Chicago Liberal DNC Clown Congressman Begs Trump To Save Chicago From The DNC Clowns

(1) Chicago Democrat: We need President Trump’s help – YouTube


This pathetic video shows how degraded the black community has grown under DNC rule.  The DNC Assemblyman is begging Trump to come into his home base in Chicago and ‘fix’ the mess there that is causing the high crime/murder rates.  The blacks who want to see an end to endless crime, hold a demonstration and have cute signs, etc.  But they won’t do the on the ground, hard work to actually go after the legions of black criminals and illegal aliens who are terrorizing Chicago and systematically destroying it. I have actually run anti-crime patrols in NYC back when it was going bankrupt and ceased enforcing the laws.  It is quite possible to set up patrols and 50% of my patrols were hardworking black males who were fantastic at citizen’s arrests!


Why on earth would anyone want to patrol Chicago or any DNC city?  It is a waste of time.  On the other hand, if the citizens who actually live there want to have law and order, they must do the hard work, themselves, first.


It was ridiculously easy to get the police involved in fighting crime alongside us once we proved we could arrest criminals, too.  By the time I left NY City, the police showered me with affection and were very, very nice to me, the word love could be used here.  As they stepped up, doing the dangerous work for us, we stepped back and simply gave them moral support.


The police often stopped by my brownstone to tell me when they did a good job, for example. They really wanted me to know!  We organized the children so they could be junior patrols, our ‘eyes and ears’ on the street.  They were excellent at this work.  It was like an eternal picnic, it was so much fun.


The citizen night patrols, on the other hand, were dangerous and I often walked that because it was also the most interesting time, too.  Police on night patrol got the most attention from us, we treated them very kindly and showed great concern for them undertaking the worst dangers of the 24 hour cycle.


More proof that ANTIFA, which sees zero censorship at Facebook, run the website: Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate’s Ad


Elizabeth Heng, who is running for California’s 16th congressional district seat, made the video about her parent’s escape from mass-murder by the Khmer Rouge communists in the 1970s.


However, according to the Christian Post, Facebook deemed the video to be “shocking, disrespectful or sensational,” and refused to allow her to run the video as an ad on the platform.


Any anti-communist materials are censored by the ANTIFA staff at Facebook.  This means the website is actually a terrorist organization.  I am being very ‘out on a limb’ here because we have no idea of the ideology of the Facebook staff but the raw proof is obvious: they censor President Trump, Republicans, Fox employees, many people but don’t ever censor ANTIFA terrorists or Muslim terrorists, for that matter.


Ergo: they are ANTIFA agents.

Elizabeth Heng for Congress – YouTube


She is a Republican in that deranged DNC run state.  I hope she wins.  Note how Facebook censors only Republicans who are running for office. I hope Congress grills Zuckerberg about this in the future.


West Hollywood City Council Votes to Remove Trump’s Walk of Fame Star.

I hope Trump cuts all funds going to this town.  My own family first settled where Hollywood and Pasadena eventually appeared, it was ranch country back in the 19th century.  Now, it is a cesspool mess.  But then, the government (way back in 1962) illegally confiscated my grandfather’s home and plowed it under.


Our lawsuit against the city was successful and the money my grandfather wanted to give to me to go to university was granted.  California is a weird place which I refuse to ever visit again after several attempts on my life there due to politics, years ago.


It is now even more violent and out of control today.


Mayor Duran has faced sexual harassment claims, leading to the city of West Hollywood paying out $500,000 on his behalf in 2016.


The mayor of that threadbare town thinks it is necessary to remove stars of stars who are ‘sexist’ and other SJW cuss words.  Well, 90% of the stars then should be removed especially the stars for stars who turned out to be pedophiles, rapists or other criminal activities.


This ‘virtue signalling’ is backfiring.  Pictures of the people cheering the removal of Trump’s star shows a catalogue of crazy looking weirdos.


Meanwhile, the latest pedophile joker in Hollywood continues to be supported by Hollywood weirdos like the cast of the Avenger movies.  Gunn is OK with these degenerates.  They want to be entertained by him, so what if he is an open pedophile, hanging out with outright child rapists.


