Disney And Other SJW Businesses Will Go Bankrupt: The War Against White Males

(2) Proof that SJW Marvel is losing money AND so is Disney – YouTube

In today’s editorial here, I discuss how all the ‘liberal left’ systems are systematically trying to destroy anyone who is on their ‘hate list’ starting with Infowars and how this is going to backfire badly because we, the customer base, can retaliate by boycotting all liberal systems.  Already, giant mega corporations that hate their customers are heading towards bankrupcty even giant Disney.  Worse, now the NY Times and Washington Post are calling for ethnic cleansing and mass murder of white males!  Openly calling for genocide!  While excusing this by saying, white Europeans were mean to other people so we get to be mean today, too!  How childish, how so like Hitler!


Disney Before Q3 Earnings: 2 Overhangs – The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) | Seeking Alpha


ESPN Subscriber Attrition

ESPN has been a constant pain point for Disney. The declining subscriber count is always in the back of investors’ mind as a sustained loss will eventually spell doom for this cash cow. Even though the number is officially updated once a year in the 10-K, we often receive some interim updates from industry sources. In May, it was revealed that ESPN lost ~500,000 subscribers in April, not an insignificant portion considering that the loss annualizes to 7% of ESPN’s ~86 million subscriber base.


The question is ‘why is ESPN dying’ is easy to answer: white males are leaving in droves because the new dogma there is ‘white men are evil’ and staff has been hired who hate white men and want revenge.  On top of that, the males boycotting a number of sports grows ever larger as the Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA lover staff and Disney, itself, drives away all white males who are to the left of Madame Mao.


Disney has very serious problems.  Star Wars, a gigantic hit with white males, has been turned upside down with all white males being stupid/evil/senile/weak.  And females are all superstrong/powerful/magical/undefeatable.  So, the males and quite a few female fans complained about this and Disney’s staff and actors and directors then went on this binge of attacking the fans for not liking the Disney dogma.  This, in turn, spawned a boycott of the Disney Star Wars films that caused Disney to lose around $100 million.


For some odd reason, Fortune Magazine, a mainstream media outfit, doesn’t mention this huge red ink event, focusing only on the lesser event to explain things.  The inability to analyze anything in mainstream media is now nearly total: they cannot do reality at all anymore.


Fmr Education Secretary Admits US Students are Failing Because Education System “Runs on Lies” lies created by the DNC leaders and the Bilderberg gang!  After running all schools into the ground for 8 years, all the blame is now on Trump who wants to change this mess created by the DNC.


Arne Duncan, who served as education secretary for the Obama Administration, now appears to be calling out all sides of the spectrum for failing to prioritize the next generation. In an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation, Duncan argued that politicians are never held accountable for failing students and teachers.


HAHAHA.  The Obama administration failed badly because they didn’t want to tell the truth: black students and increasingly, Hispanics and white students, are unable to learn at all due to lack of discipline and the Teacher’s Union and integration schemes destroying schools pretty systematically.


Out of control children riot in liberal city schools all the time. I withdrew my children from NY City and NJ schools due to rioting by black students.  Instead of teaching black children how to behave in public, how to learn, schools teach them to riot.  Note how they are encouraged to riot even more when going to college.


As a nation, we’re not top 10 in anything,” Duncan said. And he has a solid point—the U.S. Department of Education released a troubling set of statistics in May, which showed that the majority of eighth graders in public schools are not proficient in reading or basic math.


So, under Duncan, education deteriorated badly.  Of course, Duncan also continues the lying about things by demanding more money and blaming money for the collapse in education systems.


According to a report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 34 percent of eighth-grade students in American public schools were proficient in mathematics in 2017. That number varied by state, with proficiency rates as high as 50 percent in Massachusetts and as low as 17 percent in Louisiana.


Most white parents in the Deep South have removed their children from public schools.  The poor families are stuck with these violent, useless schools that teach nothing due to no discipline.  Their children learn to disobey teachers, goof off and learn how to be predators.


The reading report from NAEP revealed that last year, only 36 percent of eighth-grade students in American public schools were proficient in reading. That number also varied by state with proficiency rates as high as 49 percent in Massachusetts and as low as 24 percent in New Mexico.


Mr. Duncan complains that children are ‘raised on mass shootings and gun violence’ when the DNC is totally responsible for this situation.  So Duncan wants more gun control and disarming of citizens due to DNC cities being filled with violent criminals, illegal aliens and other lawbreakers.  We can see it clearly: when a DNC city disarms citizens, crime rises and so do murders.


The article I am citing here goes on to blame the police and police in schools for the violence and is calling for no police in schools!  HAHAHA.  Wow, talk about insane.  The article, by a liberal writer, is laced with poisonous thinking.  The leftist can’t figure out why schools have collapsed into chaos!


