Trump Correctly Calls California To Clear Trees In Fire Breaks, Liberals Blow Up, Scream At Him


California has been steadily turned into a hell hole by liberals starting in the 1970’s.  I was chased out by these lunatics many years ago and now all my relatives whose families were there since the Gold Rush, have left. All the hard lessons we collectively learned there are now ignored by newcomers.  My grandfather worked on firebreaks when he was a young man.  These cleared areas were for fire control.  They came into practice under Teddy Roosevelt.  Now, ‘nature lovers’ who are ‘liberals’ want no more fire breaks so the maintenance of these vital breaks broke down.


Fires sweep across forests in California via dry GRASS, not trees.  Once the fire gains enough energy and power, then it jumps from tree to tree.  This is why preventing grass and dry brush from carpeting the forest floor works as a firebreak.  And ecologists don’t want these anymore so we have massive forest fires where liberals control politics.


Duh.  I own a forest. I also have fire breaks which we patrol regularly.

Donald Trump blames Cali wildfires on ‘bad’ environmental regulations which is correct.


“California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized. It is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Must also tree clear to stop fire spreading!,” Trump wrote on his Twitter account Sunday.


My grandfather did ‘fire breaks’ to protect the Mt. Wilson observatory where he did most of his work as an astronomer.  When I was little, we kids got to carry around ‘Indian fire tanks’ in Arizona on Kitt Peak, these were hand pump tanks for putting out fires.


Learning how to deal with fires going up and down canyons was a skill we kiddies learned when very little.  ‘Never run ahead of a fire, go sideways, go into a depression, cover the head’ etc.  All the survival skills were taught to us.


Too much ‘fuel’ and fires burn much hotter and the ferocious fires in California is due to 100 years of fire suppression so that now, there is much more dry stuff to burn.  If one suppresses fires, one has to clear kindling on the ground regularly.


Firebreak – Wikipedia


In the construction of a firebreak, the primary goal is to remove deadwood and undergrowth down to mineral soil. Various methods may be used to accomplish this initially and to maintain this condition. Ideally, the firebreak will be constructed and maintained according to the established practices of sustainable forestry and fire protection engineering also known as best management practices (BMP).


I have reported in the past the environmentalists who are leftists have demanded we don’t clear forests of fire fuel and make firebreaks.  These ‘touchy/feely’ hippie types have too much power in California, a place notorious for too wet/too dry climate conditions.


The general goals are to maximize the effectiveness of the firebreak at slowing the spread of wildfire, and by using firebreaks of sufficient size and density to hopefully reduce the ultimate size of wildfires. Additional goals are to maintain the ecology of the forest and to reduce the impact of wildfires on air pollution and the global climate, and to balance the costs and benefits of the various projects.


The ‘additional goals’ are stupid.  These lunatics want us to live miserable lives in order to make California slightly cooler only…off and on over the last 65 million years, that place has had drought/flood conditions and huge forest fires, etc.


It is due to the location of mountains and the central valley dropping down lower and lower until it joins the Pacific Ocean as another Red Sea like the depression in Eurasia.


These goals can be achieved through the use of appropriate operating practices, many of which can be potentially mutually beneficial to all. In many cases, it may be useful for firebreak upkeep to be used in concert with the harvesting of forestry products such as lumber and biomass fuel, since the objectives are fundamentally related, in that the basic goals are to remove material from the forest.


Furthermore, if done properly, the value of these products can significantly offset the cost of maintaining the firebreak. In addition, these commercial industries and small businesses are helped by a reduction in the property damages caused by wildfires, and reduced risk of investment. The biomass material that is not suitable for dimensioned lumber, is suitable to make woodchips for the paper industry, and the energy industry. Larger trees are sometimes left in place within some types of firebreaks, to shade the forest floor and reduce the rate of fuel accumulation, and to enhance the landscaping in recreational and inhabited locations.


From 2013: USFS Proposes Building 7.5 Miles of Permanent Firebreaks in Ventana Wilderness – A New Century of Forest Planning


According to the folks at Wilderness Watch, the U.S. Forest Service has proposed to build 7.5 miles of permanent firebreaks within the Ventana Wilderness on the Los Padres National Forest in California, using chainsaws, heavy equipment and vehicles. Wilderness Watch is opposing this proposal as a violation of the Wilderness Act, among other things.


Any attempts at fixing things will be opposed by liberals.


The issue is complicated by a series of special provisions that Congress added to laws that expanded the Ventana Wilderness over time. These special provisions authorized the use of some “presuppression” work within the Ventana additions, but none authorized chainsaws, heavy vehicles, or permanent 150-foot-wide firebreaks within an area that is supposed to remain “untrammeled by man.”