I was raped as a child and I have extremely strong opinions about all this.  I suffered very real physical and lots of emotional pain due to being raped when only 5 years old.

Will Disney openly side with obvious pedophiles?  We shall see.  This is the final result of ‘liberalism’ that is based on ‘sex no matter with who or what’ ideology.


Speaking of hell and children being abused:  Father ‘abused 11 children at extremist Muslim compound’ in New Mexico | Daily Mail Online


This monster is the son of a big time Imam in Brooklyn who immigrated into the US 30 years ago.


Hogrefe said the adults and children – ages 1 to 15 – had no shoes, wore dirty rags for clothing and ‘looked like Third World country refugees.’


The grandfather of the missing boy, Imam Siraj Wahhaj of Brooklyn, New York, issued a plea on Facebook for helping finding his grandson.


In a federal court filing in 2006, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj claimed he was harassed on his way to and from Morocco by customs agents at JFK Airport in New York because he is ‘the son of the famous Muslim Imam Siraj Wahhaj.’


The earliest record of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj in the United States dates back to 1983.


It is not clear where he lived beforehand or if he was born in the US.


Ridiculous.  And dangerous…bringing in people who are both stupid and hostile and who hate us is suicidal.  Europe is suicidal, they let in millions of people who hate Europe and hope to destroy Europe.  This is called ‘an invasion’.


And this is why Infowars was shut down illegally by leftists in California who hate America, too, as much as this Imam and his insane son.  I hope the GOP candidate in California wins.  But I bet she won’t due to the often illegal importation of people who hate America.


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6 responses to “Chicago Liberal DNC Clown Congressman Begs Trump To Save Chicago From The DNC Clowns

  1. Jim R

    Will Disney openly side with obvious pedophiles? We shall see. This is the final result of ‘liberalism’ that is based on ‘sex no matter with who or what’ ideology.

    Walt is probably spinning in his freezer compartment. /s

  2. Petruchio

    ” It is quite possible to set up patrols and 50% of my patrols were hardworking black males who were fantastic at citizen’s arrests!” That was a long time ago Elaine. Good luck trying to get the Black Male of today to do anything. Today, and for the past few decades, it’s all about “Blame Whitey” for EVERY problem that affects the Black Community today. Proof? What is the leading cause of death among Black Males aged 18-45? Homicide. Who murders black males? Other black males!! Very few black males are murdered by non blacks. More proof? Almost 90% of black babies are born to Single Mommies. Black males are the biggest deadbeat Daddies of any group of males. More proof? What’s the first thing that this DNC clown La Shawn Ford does? Run to Trump for HELP!! God forbid this ILLINOIS Assemblyman should try to get somebody in ILLINOIS to fix this problem! How do ya like your Trump Free Zone Mr. Ford?? LOL!! As far as I’m concerned these Chicago clowns MADE this problem in CHICAGO. The folks in ILLINOIS and CHICAGO wanted it this way. Only NOW when it has all gone to sh#t does this guy La Shawn Ford want to get Donald Trump, REPUBLICAN to help Chicago. And I like La Shawn Ford’s comment about CHICAGO Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Mr. Ford is STILL willing to work with Emmanuel!!?? Let’s see…Emmanuel has a proven track record for total apathy for the violence in Chicago and YET Ford still thinks Rahm Emmanuel is gonna do anything about it!!!?? The Black Community in Chicago want everybody to help solve the Violence in Chicago. Everyone except themselves of course.

  3. It is so pathetic. True. Embarrassing.

  4. Lou

    Good luck trying to get the Black Male of today to do anything–anything good.
    Bad, they do plenty.
    (((media))) covers up their attacks on non Blacks.

  5. Lou

    Jim, Disney has ‘Club 33’ and I saw a reveiw of a film, on youtube. Quite interesting. ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks. Speilbergs sis was a writer or director. Both Hanks and SS have been accused of being pedos. The movie is ‘pure pizza gate’ from 1988.

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