Trump Fights GOP Wall Betrayal/Infowars Banned From You Tube & Facebook

Trump: I Will ‘Shut Down’ Government over Wall Funding, Catch and Release | Breitbart reports.

The real infowar has now started in ernest.  Shadow banning and removal of many small You Tube/Facebook users who displease the Real Rulers, now they are attacking the Big Fish.  Everyone will be shut down leaving only all the Pravda/NYT type fake news systems.  We are now under total assault starting now.  Trump: ‘I Will Not Allow Country To Be Sold Out’ By MSM ‘Haters’ Trump tweeted tonight.  He knows now that the War has begun.  He also knows that these monsters plan to kill him, too but are thwarted by Trump’s handpicked security.


House Republicans, led by Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS), have tied $5 billion in southern border wall funding to a slew of pro-open borders and pro-big business immigration changes.


Yes, the GOP has many who are actually agents working to undermine citizens, import foreign labor so wages fall, etc.


For example, as Breitbart News noted, GOP-run House appropriations committee voted to revive President Obama’s Catch and Release policies — where illegal aliens and asylum seekers are caught at the border, then released into the U.S. general public — by deliberately defunding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tightening of asylum laws.


We have known for quite a while that there are not two political parties.  There is one party: the Bilderberg gang and then there are the Outsiders which includes Bernie Sanders but then they gave him a huge bribe so he would endorse Hillary so he is now one of their servants.


And here in the middle of the Breitbart article is this ad which is stunning to see:

This ad is for bringing in chain migration families!  Isn’t that funny?  I suppose the computer systems were programmed to insert this ad whenever an article about immigration appears.


Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Stick It to Trump – Will Not Fund Border Wall in September Funding Bill.  Yes, betray the voters!  These two traitors tell voters, ‘Vote for me, I have power in Congress and can get you all goodies!’  But then gives them garbage while giving rich people who are exporting jobs, the real goodies.  People are finally figuring out this scam:

Aloha Snackbar BornAMileHigh✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • 4 hours ago

It’s worse than is being discussed. The Constitution requires Congress to produce a budget for all spending. Instead they use CR funding Bills. They delay their work in order to create a time crunch, a crisis. Then they lump all the worst funding priorities of they wealthy donors into a crappy CR Funding Bill. They don’t review it, “no time” “ the government will be shutdown”. An “emergency” they carefully created. Then they pass the CR and leave the swamp on vacation. CR Funding Bills are un-Constitutional and should be void. Since they won’t do their required duties they are void as well. The only way they get away with this is because We the People allow them to get away with this, period.

BornAMileHigh✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ Aloha Snackbar • 4 minutes ago
Excellent overview! The last budget passed was April 29, 2009!!!!!


A very good summary of the game being played in Congress.  This is all done to fool voters.  One person at Breitbart posted this cartoon:

In Britain, the voters are being betrayed this week, too.  All the Bilderberg gangsters are now openly meddling in obvious and vile ways and there will be a push back.  Will people be able to stop these greedy creeps?  I hope so!


Europe is being literally invaded, after all!  600 Africans storm Spanish border using exceptional violence – Four border guards hospitalised.  They are not refugees, these are invading military age males who are very violent!  They want LOOT.  They hope to join previous invaders in London and Paris.


A total of eleven migrants of sub-Saharan origin and four civil guards have been transferred to the University Hospital of Ceuta on Thursday after a group of between 400 and 600 illegal migrants attempted to cross the border of Ceuta using “exceptional violence”, according to police sources, who have now raised the number of injured officials to 12.


According to these same sources, whose version has been corroborated by some people who have taken care of the wounded, the migrants have used “quicklime, feces and deodorants as flamethrowers” against the Security Forces to access Spanish territory around 7:00 am along the Finca Berrocal stretch of the double fence.


Today, Google/You Tube and Facebook banned Infowars based on false information.  They did it on a weekend so no one in DC can do anything but Trump’s staff knows about this already and Trump has warned both entities to stop censoring the internet.  Some people online are trying to carry Alex Jones now but are also now under attack:

🔴 Alex Jones Channel ✪ InfoWars LIVE Emergency Re-Stream 🔴 – YouTube

Pete Santilli
Started streaming on Jul 28, 2018
🔴 Alex Jones Channel ✪ LIVE Emergency Re-Stream 🔴

EMERGENCY NOTICE FROM PETE SANTILLI: Due to the recent censorship by Facebook & Youtube of Alex Jones’s live stream channels, is providing an emergency live 24/7 video stream of broadcasts to the public.


