ALL ANTIFA Facebook Pages Still Up While All Alex Jones Are Wiped Out

All the ANTIFA Facebook pages, this violent terrorist organization, are up while all the Alex Jones pages and staff and associates were suddenly, all at the same minute, banned for LIFE.  So, violent revolutionaries get to use Facebook and citizens resisting them are punished.  This is illicit, illegal, unconstitutional, the internet isn’t private property, it is a public service.  Congress must investigate this. Alex Jones should not be banned when ANTIFA gets to run literally riot in DNC run states.

This cartoon shows how infantile our mainstream media is…they are celebrating the total banning of rival news operations thinking this hamfisted Stalinist move is brilliant and even funny.  Wrong, it is a coup attempt.  Alex Jones is still online at places like | The Free Speech Social Network.  


Watch Alex Jones Show here.

Here is a screenshot of ANTIFA International.  Still up, Zuckerberg obviously is a co-revolutionary working to destroy democracies, spread terror and riots, attacks on citizens and looting of cities.  And these ANTIFA thugs raid Apple stores when they riot so it is fitting that Apple is now ANTIFA, not a fruit but a freak organization.

ANTIFA is the terror arm of this monster, one I talk about all the time:

The Bilderberg gang and these clowns control the money printing systems of the EU and North America and other places.  They are driving us off the fiscal cliff.


Google Removes ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Clause From Its Code of Conduct just two months ago.

They were part of the secret Bilderberg meeting where they discussed specifically silencing Alex Jones.  Before moving to commit this crime against free speech, the monsters who run Google first had to remove their motto.  I joked they should have replaced it with ‘It is always 1984 at Google.’


Google has been abusing my site for a year now.  I am ‘shadowbanned’ already at that dreadful, inept, incompetent search engine.  It is now, worse than ever and I will begin to call it a ‘hide information’ machine.


We are getting closer and closer to outright civil war here.  This is insane.  Dangerous and stupid but the liberals think that they will win using black street thugs who spend more time killing each other and stealing stuff as allies.  Good grief!  With allies like this, you don’t need enemies.


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12 responses to “ALL ANTIFA Facebook Pages Still Up While All Alex Jones Are Wiped Out

  1. Petruchio

    If you don’t watch TV anymore you won’t know about this, but the MSM are airing their counter attacks on the so called “alt media”. The MSM have the nerve to call the alt media the exact same names people use to call the MSM. “Unsubstantiated” stories, the MSM says about the alt media. “Biased” they also say. The MSM propaganda ad also takes a shot at the readers of these ‘Social Media’ sites. The ad infers that people who use the alt media to get information are gullible and uninformed. In other words, the same things people accurately say about the American MSM. Pathetic.

  2. nclaughlin

    Elaine, you should test all the search engines and tell us if any one of them is OK, if they are all equally bad. Thanks.

  3. timothy carroll


    Duck Duck Go works pretty well. I first do a Google search and come up with nothing. DDG brings up a lot of stuff you want to learn about. For your consideration, here’s an interview I uncovered today to learn more about the MIC from a wife of a man inducted into the illuminati as a military officer. It’s long but worth it if you care to learn more. Probably a good idea to do it NOW since they appear to be shutting things down.

  4. ziff

    yup this time its gone , commie time now

  5. Saint Mike

    This is a all out war on free speech by the tech companies. Republicans better do something or they won’t have a voice by 2020.

  6. Floridasandy

    Zuckerberg will drive away all conservatives, and then lose advertisers – not that I ever bought the Facebook hype. They have a lot of dead people

  7. Melponeme_k

    Mathis had an outside writer submit the following series. It tracks the controllers through history and controlling civilization through trade.

    Click to access phoen.pdf

    Click to access phoen2.pdf

    Click to access phoen3.pdf

    Click to access phoen4.pdf

  8. All this is going to destroy the California internet service providers. They are too stupid to understand, attacking customers is fatal.

    Comic book corporations are now attacking their customer base and sales are cratering and good artists and creators are going ‘indie’ like Cyberfrog’s creator.

    Football is cratering and all the corporations peddling stuff to conservatives are now seen as ‘the enemy’ by customers and this is suicidal for any business.

    Hollywood has gone full insane, too, and guess what? Their customers are increasingly boycotting that stupid business.

  9. Moe

    @ 8 EMS

    Re: football is cratering…

    We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet: wait until the fans (i.e., white guys) see the latest cheerleader additions. Sure, that’ll up the eyeball numbers!

  10. Melponeme_k


    The Cheerleaders have ALWAYS been male. This is why the spooks pee their pants laughing when they write headlines like first NFL male dancers.

  11. Jim R

    I’ll say what I always say about football — we need more diversity in the game.

    Sixty percent of each team should be skinny white geeks with coke-bottle glasses.

  12. Jim, that would be a fun game to watch. Instead of a football, they use an Apple computer and the black members try to steal it and the white geeks try to post Instagrams begging for help before the computers vanish.

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