Kitchen Explosion Scared Murderous Maduro So He Attacks Opponents


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survives alleged drone assassination attempt | Daily Mail Online:


A gas container blew up in an apartment building near where the fascist/leftist military dictator of Venezuela, Maduro, was reviewing his troops.  So the crazy leader went crazier and claimed that ‘enemies’ tried to assassinate him (a car backfiring would have had the same result) so a bunch of people who opposed him were suddenly arrested and I assume, are now being tortured into saying, they set off a bomb and then executed.  This is what the left wants to do here: have kangaroo trials and double standards and hysteria whenever they are scared leading to death and destruction of people they oppose or hate.


Maduro was mid-speech at an event to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard when a ‘flying device’ exploded right in front of him at 5.40pm, according to a televised account he gave after the event.


Except this didn’t happen. The explosion in the kitchen a block away startled everyone greatly and the echos of this blast made it sound like attacks were coming from all over the place.  This ‘echo effect’ leads to similar beliefs about the Kennedy assassination as people heard echos there, too, due to all the buildings.


This is true in all ‘open plaza’ surrounded by tall buildings.  It is hard for people who don’t frequent such places, how echos rebound in a confusing way.  If you live and work in say, lower Manhattan, it becomes ‘background noise’.


‘To the conscious Venezuela, we are going to bet for the good of our country, the hour of the economic recovery has come and we need…’ Mr Maduro was saying before he suddenly stopped talking after hearing an explosion.


Within seconds, there was a second explosion and pandemonium ensued, with guards carrying bullet-proof shields rushing the premier and his wife off the stage.


Uniformed members of the country’s National Guard lined up in the parade then suddenly broke ranks and began scattering in all directions to the sounds of microphones dropping at the state TV channel before the camera cut away.

Adding to the confusion, a little known group calling itself the National Movement of Soldiers in T-shirts claimed responsibility, saying it planned to fly two drones loaded with explosives at the president, but government soldiers shot them down before reaching its target. Its members described themselves as ‘dissident soldiers’.


This is also quite common.  People come out of the woodwork claiming they did an ‘attack’ and confusion gets even greater.  The dictator of dying Venezuela needs to have ‘enemies’ to attack so he can justify his utter ruinous misrule.  All dictators do this all the time, it is so predictable.


‘We showed that they are vulnerable,’ the group tweeted to 90,000 followers. ‘It was not successful today, but it is just a matter of time.’


A statement added: ‘It is contrary to military honor to keep in government those who not only have forgotten the Constitution, but who have also made public office an obscene way to get rich.


Yes, there probably are soldiers who want to overthrow this lunatic.  Will they?  I don’t know.  I do know that the victims of this berzerk reaction by Murderous Maduro will be totally innocent bystanders who he wants to torment and kill.


‘We cannot tolerate that the population is suffering from hunger, that the sick do not have medicine, that the currency has no value, or that the education system neither educates or teaches, only indoctrinating communism.’


Yes, the opposition is correct and how do you get rid of a dictator?  Well, the people of Venezuela wanted a free ride so they voted for people who didn’t balance the budget or deal with the trade deficit and voila: economic disaster.


Under Obama, spending shot up, the economy continued to deteriorate as millions of jobs were moved overseas and we face bankruptcy, too, like Venezuela.  Will we pull out of this death spiral?


We shall see.  The key here has been from day one and continues today, is the trade deficit which I have hammered relentlessly all my years online.  Will Trump succeed?  Venezuela is doomed.  The only end result now will be armed civil war but the citizens there are disarmed unlike here.

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