Electronic Frontier Foundation Fights For Free Speech Online

The Washington Post is an SJW/Bilderberg publication that hates Trump just like fellow Bilderberg rag, the New York Times.  Both papers attack Trump and 50% of American voters nonstop.  They call us names, they defame us, they ban us, they persecute us, they egg on ANTIFA attackers to bully us…the list is endless of how these two papers work in tandem to take over America.  And it is failing.  Now, they are howling yet again about whether or not Trump said naughty words in private!  And at the same time, big liberal icons get pulled down due to beating up their wives or wanting sex with small children or other noxious behaviors!  Will they ever learn?  The Electronic Frontier Foundation is begging the rich Bilderberg gang to not censor the internet.  Of course, they won’t listen.


Nearly all of Hollywood is going down due to all the liberal peckerwood nonsense.  These rich people want to tell us about how to be ‘moral’ and ‘good’ while acting like fiends, themselves.  I constantly mention ‘mirrors’ because they have no mirrors, they are vampires.  So I went to the Washington Post today to see what sort of tripe they are publishing.  Examples abound.

The attacks on Alex Jones are now nonstop.  The big tech companies, led by Chinese communist dictator friend, Apple Computer’s President, decided to destroy Alex Jones both by publishing fake exposes of him while banning him from as much of the internet superstructure as humanly possible.


This has led to greater growth of the internet which is not supported by the Big Brother Gang!  Eventually, people sick of the censorship and antics of the powerful West Coast SJW gang and much of the real action online will move off of these sinking platforms.


The Washington Post cannot tell a true story anymore even if a gun is put to their heads.  Alex Jones has not had any mainstream business advertising for a very, very long time.  He sells his own stuff there like many other sites which are also on the ‘strangle them economically’ list.


Anyone opposing the DNC online has their ads pulled by say, You Tube.  All have learned ways to earn a living on line despite this and many are thriving.  One site, ComicArtistPro Secrets –that I visit to hang out and chat about movies and comix (I used to make comix) the author and host of that site is a Trump supporter so You Tube defunded him.


He was fired by Marvel comix for arguing with them about SJW content there which is causing the corporation to lose money.  They kicked him out and now he raises money online and during July, raised HALF A MILLION to fund his own comix publishing business!  One month!


Outraged fans flooded to his site to support him.  He isn’t the only one to do this.  Alex Jones supporters flooded in this week to buy his app so they don’t have to use any of the SJW portals to visit his site.  It was over a million people doing this.


Alex is still fighting this concerted effort to kill free speech online based on the principal of the matter.  This is communist style censorship and should be discussed by Congress and an investigation of collusion in stopping competition which was led by mainstream media because Alex Jones is beating their dead horse business to death online.


It is no secret that the #1 mainstream news, Fox News, is next on the list to be eliminated by You Tube and the other online giants.  Fox is very aware of this and has the big bucks and lawyers to give a good fight.


Here are the editorials for today at the Washington Post:

Note how they want Trump to FAIL in dealing with our immense trade deficit.  I suspect the WP is now owned by the Chinese government just like the NY Times.  Why do these lunatics want to bankrupt America?


Morning Joe of fake TV fame has an editorial about why do men defend Trump and ‘not their country’.  Well, Joe isn’t defending America nor is the WP.  They are attacking America. They want trade deficits!


David Green of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group that I have supported in the past and which tries hard to protect free speech on the internet, was given the privilege of posting an editorial to the WP which shocked me, mostly we get pure propaganda. Alex Jones isn’t the censorship crisis that should scare us – The Washington Post


First: the headline is fake news.  The EFF is warning us that banning Alex Jones is leading to more bans and this banning of people is not new but been going on a long time.


We’re finally having a public debate about the big Internet platforms policing content and suspending accounts. But it’s a serious mistake to frame the debate about content moderation around right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars and not around the thousands of other moderation decisions that have been made by such online giants as Apple, Facebook, Google-owned YouTube and Spotify.