This LiberyOneTV broadcast is for Alex Jones fans and all liberty-loving Conservative Patriots, and we strongly believe this broadcast is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.


Any attempts by YouTube to covertly censor via “copyright” claims absent a valid complainant, or throttling and/or restricting distribution is intentional, malicious, and for the purposes of effecting the outcome of the upcoming mid-term elections.


We (Pete Santilli & associates of Liberty One Broadcasting) hereby declare that we will defend the Constitutional rights of our viewers who must be allowed to freely assemble, associate and exchange opinions & conservative ideas.


As a subsidiary of a publicly held company, we insist that Youtube and Google have an obligation to their shareholders to protect the Constitutional rights of their viewers/advertisers. We also believe that to date they’ve been negligent in not disclosing to their shareholders that they intentionally discriminate, censor and are involved in election meddling. We ask that Google/YouTube cease & desist from censoring our viewers, and demand that they immediately start doing the right thing on behalf of their unknowing shareholders.


A few minutes ago, their stream was cut off by You Tube.  Obviously, the You Tube SJW gang that now runs the site are on high alert to prevent anyone from posting there if they are seen as a challenge to the SJW gang’s attempt at a coup in November.  This coup depends on pretending there is an election while preventing one side’s voting or information or participation.


For example, using illegal aliens to attack voters lined up to vote is one tactic I know the SJW gangs will get to use with the blessings of the DNC leaders who will not protect voters in districts voting for Trump’s candidates.


I used to do poll watching beginning in 1968 and all the way until I moved to upstate NY and didn’t need to do it anymore.  It is necessary to prevent voting fraud!  Vigilance is required to run any democracy.  In closing, here is a tweet from our President:


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15 responses to “Trump Fights GOP Wall Betrayal/Infowars Banned From You Tube & Facebook

  1. Melponeme_k

    What they want to do is Disney-fy the Internet and just living in general.

    If they could create little corporate cul de sacs based on everyone’s favorite fandom…would most people worry about censorship?

    Unfortunately I have a fear that they would not. It would only take a generation to forget that we once used the internet for mutual communication and sharing information. To them, the internet would be some kind of incentivized theme park. Much like what we see in Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

    A silver lining, is that I was in VR at the ground level way back in the early 2000s. The people who first used Second Life pushed back mightily against the Spooks who used us as a psychological test bed. They did what they always did when socio-communism does not work, they buried it and ignore the findings. Every VR since then had less and less freedom and more and more corporatized theming gimmicks.

    It doesn’t matter if no one wants it. All they have to do is push it (with no other options) and push it until it works.

    This is what we are up against.

  2. Mewswithaview

    More Bill Browder

  3. Floridasandy

    Expect Facebook to crater more. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

  4. LSD was all about virtual reality. And was created for the CIA for interrogation purposes but then the agents liked using it, too…

  5. Melponeme_k


    The first virtual reality was Guttenberg’s printing press. The printed word first moved the human point of attention from reality to a projected fantasy world that the elite have been using to enslave us ever since.

    I can see why people in the past were so worried about the novel. They knew that getting everyone to worry over fictional people in dire situations would inevitably remove readers from a piece of their rational minds.

    Now the books being pushed are total fantasies and encourage psychotic behavior. I am more and more convinced that people living in their own “fandoms” created in books is psychotic.

  6. ziff

    Mel, people have told stories passed through the generations and ‘worried over fictional people” , without the printing press. Its how we live. THINK

  7. Melponeme_k


    Vocal Storytelling was part of religious practice BECAUSE it creates a virtual point of space for people. It projects the thoughts outward. This is magic.
    This is why actors were labeled psychopomps and plays were religious rituals. This is why storytellers were mainly Shamans.

    What printing did was take storytelling OUT of its sacred sphere and turn it into an uncontrolled chaotic experience. If you have everyone in their heads in fantasy space all the time, how will they deal with the every day aspects of living? Not only that, they will be prey to anyone who wants to encourage immoral behavior.