The ‘special provisions’ were passed when Obama and the California gang ran Congress and the White House.  I argued against it back then.  Now, it is devouring California in a ferocious fire and this is 100% the fault of the Democrats who have total control over California.


That state is going bankrupt, the cities are falling to pieces, terrorists, illegal aliens and drug addicts run riot, kill, loot and rape citizens and these lunatics in California hate Trump but like Chicago, will demand he save them from their foolish actions.



Here is an interesting comment to the story:


Bob Zybach

The real problem, to my way of thinking, is that the artificial zoning of vast acreages “untrammeled by man” are typically located in areas that were regularly trammeled by men, women, and children for thousands of years.


Look how many major wildfires have erupted in Wilderness areas since they were created during the past several decades — a lot! Do people really think these are “natural” (which somehow makes them “good” in some eyes)? Do people really think these things were taking place “before white man?”


The whole theory of Wilderness is based on the racist concept that American Indians consisted of isolated populations that “walked lightly on the land” and that “built small fire and stayed close to keep warm.” What a bunch of crap. People are people, and it is time our oologists and politicians and their cadres of legal experts and “eco-warriors” began to realize (and understand) this simple concept.


People have been living in large communities and regularly setting fire to the landscape for thousands of years all across North America. Sure, there are areas of the Rockies and deserts and Cascades and Coast Ranges that were rugged and isolated and likely visited irregularly — but fire likes to go uphill and travel on the wind. And people set thousands of fires every day, everywhere.


Isn’t it time we revisited the whole philosophy of “Wilderness” and perhaps make some common sense adjustments to our way of managing them? 7 1/2 miles is a two-hour walk. It’s nothing. The wildfires that have been exploding out of these artificially created areas since their inception in the 1960s is something else entirely.


So true.  Humans for the last million years, ever since humans figured out how to create fires, used this to sweep game into running into traps, etc.  The history of humans using fire to chase animals is extremely ancient.up until humans existed, fires only started if lightning or volcanoes caused it.


Indeed, the change in the ecosystems after the walking apes figured out how to create fires using things like stones and sticks and rubbing stuff…this altered the ecosystems totally where humans existed, mainly in Africa but also Eurasia.  What people think as ‘natural’ is actually ‘ecosystems created after humans used fire to start changing the landscape’.


Before continuing this discussion, I think it’s important to carefully read the USFS Scoping Letter (Matthew was kind enough to post it above, but I’ll re-post here)


Note that there are 2 general treatments proposed, depending on whether the segment is within, or outside of designated Wilderness.


Chainsaws are proposed as a potential tool for construction and maintenance of fuelbreaks within wilderness, but heavy equipment and vehicles are reserved for Non-Wilderness segments only.


(With one exception, and I expect this was a clerical oversight), of the 2.8 mile-long ridgetop described in section 1a as “Palo Colorado Vicinity–Non-Wilderness”, approximately 2 miles serves as the Wilderness boundary.


In a nutshell, making wide firebreaks using heavy equipment is verboten.  Remember when Obama created a huge number of ‘nature reserves’?  Well…California is now discovering the downside of that generous action. They better learn to live with being swept away in vast forest fires for the next 100 years.  They may even learn some lessons with this disaster.  No.  They won’t.


Adobe is how the natives in California and the west learned to live with fires.  True, earthquakes destroy adobe buildings.  But fires are more frequent than major earthquakes.  Today, houses are built with ventilation systems that suck in fire embers and this is why nearly all the houses blow up in flames during grass fire events.


When we see only one house with zero damage, this is a sign that the house didn’t have ventilation systems sucking in embers!  So will they change the building codes and force people to retroactively stop this ventilation system’s failures?


I doubt it.


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One response to “Trump Correctly Calls California To Clear Trees In Fire Breaks, Liberals Blow Up, Scream At Him

  1. Melponeme_k

    The assumption that America was pristine and untouched is a false notion that was pushed by the Marxists in order to make all Americans feel guilty. The idea is untrue.

    In fact it was admitted, that when the colonists got here, much of American land was aggressively husbanded by Natives. Forests were cut back, underbrush razed, certain fruiting plants encouraged to grow and plots created to encourage certain animals that were loosely herded as livestock. Things looked deceptively ragged to eyes that were used to orderly farm setups. Also some areas did overgrow because the Natives that did care for the area perished due to diseases from the newcomers.

    People need to turn their heads away from guilt tripping whenever possible. It is being used as psychological warfare and deliberately so.

    Besides if everyone in CA was so hip to environment, they should be applauding the wildfires. Many trees in fire prone areas can only propagate through the heat of the fires. The fires break open their pinecones.

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