Koch Brothers Attack Trump, Want Open Borders/Trade Deficit Because It Makes Them Filthy Rich


Koch Network Officials Blast President Trump on Tariffs, Immigration: Yes, these billionaire bosses who are the agents of destruction of our nation, want eternal trade deficits and hiring foreign labor as well as importing workers endlessly to keep wages down.  The billionaires who belong to the Bilderberg gang are on open revolt agaisnt Trump’s attempts at saving America.  They hate citizens here and in Europe and hope desperately to overwhelm citizens with cheap foreign labor and outright criminals flooding illegally into NATO nations.  This insane, destructive activity by our rulers is…insane!  And has a fatal flaw: the invaders being encouraged to flood in will ultimately kill the Real Rulers or perchance, the stupid rulers think they can fly off to some remote island and rule from there…they are doing exactly that, in their fotilla of yachts this very week.


From 1991, back when I was starting my sheep breeding business which was quite successful at first:

Giant Sucking Sound – Ross Perot 1992 Presidential Debate.flv – Once Clinton won, my business was killed.  This debate was when the words ‘giant sucking sound’ arose thanks to Perot.  Back to the evil, corrupt Koch Brothers:


Officials overseeing the network of donors and organizations, led by billionaires David and Charles Koch, voiced opposition to President Trump’s trade and immigration policies at the group’s biannual seminar in Colorado Springs over the weekend and blamed the administration’s “lack of leadership,” for increased levels of “divisiveness” in Washington, D.C.


So, the super rich internationalists who make their loot by exporting US jobs and importing Chinese goods are pissed that Trump is changing their business!  They want him to stop.  Who cares about the immense trade deficit!


“The divisiveness of this White House is causing long-term damage,” Brian Hooks, head of The Charles Koch Foundation, told the press. “When in order to win on an issue, someone else has to lose, it makes it very difficult to unite and solve the problems of this country.”


Since when have we been ‘united’ on trade?  My own business was destroyed by ‘free trade’ whereby foreign powers were allowed to flood the market with cheaper goods in order to bankrupt our own businesses.


“When we say there’s a lack of leadership … I’d include the White House and a number of politicians who are following that lead,” added Hooks. “There’s a need for someone to step up and show people it’s possible to achieve things when you unite people together … rather than divide them.”


These super rich idiots know perfectly well, when there is a conflict, one has to ‘divide’ in order to stop whatever it is that is causing the conflict.  The importers are people exploiting currency differences and cheaper labor overseas to flood our markets and destroy all our native industries.  They are vandals.  They are invaders.


Worse, the Koch Kooks also want to import endless labor here so wages go down and workers have fewer job opportunities.  Worse, these incoming labor elements are then encouraged to hate America, hate the flag, sneer at citizens and attack citizens and even rob, rape and kill citizens.


Charles Koch is scheduled to appear in a video released at the gathering on Sunday, tying President Trump’s policies on border security and tariffs with the “a rise in protectionism.” Koch networks officials claim the Trump administration is resurrecting “Depression-era” policies and farmer “bailout,” as the U.S. moves to revamp its trade relationships with the European Union (E.U.) and China. “This is hurting people and doing long-term damage to the country,” Hooks fumed.


The Great Depression was started actually in Europe at the end of WWI.  Far from being isolated, the US was the only major manufacturing power that wasn’t driven into bankruptcy by WWI.  England and France, after Germany and Austria as well as Russia, were sent into economic and political catastrophe, tried desperately to take over all the colonies no longer ruled by those three empires.


This sudden overexpansion caused serious problems for France and England who were then overextended and they took over hunks of the planet that was rising up in revolt.  The cost of empire overwhelmed the profits of empire.


We see this right now: we patrol the entire planet and our allies and our enemies all run trade surpluses with us as our Real Rulers like the Krazy Koch Brothers all get filthy rich, selling off our resources, our labor and anything else not nailed down.  The Koch Brothers want everything to run in the red because it makes them richer and our nation poorer.


In order to receive an invitation to the conference, held at the five-star resort The Broadmoor, donors are expected to contribute $100,000 to the network. Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL), Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn(R-TN) are among the elected officials and business leaders attending this weekend’s biannual seminar.


The list of GOP traitors is long!  And we are very aware of these clowns.  They are scared that voters are running alternative candidates in the primaries and the mainstream media works hard to undermine or make ‘dirty’ anyone running against a Bilderberg gangster.  They are doing this in Europe, too.


