Race Wars: Fake Assault On ‘Impeach Trump’ Diner/REAL Diner Assault On Black Lady, Candace Owens

This was a deliberate ‘agitprop’ fake event by ABC  which Staged a Fake Scene With Actors Harassing Leftist At Restaurant To Portray Libs As Victims.

This was staged to illustrate a possible event but I doubt even that happened in the past.  The liberals are desperate to smear everyone else, accusing them of being nasty to Hillary voters.  Well, it turns out that after the Black Caucus called upon people to assault Trump supporters when they go to restaurants or stores, a bunch of ANTIFA gangsters attacked black media reporter, Candace Owens in Philadelphia!  It was very racist.

This was in a similar attack by racist leftists who are aping the KKK more and more these days.  Preventing people from going to stores and other public places was a KKK activity now it is a DNC activity but then, both are the same at this point.  The DNC is KKK.


Note how the leftists attacked a Mexican lady married to the man they were attacking.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Real World we all live in, a bunch of ANTIFA racist white young kiddies trained in our expensive schools physically assailed Candace Owens, a conservative black woman, in the most racist way possible at a restaurant in Philadelphia:

Candace Owens on Twitter: “Would like to personally and publicly thank the @PhillyPolice force for keeping us safe today. As you can see in the video, they were all Hispanic and black. The white liberal thugs were shouting “no good cops in a racist system”. Listen to the BLACK female officer at the end:… https://t.co/qJeWAveynp”


Kirk and Owens on being harassed in Philadelphia – YouTube


The leftists physically attacked a lady who was black when she dared to eat in an all white restaurant.  Astonishing racism at work here.  The left has no ability to see who they are mirroring: the KKK.  Identical tactics.


The TV gang are running in circles trying to blame Candice Owen for the abuse she suffered.  ‘It has to be STAGED!’ is the lame attempt at blaming the victim.  The mainstream Bilderberg gang has to bend over backwards to gaslight victims.


Black Congress members called upon blacks and radical whites to physically attack conservatives ‘in stores, eating out, shopping, picking up children at school (!!!) at HOME!’  This is nuts and the mainstream media has been reduced to both producing fake ‘liberals attacked by Trump voters’ and ‘no one attacked Trump friends in public, hahaha.’


This is pure KKK tactics.  So it is no exaggeration to suggest the new Democrats are KKK Democrats of yore.


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7 responses to “Race Wars: Fake Assault On ‘Impeach Trump’ Diner/REAL Diner Assault On Black Lady, Candace Owens

  1. Petruchio

    The racists in the DNC are actually much fiercer racists than the members of the KKK ever were! The DNC crowd disguise their hatred of Blacks (and other minorities) with a veneer of wanting to help the Black Community. They have been claiming to want to improve the lot of Black Americans for quite some time now. Result? The situation for Blacks is worse than when these DNC types started “caring”. No one holds the ‘compassionate’ souls in the DNC to any account.

  2. KHS71

    Read Justice Thomas’ biographical book. He talks about the subtle racism on the left. He finally realized that he was accepted in Yale for one reason, he was black. He had graduated in the upper 2% of his class at Holy Cross. Once he finished with his JD, none of the big lawyer firms out east had nothing to do with him. Finally it was John Danforth who gave him his first opportunity and hired him. It wasn’t the left that hired him, it was the right.

  3. KHS71

    But Candace is black, how can she be racist? She’s a minority and minorities can’t be racist.

  4. Zeke

    The Philly Starbucks incident has a lot of odd aspects: https://www.dailywire.com/news/29642/philly-starbucks-has-several-cameras-so-why-wont-ben-shapiro
    The MSM ran with a simplistic, conclusory narrative. (Implicit bias, institutional racism, white privilege, etc.)
    MSM gushed over SB’s self flagellation and acceptance of guilt.
    The elusive manager has not been reported to have been fired or disciplined …. or interviewed. Many are cashing in. The protesting mob seems to come out of nowhere – complete with megaphones and placards – which they just so happened to have handy. Store surveillance tapes not released. Article above claims person who placed the 911 call was a “hard core SJW.” Person they were to meet with almost miraculously appears at just the right time.
    It almost appears to have been a preplanned ‘staged event.’
    Missing a Paul Harvey: “and now you know – the rest of the story.”
    But following up on loose ends may not support the narrative that MSM decided to run with.

  5. Lou

    Elaine, you might enjoy this,

  6. The Victorians were very interesting people including my own strange ancestors. They were very aware of elements of the Outer Darkness.

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