    I think the people of the past were right to fear and their fears have shown to be correct. Look at the world we have now. People who are influenced by media to act against their own welfare, to behave in ways that are dangerous to their own health (mental and physical). After all what have all those people who got dressed up as Gandalf (even before the films) done for us? Did they create a more rational and fair society? Or were their heads too caught up in virtual la la land?

  8. ziff

    ”If you have everyone in their heads in fantasy space all the time, how will they deal with the every day aspects of living? ”

    do they ? the stories of which you speak usually carry constructive social archetypes.

  9. Melponeme_k


    Exactly, they do carry social archetypes in which we learn how to behave in society. That is exactly the danger.

    These constructs were mostly controlled by religious figures. We can say what we want about religion but for the most part, they didn’t encourage people to be raving, violent lunatics. The advent of the novel, the religious figures lost control of these archetypes. The archetypes were then put into the hands of the publishers. The money men behind them.

    Thus began archetypes that were against our better natures. Yes, most early novels were social critiques. But then that was weaponized and people were exposed to pornography. Pornography was always a weapon to destroy the ability of men and women to form friendships and love relationships.

    Can you see what I’m writing about here? Popular novels were a way into the subconscious of each reader who could then be programmed from the inside out.

    What do our archetypes say now? That humanity is dirty, violent and doesn’t deserve to live. That women hate men. That men are cheaters without a loyal bone in their body. That minorities are always abused in society. It goes on and on.

  10. ziff

    so have you been programmed by popular novels ? how did you [ & others] escape ?

  11. Melponeme_k


    Of course we have all been programmed by novels, magazines, comic books, any printed material. Anything any of us has ever liked was put into our heads. Most of our ideas, installed by popular media. The CIA handlers curate the material that we see and they change it daily so that we emulate what they want us to be.

    Yeah, that is our life. The Wizard of Oz is used to this day to program system slaves. All it’s versions. The original story is based upon Theosophy and other occult witchcraft ideas.

    It takes a long time to deprogram. Some say we never truly escape. We can only mitigate the damage. We start by acknowledging that anything in popular culture is a possible danger and therefore we must be careful about it all.

  12. ziff

    So Orwell would be a good example , at the time it served as an ‘establishment’ warning against totalitarianism [ was that left or right or both ? ] , now in another age and context it is used by the people labeled ‘alt right’ against the establishment. So tell me again how ”program system slaves ” is supposed to work ?

  13. Melponeme_k

    Orwell read their projection papers mid-project (they got started with their long term plan around the 1850s, some say earlier). He wasn’t writing fiction. He was writing FACTS and he was all in their game. Orwell isn’t our ally.

    System Slaves. MKUltra is how they train special ops and CIA spooks. Although they don’t call it torture. Why else would they give these people long psychological questionnaires before they sign them up?

    In darker parts of conspiracy discussions, they say when you sign up for these programs, you aren’t only signing up for yourself. You are volunteering your family for duty as well. And that includes torture. They like to program the children.

  14. Orwell explained totalitarianism perfectly. This was before the horrors of Madame Mao’s Cultural Revolution which nearly totally destroyed China but the inner circle rose up and eliminated her suddenly, sparing the Chinese utter annihilation in the hands of that lunatic.

    Mad Madame Mao isn’t the only destructive dictator, there are many such, we see it in operation in dying Venezuela today, for example. People die when these sorts of lunatics gain power and run berserk.

  15. Melponeme_k


    George Orwell was allowed access to the study and projection documents of the elite. He wrote about what they planned. Because they always have to tip their hand.

    Except “1984” isn’t going to look like that society. That was written for its time.

    If you want to see what 1984 will look like, you only have to look at movies. Mainly Spielberg’s films such as Minority Report and Ready Player One. The future will look good and the prison bars will look fancy too. We’ll walk in like cattle to the last run.

    The crazed dictators in 3rd World countries are for corruption so the elites can get their hands on natural resources and utilities. But also to displace large populations of citizens. Citizens on the run won’t complain that you are stealing their forests, water supplies and mineral mines. Those same citizens will not adapt to their new places of residence (1st World countries) and will become violent.

    They have a set path and have been following it for many centuries. The internet shot them in the foot.

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