New Footage Shows Drone Attack On Venezuela’s Dictator and…Apple Attacks Infowars Openly

This leads to all sorts of the usual junk after assassination attempts.  Blame and counterblame…it may appear that some dissidents inside the military did this bombing because Maduro is systematically destroying Venezuela.  As is usual in politics, blame will be tossed everywhere and the CIA’s long history of doing this sort of thing remains an eternal problem.  Violent politics is always murkey.



Later, US National Security Advisor John Bolton rejected the idea the US government was behind the incident.


‘I can say unequivocally there is no U.S. government involvement in this at all,’ Bolton told ‘Fox News Sunday’ in an interview.


Military expert Rocio San Miguel said she believed the incident was ‘a security mistake’.


‘A military drone was destroyed by the military because they lost control of it,’ she added. ‘It started descending and to avoid it hitting the presidential stage, they destroyed it.’


The ‘security expert’ is stupid.  No surprise to me, only naive or desperate people are hired to be ‘experts’ in DC.  It is illogical.  First, the obvious: who on earth puts explosives on drones?  Only the CIA and other violent organizations.


Why put one on drones to blow them up if they start to fall out of the sky?  It only makes things worse, not better!  Proof is obvious: one of the generals supporting the dictator was hit in the head by debris.


As usual, illogical or outright lies are spewed in the wake of events leading to the public being skeptical or embracing really strange theories about nearly all events leading to a giddy sense of nothing making any sense at all.


This confusion suits the Real Rulers who don’t want humans tracking them and figuring out what sort of schemes are being imposed on populations.


‘Soldiers in T-shirts’ is a group in Venezuelan news said they did the drone attack.  And others claim soldiers shot down the drones, not self-destruct business as theorized by an ‘expert’ working for the CIA.


We just don’t know much of anything except that Venezuela is destroying itself.  It has descended rapidly into chaos as ideologies well known to cause mass starvation and destruction of societies, is being imposed on the people of Venezuela who simply voted for more goodies with no one paying for the goodies.


The entire country is rapidly being turned into a giant slum.  This is happening to South Africa which this week, announced that the socialist government is going to confiscate white-owned farms.  Starvation will wrack that place soon enough, too.

On to other news: Apple has announced that they will now censor Infowars and no longer allow citizens to get Infowar’s app from the Apple App Store.  This is naked censorship.  Liberals hate free speech.  They now openly demonstrate against free speech to my great fury, my very first attempt at politics was two fold: suing for my civil rights as a female and fighting for free speech.


Facebook Caves to Leftist Media Mob, Permanently Bans InfoWars


Spotify, YouTube, and Apple have also censored the right-wing outlet as liberal media has been aggressively targeting platforms that host InfoWars content.

InfoWars host Paul Joseph Watson announced the Facebook ban on Twitter early Monday morning.


It is embarrassing watching how liberals are now acting like racist Southerners from the 1950s.  They are imitating Wisconsin’s McCarthy beliefs and tactics, hounding political opponents and accusing them of being Russian agents only Russia is now a capitalist country so these leftists mainly in NYC, DC and California, are accusing everyone else of being Russian agents while they, themselves, played footsie with Putin in the past.


Watson was informed that the platform banned InfoWars because of “language” used to describe “people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants,” though they did not provide any specific examples of the unacceptable speech.


Censorship of the news is necessary in all ‘socialist’ countries.  None ever have allowed ‘free speech’ and now all of the EU has been tormented by anti-free speech leftists and the people there are finally revolting against this, voting for non-socialists.


Note how these liberal fascists won’t tell Infowars exactly what violations are happening.  This is done to everyone the California techie terrorists attack.  They never, ever justify it, they simply censor in the same model used by dictators in countries like China or the former USSR.


WikiLeaks weighed in on the censorship, tweeting that “regardless of the facts in this case, the ability of Facebook to censor rival publishers is a global anti-trust problem, which along with San Francisco cultural imperialism reduces political diversity.”


Fake liberals have turned on Wikileaks, too and want Assange put in prison, etc.  It is amazing how swiftly the mask of ‘liberalism’ fell from the face of the left which is actually very authoritarian.


“We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions,” Apple said in a statement to BuzzFeed about the censorship.


Straight out of the ‘1984’ playbook!  I have said frequently, the left is ruled by vampires who hate mirrors.  They cannot see themselves at all even when obviously doing something very, very nasty.


A fine example of this is how Google employees and the bosses who rule them ruthlessly hate differing opinions of their own computer coders.  We all saw how Google fired a tech employee when he suggested that there are biological and cultural reasons why women don’t like being computer coders!


Instead of debating him the bosses and their gang inside the Google organization hounded him and kicked him out and no tech operation dares hire him lest Google attacks them, too.


Illinois Residents Celebrate First Annual ‘Barack Obama Day’ by At Least 40 Shot Before Noon on Sunday in Gun-Controlled Chicago.  The irony of all this is stunning and rather darkly amusing.  Being in denial about blacks killing each other and anyone around them means being unable to see why this is happening.


The more ‘liberal’ the city, the more black people kill each other and anyone else they encounter.  This is also true of schools: the more DNC the city, the worse the public schools.









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5 responses to “New Footage Shows Drone Attack On Venezuela’s Dictator and…Apple Attacks Infowars Openly

  1. Melponeme_k

    Of course we weren’t involved, y’all! You only need to look at Bolton’s FreeMoron hand/eyeglass signal to know he is a total, trustworthy and trustful shill.

    When I want truthful history, I run to the nearest FreeMoron. In Lucifer they trust.

  2. ziff

    alex still there , it was 4 pages attacked , for now

  3. Case

    I’ve always said the facebooks and googles were intended to herd everyone on the internet into a select few funnels and command a monopoly on their attention. So the once diffuse and free internet would be controlled this way, and independent blogs and websites and newsgroups be buried and made irrelevant. The pioneer hackers who created the web would be utterly disgusted to see what it has become and the way it is manipulated by Big Data.

  4. Jim R

    Dollars to donuts, if they find any small piece of that drone with identifying marks on it, they will show that it came from some fine American ‘technology’ company. And if they find serial numbers, the paper trail will show that it was from a freedom-loving “NGO”…

    But of course, I immediately thought of this old thing:

  5. Already, when googling my own materials (I do this regularly to test Google’s censorship) less and less stuff shows up because they keep making the systems worse and worse when searching for stuff. It is rapidly becoming useless.

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