Bilderberg Coup: Internet Services Rapidly Banning Many Conservative Activist Sites


Twitter Permanently BANS Conservative Gavin McInnes and the Official Proud Boys Account: the war on patriotic citizens heats up with NY City and California/West Coast SJW businesses like Apple and Google openly attack and eliminate all opposition to their New World Order Bilderberg scheme of exploiting citizens and looting our country, enslaving all of us.  This war has been planned for quite a while.  Already, Europe is in the iron grip of this gang of international looters but one country after another is defying these criminals and voting for patriotic governments.  Soon, England will do this, too.  Even Sweden is now revolting.

Gavin McInnes has never done a thing to be banned except one: he talked about Infowars and he has appeared on Infowars.  Many sites online have been suddenly terminated while outright criminal operations like ANTIFA sail merrily along, totally free to post anything they wish.

Note how the Twitter notification provides no reason for being banned.  The entire sector of the internet run by these Bilderberg corporations for all the people doing this banning are attendees to these secret meetings which I harp on endlessly, is banning anyone who talks about them and their stupid meetings.


These fascists want to have total control of all human interactions a la 1984 descriptions by Orwell.  That book is taught in all schools and I used to joke, it is being used as a manual for future leaders to use to be better at mind control.


Click here to see Alex Jones on Twitter: “Deep State Expert: They Are Coming For Trump… “Joel Gilbert and Larry Klayman breakdown the radical agenda of big tech and the globalists against Alex Jones, Infowars, and the American people.


David Knight on Twitter: “Wait until @Google applies the same methods to cities they run for govt like #SmartCities Gulag testing in Toronto No “rules” broken by me No warning/explanation @YouTube obeys no arbitrary “rules” This guy’s rationalization must be what #DragonFly developers tell themselves… Here is a snarky Google employee mocking David Knight, a man who never swears in public or acts crazy like Alex Jones, a sober citizen.  Brendan Jeske sneers at David Knight who points out that censoring the entire internet with the help of the Chinese overlords is a bad thing.

Note the snarky tone of the California crew.  They are very cocky, doing this magic banning.  They imagine no court will protect citizens from being silenced by Bilderberg corporate entities.  Here is a comment to the above conversation, yet another person has been banned with zero warning when he talked about the Alex Jones elimination conspiracy.

Yes, everyone opposing the open borders/endless debt schemes of our Real Rulers is now being silenced whenever possible.  This is a conspiracy: Alex Jones: We Must Deplatform Google, Apple & Other Tyrannical Monopolies.


It is now known that the owners of these platforms did conspire to destroy the entire conservative activist sector of the internet.  This is a coup.  An open coup…all coups start with silencing the opposition.  Already in Europe, it is dangerous to post anything questioning the Muslim invasion and how the Bilderberg gang is organizing this invasion.  Police will bang on the door and beat up anyone even little old ladies if they complain about this invasion in public.


People are put in prison for irritating Muslim leaders!  Europe is nearly gone except we can see the beginnings of a revolt as frightened citizens realize they are going to be enslaved if they don’t fight back now.


Alex Jones on Twitter: “Alex Jones: We Must Deplatform Google Apple And Other Tyrannical Monopolies”


Yes, shut down these sites.  They want censorship, they will get it in spades.  Because these gangs live only in enclaves run by themselves, they have zero idea how angry citizens are growing across North America and Europe over these Bilderberg plans to enslave us all.  We are increasingly aware of this plan and the side plan to eliminate European stock humans from the human race.


This is increasingly obvious!  The toxic race war stuff is hideous to behold.  I am against all race wars.  I hate race wars, next to that, I hate religious wars, too.  NY Times’ Friedman Says FNC’s Gutfeld Is a ‘Moron,’ Predicts ‘Mother Nature’ Will Be on the 2020 Ballot | Breitbart: this is an amusing article showing how Jewish pundits attack each other.


Saturday on CNN’s “Smerconish,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman doubled down on his insistence the media should give President Donald Trump’s rallies and tweets hyper-coverage given that it could be a net negative and not a net positive for Trump as some have suggested.

Friedman made that case in a column last week, which was criticized by Fox News Channel’s “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld. After airing a clip of Gutfeld’s critique, Friedman called Gutfeld “a moron.”


I remember dueling with Friedman in the distant past when I was very active in NY City politics.  He is a ‘smerchonich moron’.  Thinks he is smart.  Look at his senile language!  Childish!  HAHAHA.  Friedman thinks that since only Southern California is super hot, we are all roasting to death.  It is yet again this summer, dank and very cool here on my mountain.


It is very green, too.  No summer warming of the fields turning them dry so farmers can hay.  Nope, it is soaking wet and the highs are in the low 70’s F.  So much for global warming…if it is colder than normal anywhere, it isn’t global.


Gutfeld’s response:
“Tom Friedman calling you a moron is like a moron calling you Tom Friedman”(Apologies to morons)


Meanwhile, on the moron front…Opposition Party: Boston Globe Organizing ‘War of Words’ Against Trump!  This war of words has been raging nonstop for several years now.  This merely confirms what they have been doing nonstop.

The Boston Globe is organizing a “war of words” against President Donald Trump with “about 70” publications to combat what it describes as the president’s “dirty war against the free press.”  We are not the enemy of the people,’’ said Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor of the Boston Globe editorial page.