This is connected to the Disney collapse: they cannot see what they are doing wrong because they live in California which is exploding apart rapidly and they can’t see how they, themselves, created this explosion and are utterly unable to stop it due to being delusional.

Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!: the latest attack on Infowars is the removal of Disqus, the system used for comments from readers.  So the new name for that SJW business will be ‘Disgust’.  No chatting about things online anymore, you evil white males!  Yes, this is yet another attack on white males.  I warned that this war would heat up for the election.


What surprises me is how white leftist males don’t see the obvious dangers here: THEY are next in line!  All the entities in the box at Infowars that users used to use to get Infowars information have now conspired to lock out Infowars from all tech systems run by these gangsters.


They are doing this to Tommy Robinson, too.  They did it to me, years ago.  The new Google search engines are now utterly useless for finding specific information if one is on the SJW hate list. New York Times’ New Editorial Board Member Celebrated “Dumbass F**king White People” Going Extinct is proof of the conspiracy by the NY Times owners and other Bilderberg gangsters most of whom are white males but also Jewish, their war on white males is obvious.


This toxic racist female is being embraced by liberals, cheered on by liberals and she is not being censored or fired or persecuted, she is praised and protected.  She can publish anything that pops into that evil brain of hers and nothing happens.  Any of us say or write something the SJW gang dislikes and boom: total removal from the internet systems.


So, at Alex Jones, readers can’t comment until the Jones staff can code some sort of comment system.  I know they will do this but this is also further proof that our Real Rulers are very anxious to stop citizens from talking about events behind their backs.  They want us all isolated and gagged.


The Amazon.com Bezos Washington Post continues the doublethink nonsense claiming that leftists are only joking when they call for genocide: Sarah Jeong’s tweets ignite a debate: Is it okay to make fun of white people? – The Washington Post.


Note how the WP lunatics call her genocidal posts ‘making fun of white people.’


But in a country in the midst of a painful debate about white supremacy and privilege, Jeong’s episode has exposed a deeper rift between some conservatives — whose political ideology has been marked by the rise of a president who has trafficked in racially charged rhetoric and policies — and the left, pointing to a fundamental disagreement about the nature of race and power in the United States.


According to fake liberals and their gangster ANTIFA buddies, it is totally OK to be violently racist so long as the victims are white males.


At right-leaning outlets such as Fox News, the Daily Caller, the Gateway Pundit, Breitbart and Infowars, Jeong’s tweets were skewered as “racist,” “offensive” and “anti-white.”


Note how the female writing this article uses the word ‘skewered’ when discussing obvious death threats written by an Asian woman who came over to the US to be educated at Berkeley and Columbia University.


“NYTimes’ Newest Hire Sent Tons of Anti-White Racist Tweets,” the Daily Caller chimed in.


Reporting the raw facts is now ‘chiming in’ according to the SJW California gang.


“Jeong was not hired despite her racist tweets, she was hired because of them,” wrote the right-wing site Infowars, known for its vigorous promotion of conspiracy theories.


There is now obviously a conspiracy to totally remove Infowars from the internet.


To some conservatives, her hiring, and the subsequent defense issued by the Times, was an example of how liberals get away with their own brand of racism — against white people.


Which is obvious!


“Sarah Jeong not being fired by the New York Times for her racist and hateful tweets is example 93,687,887,482 of liberal hypocrisy,” conservative commentator and occasional conspiracy theorist Mark Dice wrote on Twitter.


But others were quick to say that the statements Jeong made could be skewed as racist only if the culture, history and current sociopolitical context of the United States were ignored.


So, according to the vile racists at the Washington Post and NY Times, if you were discriminated against at any time in history, you are allowed to be a racist, violent monster today!  Hello!  This is insanity.  Adults wrote all these articles supporting the NY Times in hiring a foreign woman who hates white men and wants to kill them all.


The childish logic used to support this obvious criminal demanding mass murder doesn’t surprise me.  Liberals have gone backwards while growing up.  As they get ‘educated’ they become dumber and nastier and now are monsters running wild, goring everyone in their path while screaming ‘I’m going to kill you deader!’ (yes, a murderer actually yelled that just outside my bedroom window in NY City years ago!).


“Part of the reason it was so easy for the outrage to be manufactured in the first place was it was completely decontextualized and ahistorified,” said Nolan L. Cabrera, an associate professor at the University of Arizona who will publish a book in the fall about racial attitudes held by white college students. “Then it was easy to drum up anger and say it looks like she hates white people. That only makes sense if you are willfully ignorant of 400 to 500 years’ history and contemporary social context and also the context from which the tweets were sent.”


This ‘context’ business is designed to excuse all crimes committed by blacks and Asians and others including Jews:


It is likely true, as many have pointed out, that if any minority group were substituted in the place of white people into Jeong’s statements, she would not have kept her job. Some edited Jeong’s tweets to hammer home that idea, replacing the words “white people” in her tweets with “black people” and “Jewish people.”


