Judge Rebukes Mueller In Manafort Case/ Tommy Robinson Talks About Torture

Judge questions Mueller’s authority in Paul Manafort case – YouTube calls it ‘a witch hunt.’


Yes, like all witch hunts, the real cases are about a woman with too many cats.  In Manafort’s case, too many coats.  The Special Prosecutor’s job is not working at all, it is a farce.  It reminds me of how the case against the Clintons which started out as an examination of their real estate games turned into Monica’s blow job.  No, you don’t go after Presidents like that back then nor now.  This naked political game is going to blow up in the faces of the DNC and RINOs in Congress.


From last April, via Fox TV:

Rosenstein gave Mueller secret permission to investigate Manafort – YouTube


Everything is ‘redacted’ and everything is smeared all over the place.  This is the left’s Pizzagate stupidity.  Mueller was put in place based on baseless accusations of ‘collusing with Putin’ and what was being criticized was basic diplomacy.


Even today, Congress is trying to restart the Cold War blaming Putin for everything including Congress’s inability to run elections in a sane way.  I still remember my ‘Uniform Voting Act’ bill I tried to pass in Congress.  This was rejected outright when the Supreme Court ruled that I could not use the case of Bush vs Gore to force the government to clean up the voting systems so they can’t be used to cheat.


Instead, the same messy, patchwork system runs and now DNC states are openly saying they will enable illegal aliens and aliens in general to vote in our elections!!!  This is a Federal issue, not a state’s rights issue now.


Enabling invaders is illegal.

Left Wing Media Outraged at Manafort Judge as Slate Goes Ballsitic with Potential Libel – YouTube


It is now fake liberals screaming about the court system because they can’t use it to blungeon the winner of an election based on false charges.  All the clowns pushing the ‘Russian agent’ hysteria are traitors.  My own Senator, Schumer, is the top gangster here with the smears.


Now on to England which is now ruled by Muslim agents who torment British citizens: the torture of Tommy Robinson still is being kept out of mainstream news there, only bits are leaking out.  Tommy is now posting more information about what happened to him and he is going to legally go after the State for deliberately torturing him.


Liberal civil rights organizations are not supporting him, of course.  They are communists who love torture and want to have gulags.  They only pretend to be liberals until they have enough power to be totally evil.


Detention and imprisonment | Amnesty International seems OK with torturing white males in prison for political reasons!  These fake liberals say this about prisoners:

  1. Prisoners of conscience – someone has not used or advocated violence but is imprisoned because of who they are (sexual orientation, ethnic, national or social origin, language, birth, colour, sex or economic status) or what they believe (religious, political or other conscientiously held beliefs).
  2. Arbitrary detention – being detained for no legitimate reason or without legal process
  3. Incommunicado – being detained without access to family, lawyers etc.
  4. Secret detention – being detained in a secret location.
  5. Inadequate prison conditions – such as overcrowding and prolonged solitary confinement.
  6. Unfair trials – trials conducted without ensuring minimum legal process.
  7. Torture and other forms of ill-treatment.

Amnesty is calling for

• No secret detentions.
• No torture or other forms of ill-treatment.
• Rapid and regular access to lawyers, doctors and relatives.
• Effective legal process so that people can challenge their detention and treatment.
• Independent judges.
• Adequate detention conditions. Including an end to prolonged solitary confinement.
• Prompt and independent investigations when someone dies in detention.
• Independent Monitoring bodies make regular visits to detention places.
• Fair trials within a reasonable time or release.
• All prisoners of conscience released without conditions.


So…Amnesty International didn’t say anything or do anything for Tommy Robinson.  Every single ‘check box’ for victims of State abuse are there.  There was no ‘free trial’ it was a fake trial with no real lawyers.


Virtually no one, not even his wife, was allowed visitation, she won only 2 hours worth after fighting the State and under very restricted conditions.


Prolonged solitary confinement: absolutely he was treated this way!  Worse, it was in a prison where the population wanted to kill him!  So he was physically abused whenever prisoners could throw things at him.


It was 100% secret!  The trial was secret.  The detention was secret. Any news reports about his fast trial and arrest and dumped into a Muslim prison population was sealed and anyone reporting was to be arrested, too.


Hello!  Amnesty International should be outraged but then…they love leftist fascism now.  They want Mao’s methods of population controls.

AmnestyInternational on Twitter: “Want to do something kind to help a fellow human? Here are 5 things – big and small – you can do to say #iwelcome #refugees: https://t.co/8am7tvfyyq… https://t.co/alzZ4v3nOy”

The Maoists running Amnesty International chose a picture of a cute little girl when describing the huge boatloads of invading Muslim adult males.  This is pure propaganda, not a serious civil rights/human rights organization.  I am happy to see the nearly all the comments to this stupid virtue-signalling agrees with me that Amnesty International is really a fraud:

Liberalism is dead.  It was slain by its own followers sort of like when the Maenads ripped apart Orpheus:

Below are several videos about the obvious civil rights abuses inflicted on Tommy Robinson:

The UK Prison Service is Trying to Cover Up My Mistreatment – YouTube

And of course, the Guardian, a dead fake liberal publication specializing in lying, lied about Tommy.

The Guardian lied about Tommy Robinson’s appeal | Ezra Levant – YouTube

And a psychiatrist explains how there are obvious signs of Tommy’s torture easily seen on his face:

Body Language: Tommy Robinson PTSD On Tucker Carlson – YouTube



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  1. Mewswithaview

    Continuing the Browder narrative

  2. Moe

    Video interview of Tommy Robinson by Ezra Levant, (barf).

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