The Bilderberg Internet Coup Attacks, Takes Down Infowars

Watch Alex Jones Show here now that it has been annihilated by You Tube, Apple Co. and Facebook fiends.


The defeat of ANTIFA has unsettled their masters, the Bilderberg gang.  This horrible gang of super rich internationalists have unleashed ANTIFA on EU and North American cities to terrorize citizens but this is backfiring as citizens now are fighting back.  Then Tommy Robinson was not murdered in prison but freed so he could talk to everyone on the internet.  So the bosses of the planet are now rapidly eliminating all news services that talk about Real News.  We are all in very great danger now.


Purged: Facebook Permanently Bans Infowars For “Hate Speech”:


Facebook announced in a blog post that the four main Infowars pages were “unpublished for repeated violations of Community Standards and accumulating too many strikes.”


Of course, these Soviet censors won’t tell anyone what these ‘strikes’ are or why they are so bad.  Instead, we are to agree with them, something bad happened so someone or something has to be ‘disappeared’.  Communist China approves of this.  Apple, ‘do no evil’ is now ‘Yes, Madame Mao, we will obey’ and are working with Chinese communists to censor the internet so they, too, banned customers from downloading the Infowars app at the rotten Apple store.

“More content from the same Pages has been reported to us — upon review, we have taken it down for glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies,” states the post.


Note the list of ‘those who we cannot talk about, post about.  MUSLIMS????  The organized religion invading Europe and North America while screaming ‘Allah Akbar’?  Immigrants are protected but not citizens???? What?


I have been yelling about this: immigrants are now supported MORE than citizens by the far left and their masters, the Bilderberg gang.  The invasion of our countries is hosted by pushed by and encouraged by the Bilderberg gang. They are putting these aliens before citizens and forcing us to let aliens invade and then vote and then the people the aliens vote for then can attack citizens!  This is insane and I am enraged about this.


CNN Lobbies Facebook to Shut Down Infowars: a rival online news service few people want to watch, led the push to ban Infowars.  This is called ‘collusion’ to prevent competition.  The ‘news feeds’ of mainstream news is more like swill to pigs so they hate competition.  Fox News is next, the Bilderberg gang met recently and discussed precisely this banning plan.  I wrote about it back when they met.


Here is how Google is malfunctioning today after imposing rank censorship on users:

The three links taking one to the War Room leads to this:

This muzzling of Infowars is just a recent strike against citizens.  Last month, many pro-gun sites were removed with no warning and I said back then, this is the beginning of an open attack on free speech and free thought and it is an open attack on the First and Second Amendments by liberals who want dictatorship.


President Trump is now aware of this latest attack on his voter base.  He isn’t stupid, he knows why this is happening now.  This is a coup.  The freeing of Tommy Robinson after many citizens in England reacted and demanded he be freed is key to all this: the Bilderberg gang is very scared.  Their attempt at arresting and torturing a patriot blew up.  They wanted to secretly do this so they could then hiss to the rest of us, ‘Defy us and you, too, will be arrested suddenly and carried off and no one will ever hear of you again!’


Well!  Time to revolt has finally arrived!  The battle is now joined.  This will be a fight to the death.


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7 responses to “The Bilderberg Internet Coup Attacks, Takes Down Infowars

  1. KHS71

    Just tells me that Info Wars and Trump are winning. Since they can not beat them head on, they decided to try to beat them by trying to prevent them from speaking. The left has devolved into the most intolerant, hate filled group in this country. I don’t read Info Wars but went to their web site out of curiosity today. Similar to Gateway Pundit. Stories were basically the same. They were asking people to sign-up for their e-mailings. I would think that Info War expected this move and has taken steps to combat it.

  2. Alex talked about this event for the last year. I talk about it, too. Guess what? I am being ‘shadowbanned’ by Google, this began in earnest last year. It is nearly impossible to find my news service’s information via google no matter how specific the search.

    All sorts of unrelated junk show up, first! All non-SJW sites are now being shadowbanned this crude way. But it has turned Google into a useless tool and guess what?

    This will kill the app online. who would be stupid enough to use it now? I only use it to illustrate how stupid it is these days.

  3. JSmith

    Gods above… Alex Jones? Really? You believe that crap – Newtown was a hoax, etc? Poor Alex wants you to go to his store and buy stuff: “Go there today and send them a strong message that you stand for the First Amendment, you stand for us and get air filtration, water filtration, optics, preparedness gear, high quality storable foods, supplements that are so good for you and your family.” He’s a huckster, just like the Prez.
    Don’t forget your controlling-radiation-blocking helmets

  4. Jim R

    And you thought NATO did nothing …

    A Four Person NATO-Funded Team Advises Facebook On Flagging “Propaganda”

    by Tyler Durden
    Tue, 08/07/2018 – 20:10

    This is not at all comforting: during a week that’s witnessed Alex Jones’ social media accounts taken down by Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google, and what appears to be a growing crackdown against alternative media figures including several prominent Libertarians, notably the Ron Paul Institute director, and the Scott Horton Show, who found their Twitter accounts suspended — we learn that the Atlantic Council is directly advising Facebook on identifying and removing “foreign interference” on the popular platform.

    While the initiative was initially revealed last May through an official Facebook media release, more details of the controversial think tank’s role have been revealed.

    Supposedly the whole partnership is aimed at bringing more objectivity and neutrality to the process of rooting out fake accounts that pose the threat of being operated by nefarious foreign states.

    And yet as a new Reuters report confirms, Facebook is now itself a top donor to the Atlantic Council, alongside Western governments, Gulf autocratic regimes, NATO, various branches of the US military, and a number of major defense contractors and corporations.

  5. Did I ever say a thing about Sandy Hook mass murders? Come on now! Talk about being dumb, Smith. Nor have I ever pushed Infowar products.

    I do use all sorts of news systems!!!! DUH. Dummies can’t figure out the obvious, alas. Smith, you have been here for years and never learn a thing, it appears. You must have Alzheimers or something. Go get it checked out.

  6. About the NATO propaganda team run by the same lunatics destroying the internet: yes, that article is correct. I have reported in the past about the many meetings in Europe and US some sponsored by the Bilderberg gang, where they conspired to destroy the internet and here they are, doing exactly what they said they would do and I am not surprised, I am angry.

    So, Ron Paul’s person has been banned? I hope all the people who think it is only Alex Jones at stake here: WAKE THE HELL UP.

  7. Lou

    Did I ever say a thing about Sandy Hook mass murders?–Not sure what you mean.

    You admire AJs fame and money. Why not?

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