Note how carefully this fake professor who is teaching trash at my former school where my parents were professors adds ‘Jews’ to her list of people who can call for genocide:


But Cabrera said the idea was “a complete false equivalence,” noting that whiteness isn’t a cultural identity the way being black, Japanese American or Jewish is. Cabrera listed off examples of government policies that targeted various racial groups, including the Chinese Exclusion Act and Operation Wetback, calling racism a “systemic reality” that necessarily favors white people.


Wow.  So, European people have no cultural identity????  This is absolutely pure Nazi talk.  All the excuses being made on behalf of the Jewish-run NY Times hiring a rank racist neo-Nazi calling for genocide is astonishing.  The Jews there imagine the Asians and Africans and South Americans won’t call for Jewish genocide?  The Muslims won’t do this??? Are they NUTS??????


Yes.  They are insane.


Add on here: one of the writers of this trashy Washington Post story is a Jewish male, the other is a black female:

Note how the Jewish man worked for the NY Times and Daily News!


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11 responses to “Disney And Other SJW Businesses Will Go Bankrupt: The War Against White Males

  1. Melponeme_k

    Infowars is now on Bitchute and Minds. Colin Flaherty is on Minds. I’ve signed up to both sites.

    Dutchsinse who does earthquake forecasts is now on Twitch since Youtube banned his livefeeds. He’ll probably be moving his regular videos to Twitch as well.

    Hopefully the new sites will be allowed to function. However we are talking about money men who can just buy anything. Can the people behind these sites turn away from mega-money? We’ll see.

  2. I wondered what happened to Dutschsinse! I go to his videos frequently! Wow, this censorship thing is utterly out of control. He is so apolitical, all he does is talk about earthquakes and volcanoes.

  3. Wc

    Sara Jeoung said in a tweet that it was real hard to find anything that white men could DEFINITELY take credit for. Well, I’VE GOT ONE! How about suffering and dying to save Korea from the communists? That retarded bitch is SOUTH KOREAN. Born there no less. There is no excuse for that level of retardation. How can she not know about the Korean war and who it was that fought and died to save her granparents?And as for slavery and discrimination, I am sick of people leaving out the enslavement of blacks and native Americans by the Spanish. The mickmacks enslaved whites! I am Hungarian and we were enslaved by the Turks. Boleshevik Jews killed 40 million russians. Jews kill Palestinians. By their logic, we would all have to be exterminated. Including themselves!! These lefties are incredibly diabolical cuz they know real history but lie about it to their chump followers.

  4. KHS71

    Just ask where the word “slave” comes from.

    The English word slave comes from Old French sclave, from the Medieval Latin sclavus, from the Byzantine Greek σκλάβος, which, in turn, comes from the ethnonym Slav, because in some early Medieval wars many Slavs were captured and enslaved.

    Slavs were white. Eastern European. My brother taught a section on slavery many years ago while teaching in the public schools. On the first day, he pointed out.

    I don’t care what your race is, your religion, your ethnicity, your nationality, somewhere in history your group has held slaves or has been slaves. There are no exceptions.

  5. Jim R

    Recently, i posted a Bitchute link in the comments here. The link was to a well made documentary about one of the central figures in all this anti-Russian propaganda nonsense … you can still pull up some information about it with a search like this:

    But the video is completely gone off every platform, near as I can tell. If you didn’t download a copy, it will be hard to find.

  6. Jim R

    On second thought, that wasn’t entirely correct. The Russian language version of the documentary is still available on some servers, or so I have heard.

  7. Petruchio

    “While excusing this by saying, white Europeans were mean to other people so we get to be mean today, too! How childish, how so like Hitler!” It is also extremely dangerous to think that way too. Why? Two can play that “game”. White males, for example can–and will– turn right around and attack these SJW/Maoists using the EXACT same “logic”. And I think History shows we white males can act with a ferocity that is hard to match. Read up on History. Note how many Millions upon millions of people Whites and their Countries have killed in one way or another. And we do it to our owm kind too. The Irish Famine for example. Engineered by English whites and it killed millions of innocent Irish. I certainly don’t advocate violence, but if the White Male hating crowd insists on violence, violence it will be. As a white male myself, I like our odds.

  8. Many Irish fleeing the famine who were given zero help from British rulers, came to America. This was back when Britain was still very pissed about the Revolution. So we got lots of hard working (and hard drinking…heh…) Irish who worked hard in dangerous jobs like building our massive railroad systems and working in rising steel mills, etc. I have some old Irish in my family bloodline from this immigration out of Ireland.

  9. Lou

    8–I read that the average lifespan of Irish [slaves] here in USA was 6 years.
    Move to USA and live 6 years.

  10. Jim R

    Living 6 years working hard in America was better than starving to death in six months in Ireland.

  11. Correct. The death toll was hideous in Ireland.

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