crew that runs the state most likely to go bankrupt, the state infested with drug addicts and their millions of contaminated needles, the state of open sewers with squatters everywhere, killing citizens…illegal aliens…they are now on a rampage and have a long list of people to eliminate from the internet starting with Trump who they shadow ban over and over again.  Arrest them all!  They are TRAITORS.

My own cartoon from nearly a decade ago!


I expect a number of big wigs like the clowns running Google and Facebook and Twitter will return to DC to explain all their previous lies about censorship.  The selective censorship is dishonest and obvious to all of us who track the internet.  They are censoring ME.


My blog barely shows in any searches now that are run by Google.  They are ‘shadowbanning’ me greatly and I have complained about it in the past.  This is pure evil and they know they are evil but don’t care, they think the book, ‘1984’ is a ‘how-to’ book.


Search | Deadline

EMERGENCY Infowars Banned From The Internet! – YouTube


We can watch this at the Infowars home page still: Watch Alex Jones Show click here on this link.


Crazy as Alex Jone can be, he is still on the same boat I am on.  We are under attack and the attacks are very strong.  Write about the Bilderberg gang and you, too, will end up being hidden from view.  There is an invasion going on in Europe and the US and other NATO nations.


This invasion is being hosted and protected by and run by…our richest people who hate citizens of all countries and want to use aliens for labor.  They want slaves.  This is exactly what destroyed the Roman Empire.


GOP Rep. Yoder Offers Green-Card Giveaway to 200,000 Foreign College-Grads | Breitbart.  The GOP is half citizens/half Bilderberg co-conspirators.  What these monsters want to do is drive all white males into ‘hard labor’ fields and ‘war’ fields while replacing them in high tech, etc.  Cannon fodder to be killed off, this is the plan, I fear.


Yoder’s Indian-giveaway amendment was approved July 25 even without an on-the-record vote by the GOP-run House appropriations committee, and it is being applauded by tech firms which prefer to hire cheap Indian college-graduate workers instead of young American graduates.


This is for semi-slave labor.


“From the Indian perspective, this is wonderful —  it transforms the American immigration system into an Indian-first system,” said Miano. “Every [other] ethnic lobbying group will be screaming because only people from India will be getting [employer-sponsored] green cards,” he said. which owns the Bilderberg mouthpiece, the Washington Post, is all for this immigration deal.  It makes the evil gnome, Bezos, richer.  Here is one of the best comments about this situation at the above article:


We are going to know shortly just how serious President Trump is about putting America and American workers first. This is likely going to be in the same bill Ryan is trying to get passed for a major amnesty.


I don’t care if the Wall and everything President Trump promised on the campaign trail is a part of the bill. More green cards for H1B’s and the numerous other bring them in for cheap wages Visa’s along with an Amnesty, that CANNOT be tolerated!!!.

President Trump you MUST Veto, and if the RINO’S’ and Regressives decide to have a Government shut down so be it. Also you SWORE you would never sign another Omnibus and as close as we are getting to the budget crunch Congress is going to test you with another Omnibus.


I don’t think any RINO’S that are still running in the General will be helped out, but I am sure it will help get MANY MAGA Candidates elected if you allow a Government shutdown and get on National T.V. prime time to explain why.


I think it will cost many Liberal Seats to their MAGA or perhaps RINO competitor. However it works you made a promise to cut back the work Visa’s, we deplorables will not forgive if you sign. We gave you a pass on the last Omnibus because of Military funding, there is nothing in any new Legislation that is worth a Ryan Amnesty or this traitorous Yoder’s 200,000 Green Cards, Yoder has been Yodeling on some Koch Bros, and maybe even some Soros.


I am as certain we’ll hand you a MAGA Congress to work with as I was that you would be President when you came down the escalator. They will give you the legislation, funding and laws you promised, and there will be no stopping the restarted engine of America, right through to 2024.

You Sir are the beacon and America the light to halt Globalism and our Country’s being overrun Poland looks to us Hungary looks to us, Italy, even England I think and on all fronts we are winning except in England where their Traitorous May is shoving England into a colony of the E.U. not a Nation, and not a member.


The closer we get to the election, the more frantic the Bilderberg gang will be, they are going to be quite violent because all polls show that the ‘blue wave’ has evaporated.  Seeing no alternative, they have decided to destroy the internet even if it makes them all poorer, they have to have this obvious coup.


But they don’t have the military to back them!  This is why they have to find some tricky way to pull down Trump while preventing his followers from figuring out, this is a coup.  But it is too late for this trick.


The first moves to eliminate freedom on the internet is receiving immense pushback and Trump is pushing back, he is aware of this roundabout coup attempt.  Much of the GOP ‘leadership’ is anti-American.  The entire DNC is totally anti-American, openly so, these days.  They are invaders.


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8 responses to “The Bilderberg Coup Continues! Infowars Removed From You Tube/Facebook

  1. Mewswithaview

    Be careful this may be Alex Jones breaking “the rules” to generate clickbait and drive traffic to since their youtube channels have effectively been demonetised by Google there is little revenue for his organisation on those platforms so by pulling his userbase to infowars he gets more revenue.

  2. ziff

    everyone still there right now , these banning claims have been made before

  3. Name

    Great job with these stories today. I would contribute but, well, you know…..

  4. Name

    Wow, it posted. OK.

  5. timothy carroll

    . No kidding, love you allowing differing viewpoints….and thanks! Those who can afford to give should do so. Give $$$ to Elaine/ Our future depends upon it!

  6. Why would Alex Jones want to be eliminated? That is ridiculous.

    I am being censored by Google!!! For pity’s sake, we are all in this boat together and the Real Rulers are sinking it.

  7. Lou

    6— am being censored by Google!!! You have JQ. You know about (((them))). –that is why you are censored.

  8. tio

    Here’s hoping?

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