Breitbart gives us an example of one of Trump’s upstart candidates who is running for office on true populist promises to workers: Corey Stewart Slams NAFTA After Visit to Danville.


Danville, a once thriving manufacturing town in Southern Virginia, since the 1990s has faced economic ruin, depopulation, a drug crisis, and declining standards of living. Chadwick Moore wrote a Breitbart News feature this month titled, “Left for Dead in Danville: How Globalism Is Killing Working Class America.” According to Stewart, an ardent economic nationalist, the article inspired his campaign visit.


“That Breitbart article was actually what got the whole thing going. It was very well researched, very well done,” Stewart told Boyle.


“[The North American Free Trade Agreement] NAFTA … has destroyed American manufacturing. It has gutted out the manufacturing sector of the United States, and nowhere is that more obvious than in Danville, where they had 6,500 textile jobs, it was a thriving community, one of the wealthier communities, in fact, in the country,” Stewart told Boyle.


This is a winning operation and it is 100% opposed by the Bilderberg gang.  This gang will bend all rules, screw up all systems, even start a major war in order to keep in power and stop anyone from interfering with their looting expedition.  They are 100% responsible for our present mess, deep in debt to the entire planet earth and forced to fight and die overseas based on rampant lies, dying for countries that hate us and are importing terrorists here to attack us.


And the Bilderberg gang fights tooth and nail to keep the importation of criminals and terrorists so they can maintain power by making us fearful and forcing us to flee all our former manufacturing cities.


Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Stick It to Trump – Will Not Fund Border Wall in September Funding Bill


 During a radio interview with WHAS on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border will likely not make it into the next funding legislation, which must be passed by the end of September in order to avoid another government shutdown.


When directly asked if the funding of the border wall would have to wait until after midterm elections, the Republican senator replied “probably,” noting that it is “something [Democrats and Republicans] do have a disagreement on.”


Half a year ago, he said ‘probably’ because he knew his own voters would be very pissed off about defunding the wall.  Now, he has to prove he is capable of pushing for the money and…


“But most of the government will be covered and then at the end of the year, if we can’t reach an agreement on that, we’ll do what’s called a ‘continuing resolution’ for that little portion of the government spending that’s left unpassed in individual bills,” McConnell added.


And then they sat on their behinds and did nothing.  They hate Trump and worse, they hate Trump voters which happens to be their own voting base in elections.  What they did in the past was, lie to voters and then conspire to do the opposite the voters wanted via secret meetings.


This is why I hammer away at the business of the super secret Bilderberg meetings where our leaders go to conspire with foreigners as to how to run this country secretly.  They keep these meetings secert because if regular people know what is being plotted, they would rise up and kill the Bilderberg gang.  So the gang is playing a very dangerous game here.


They are now much, much more exposed than any time in the past.  More and more people are watching them and talking about them.  And the CIA is working overtime to destroy all diplomacy, the attacks on Putin and Trump continue insanely:

One Hotel in Silicon Valley is a ‘honeypot hotbed for Russian and Eastern European escorts’ | Daily Mail Online Why is this ‘news’?  Isn’t this utterly insane?  If this is an investigation, why reveal it before doing any arrests????  Of course, this is yet another planted fake story carried by fake news services.



Note the ‘anonymous’ person here. And the fake speculation, ‘IF’.  What the hell?  This is a total BS story.  And of course, the other issue is, supposedly, this went on under Obama!  HAHAHA.  This ‘secret spy ring’ didn’t spring up in a few months!


Note how our Real Rulers are hypocrites from hell.  We are roasting to death, according to them all, and must stop using resources or energy or we will all die…then these clowns roam the planet, consuming stuff like fiends, using all sorts of ‘global warming’ materials to have fun in the sun!!!  To hell with them.  A million mega yachts converging…all have helicopters on board, this global warming scam should be obvious to everyone by now.



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2 responses to “Koch Brothers Attack Trump, Want Open Borders/Trade Deficit Because It Makes Them Filthy Rich

  1. Petruchio

    When you have a Government where it only takes ONE member of Congress to block a Vote on a Bill or a Motion you don’t really have a Democracy. You have a Dictatorship masquerading as a Democracy to fool the General Public. Note the Political Wh#res in Congress always go for a Voice Vote on things where they have to show their true colors, such as the Motion to commend the men and women of ICE? Not only are most of Congress Political Wh#res but they are Cowards as well.

  2. They are also tricksters.

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