Patriots Versus SJW Antifa Orcs In Portland Oregon

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Between a rock and a hard place: the left and right fight in Europe and in the US.  This fight is necessary.  The ideological training going on in our ‘universities’ is training young people to be racist, intolerant, violent and at the same time, crybabies.  This odd culture is causing huge battles in DNC-run states where chaos is encouraged so that the DNC can gain political power only this is backfiring, badly.


That is obvious to me!  RNC-run cities and states don’t have frequent riots and mayhem.  DNC cities are turned into hell holes even rich ones like Manhattan (which is a city inside a bigger, darker, more criminally destroyed super city).


BEATINGS AND BLOOD IN PORTLAND=> Trump Supporter Clubbed – Blood Gushing From Head…still streaming video below: Live: Patriots Prayer Rally Portland – Antifa Counter Protest expected 8/4/18 – YouTube

There is a huge police presence which didn’t stop ANTIFA from being violent but at least the mayor and governor of Oregon and Portland did the right thing, patriots have the right to have legal marches which they applied for properly, etc.


ANTIFA simply riots.  And up until today, were allowed to physically attack patriots in DNC-run cities.  The black eye all this gives the DNC is immense.  This is why Hillary lost the election and since then, it got ten times worse.

Portland Antifa VS Proudboys Round 2 – YouTube

Meanwhile, Trump continues his amazing rallies, nearly every day, a new rally, each one bigger than the last.





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17 responses to “Patriots Versus SJW Antifa Orcs In Portland Oregon

  1. Melponeme_k

    “ANTIFA simply riots. And up until today, were allowed to physically attack patriots in DNC-run cities.”

    The running thread through “revolutions” are groups simply allowed to riot. There is evidence of the law enforcement forces standing down during the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, and Nazi Rise. This seems to be a theme when they want to make a change.

    Past shows these upstart groups suddenly gain “power” with the previous power blocs stepping down without a fight. Then the press and other historical observers lie that these groups had support among the public. That it was driven by the mass population and not the spooks.

    Of course, the minute they take power they start pograms so that people who know they are being snookered can’t say boo.

  2. Jim R

    There is a ‘color revolution’ handbook that has been assembled, I think by the CIA. It has been used over and over in various countries around the planet. They learned from each revolution, in Iran, in Chile, and so forth and so on. It was used successfully in the Ukraine back in 2013.

    They start by organizing ‘protest’ groups and getting stuff into the local media. Then it evolves into public protest, people shouting slogans and refusing to go home — meanwhile they make arrangements, somehow, for the police to stand down as the mob starts throwing rocks and whatnot. Eventually, shots are fired or a bomb goes off and maybe some people are killed.

    Finally, they have a shadow government in waiting, with people groomed in advance to replace key offices. And when it is put in place, there are immediate announcements in the papers, in Washington, and at the UN, recognizing the new dictator as a legitimate replacement for the place.

    All this ‘antifa’ and SJW nonsense has the hallmarks of an early stage of ‘color revolution’. I think it was probably set in motion when Trump won the election.

  3. Jim R

    The one thing I think Trump has going for him is that the military and police in America don’t actually like all these SJW assholes.

  4. timothy carroll


    Trump strikes me as a sort of carnival barker, able to lead the masses, whether they are cognizant or not of his true motives. I’ve known him since his days in the Atlantic City casinos in the ’80s/90s. He’s a guy who likes to strike deals. That’s who he is. In short, his MAGA may not be true, but he’s struck a chord with the section of “flyover country” that seems to be sticking.

    That being said, the military and police in America (not liking these SJW assholes) is probably strong enough to get him re-elected in 2020. Aside from that, the general public (fly-over country) feels like he is listening to them (whether or not that’s true is a different subject). I’ve known him for over thirty five years and his first interest has always been Donald J. Trump. Anything else is secondary. The fact that he is squeaky clean must be a real bit of annoyance to our (((real rulers))). If he had dirt on him, we’d have known about it by now.

    Finally, I suspect he is causing our (((real rulers))) to sh*t their pants enough to JFK him. Of course, it can’t be done as rudimentary as it was back then. Nevertheless, I hope his personal security team has his back, because clearly he is of real annoyance to (((them))).

  5. shawntoh


    Bad day to be down town in Portland, OR as the police declared that there was a “civic disturbance” and fired off some stun grenades at one point. Things weren’t as violent this time and there were just a few arrests and injuries.

    I stayed home and watched it happen online.

  6. Petruchio

    If the ANTIA crowd think they can engage in violence, then violence IT WILL BE. Here’s the BIG problem for the ANTIFA’s: they are badly outnumbered!! Let these ultra spoiled rotten rich kids in ANTIFA go for it!! I can tell you for a fact that the Anti-ANTIFA crowd–most of ’em– are gun owners. We’ll bring guns. It’s just like the Russian Revolutionaries said: a Revolution is just like making scrambled eggs: you can’t have scrambled eggs without cracking some eggs and you can’t have a Revolution without cracking some skulls. I wish it didn’t have to come to this, but it does.

  7. timothy carroll


    Sadly, Pet, I fear that’s what we’ve come to. Revolution is a young man’s game. As an oldster, all I can offer is moral support.

  8. Zeke

    Some reports claimed that the Charlottesville PD withdrew, stood down, did not engage and allowed the conflict to continue.
    Sort of like that ‘resource officer’ at the latest high school carnage who then retired and collected a $100k/yr. pension.
    Example of value to state and local PDs benefitting from usage of military surplus vehicles.

  9. timothy carroll

    (((They))) are next coming for our guns. Anyone in Germany in the Thirties suffered the consequences of gun confiscation learned that lesson the hard way……Parkland…….cough…..cough.

  10. Petruchio

    @#7 timothy: Yeah, I’m too old to be a Revolutionary too. Still, I plan on going down swinging–with everything I got.

  11. Lou

    Portland is a ‘Sanctuary Shitty’–even after the Muslim Bomber who was caught at the Christmas gathering.
    That being noted, maybe the CIA was behind the bomber, as often is the case.

  12. Jim R

    I’ll just leave this here. . .

  13. shawntoh


    “… Portland is a breeding ground…”

  14. shawntoh

    This time the police kept, for the most part, the two groups apart and I feel the police did a better job instead of standing down. I note that–

    “Portland Police Chief: Antifa “Whine And Complain” Because Officers “Kicked Your Butt””

    They finally interviewed that Outlaw, Chief of Portland Police and here’s what she had to say–

  15. shawntoh


    Well, they are at it again as of Halloween 2018. The “useful idiots” still seem to think they can get away with directing traffic down town and it’s like you say– the police are being told to stand down–

  16. shawntoh


    I hope this is a interesting development for ya….

    Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler: ‘Cannot wait’ for term to be over

    By The Oregonian/OregonLive


    As he walked off stage Thursday after finishing a speech during which he was heckled, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler muttered, “I cannot wait for the next 24 months to be over.”

    He’s a Democrat, Elaine.

  17. lou

    16–I sense hype. He could quit.

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