HAHAHA.  They have been attacking Trump often using the same images and words, utterly coordinated and people online have pointed out many examples of this lockstep ‘news’.  And yes, they are the ‘enemy of the people.’  Any citizens supporting Trump are targets of hatred, censorship and harassment, even physical attacks by tools of the media like ANTIFA rioters and MS13 which the New York Times now has said they are misunderstood children, not dangerous, violent criminals!


The Boston Globe‘s effort calls on participating editorial boards to coordinate criticisms of Trump’s critiques of news media outlets. Approximately 70 publications have committed to the effort so far.


Pritchard described the president’s criticisms of various news media outlets and figures as an undermining of the First Amendment.


These very same venues and businesses are telling all of us who use the internet, we have zero first amendment rights.  We can go into the streets and shout but then these media giants will egg on attackers and egg on DNC politicians to allow attacks and anyone protesting the left in public does this with extreme danger to life and limb.


In April 2017, CNN’s Jim Acosta similarly framed Trump’s criticisms of his employer as a subversion of the First Amendment: As much as people wanna beat up on CNN and go after CNN and “CNN sucks” and that sort of thing, what [Breitbart News] does, I was with Steve Bannon the other day where he referred to us as the opposition party, once again. We’re not the opposition party. We are just trying to get at the truth.


This is exactly how delusional or openly lying CNN is, they pretend they are a news service when they are actually a brazen partisan fake news machine constantly churning out fake news.  This is why Alex Jones was eliminated from normal platforms and is rebuilding on the Alternative Web.


They want to kill the Alernet, too.  Threats by Bilderberg participants, calling up various services, threatening them if they allow victims of banning to post online, this muscling the opposition is going to hopefully blow up in their faces.  We shall see.  Will the US public rise up?  They are beginning to do this in Europe!


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9 responses to “Bilderberg Coup: Internet Services Rapidly Banning Many Conservative Activist Sites

  1. Tim E.

    It seems strange to me that Wall Street isn’t up in arms at Facebook, Twitter, and Google and suing them for the drop in share prices. There is indeed something different going on with all of this censorship.

  2. Ken

    Elaine states that the elites “have zero idea how angry citizens are growing across North America and Europe over these Bilderberg plans to enslave us all” by limiting conservative free speech. I disagree.

    With the exception of people I know who frequent sites like Culture of Life News and Infowars, no one I know is aware of what is going on. As a result, they don’t care.

    If the general public cared about what was happening to them, this would be reflected by the politicians, especially in an election year like 2018. Politicians would be posturing about how they will do something about this legislatively, if only the public will elect them. But I hear nothing.

    The politicians don’t care because the voters don’t care. The Bilderberg elite are winning at this point.

  3. Petruchio

    Wow. I get shadow banned all the time!! I just didn’t know it. I think readers here who read my comments can predict my opinions on certain topics. I have noticed on Disqus some of my comments are posted, a number of them are not. For awhile–a couple of times–I wasn’t even allowed to post at all!! LOL!! I take comfort in knowing my comments are on the mark. They can refuse to post my comments, but they can’t change the truth.

  4. Petruchio

    Brendan Jeske. ” I thought Conservatives were all about personal responsibility….Having a YT account is a privilege, not a Right.” This smug arrogant a##hole needs to be b#tch slapped multiple times. (I’m sugarcoating it here). Well two can play that game Jeske. I thought spoiled rotten rich kids like you were all about Tolerance and acceptance of others, despite their differences? How about this Jeske: controlling the Internet is NOT a Right OR a privilege. Someone should take it away from you and people like you. Obviously the Internet should not be privately owned.

  5. Buffalo_Ken

    In regards to post #2, one could conclude that perhaps all the turmoil suggested here at the current Culture of Life “News” and elsewhere is just the imagination of a few. Bottom line is if you are doing OK, then what more do you want? Life is hard.

    Elaine – honest to goodness. Do you ever take a vacation? Do you still enjoy your mountain? Are you taking care of it? Why don’t you focus a bit closer to home. You’ve gotten ridiculous in my mind.

    Who give a shit about all this conservative and liberal speculation.

    You know I found out an idea today that I thought made good sense and sort of seemed like the history of science. Anyhow, this fella was proposing close monitoring of the dry California land so that any fire could be detected soon after it started. That is when you have the best chance to stop it. So this idea seemed like a good one to me. They probably also really need to reconsider their land management practices because these practices are a big cause of the fires. Other factors, of course, play a role.

    From my perspective, I sort of care about fires in California, but hells-bells that is more than 2000 miles away from where I’m at. Its best to focus on your home area. Don’t you think? Doing anything beyond that is just a luxury, and I think most of you still posting here, can agree with that. We should be happy to have said luxury, and if you want my opinion, we should all stop spending so much energy griping about the situation. I have.

    Buffalo Ken

    ps – Sorry if this ends up as a double post. Odd things happening with WordPress

  6. Jim R

    Thanks for the memories, Buffalo Ken. That was one of Elaine’s best stories ever.

  7. I do this because it entertains me. I have a humming bird feeder next to the computer room window and they entertain me, I have the cats and the puppy who run in and out and goof around all day and I go outside to work during the day, all this is fun. Except when I have to fight various systems like my husband’s health care stuff, then I have brutal battles with the Machine.

    Look, I happen to LIKE talking about stuff that is pretty invisible to most people who think the Machine won’t notice them. It won’t! It will simply roll over them.

  8. Petruchio

    Elaine: I certainly appreciate what you do!! I’ve been a regular poster here for years. I find the information I get here to be very useful and informative. So Keep on Keepin’ On….

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