Internet companies have removed millions of posts and images over the past decade and suspended hundreds, perhaps thousands, of user accounts. These silenced voices span the political spectrum and the globe: Moroccan atheists, women discussing online harassment, ads featuring crucifixes, black and Muslim activists reposting racist messages they received, trans models, drag performers, indigenous women, childbirth images, photos of breast-feeding. Platforms have taken down documentation of war crimes in Syria, Myanmar and Kashmir, arrests in North Dakota and police brutality across the United States.


This is correct, all of Europe, for example, it is highly dangerous to post anything at all lest one is arrested for a multitude of excuses.  Make a Hitler salute obvious parody and you go to prison.  Post something about wanting Muslims deported, you are visited by the police and fined or arrested.


There is ZERO free speech anywhere in Europe.  There is zero free speech in many other countries, it is common, not rare.  The only place with legal free speech is…the USA and the left is determined to kill the First Amendment.


Lunatic college kids trained by open Marxist radicals teaching at our schools, demonstrate against free speech to my intense fury.  I was one of the big ‘free speech’ personalities of the 1960s and I hung out with the others who were in the news about free speech all the time, I lived with them, slept with them, made speeches, was arrested repeatedly for giving speeches in public.


I am 100% a free speech believer and now in these very same places in Europe and America where I gave free speech speeches, we have leftists demanding no speeches.  This disgusts me no end.


We should be extremely careful before rushing to embrace an Internet that is moderated by a few private companies by default, one where the platforms that control so much public discourse routinely remove posts and deactivate accounts because of objections to the content. Once systems like content moderation become the norm, those in power inevitably exploit them. Time and time again, platforms have capitulated to censorship demands from authoritarian regimes, and powerful actors have manipulated flagging procedures to effectively censor their political opponents. Given this practical reality, and the sad history of political censorship in the United States, let’s not cheer one decision that we might agree with.


The WP only allows SJW liberals to comment on articles so of course, a legion of these censorous lunatics post one comment after another attacking the EFF representative and sneer about how much they love censorship!  Too stupid to figure out, once giant entities can censor people for political reasons, everyone will end up being censored over time.


Moderation systems operate in secret with no public accountability. We’re pretty sure we know why Infowars was suspended , but in many cases the decisions are far more opaque. And unlike Jones, few of the others have powerful multimedia operations with an audience in the millions that will simply move to using an app when other venues become unavailable, as is happening with Infowars. Facebook, Twitter, Apple and other companies routinely silence voices in marginalized communities around the world that struggle to be heard in the first place, replicating their offline repression.


Infowars was given NO REASON for the suspension. I posted screenshots of the notification of suspension and the reason was left BLANK.  I have seen many people suspended for political reasons but few are as big as Infowars which is why it is in the news.


The list of who is suspended isn’t neutral.  The EFF pretends it is.  NO.  It is not.  ANTIFA isn’t suspended anywhere, for example.  Nor are multitudes of Muslim sites or black African anti-white sites are banned.   The vast majority of banned sites are sites that irritate the Bilderberg gang.  This is very, very much a concerted conspiracy to eliminate anyone who defies global free trade, etc.


This is very much communist-style selective censorship.


There have been several worthy efforts to articulate a human-rights framing for content moderation. One framework, which the organization where I work, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, played a part in formulating, is found in the Santa Clara Principles . These principles advance three key goals: numbers (companies should publish the number of posts removed and accounts suspended); notice (companies should provide notice and an explanation to each user whose content is removed); and appeal (companies should provide a meaningful opportunity for timely appeal of any content removal or account suspension).


Not one of the three goals have been faithfully followed.  I have tracked a dozen of banned users and their sites removed…forever…and NOT ONE was explained why this happened.


The ‘three strikes and you are out’ wasn’t even used.  It was just ‘Boom’ and the sites gone with not a peep as to why nor do these tech giants allow any dispute or conversation.  Nothing.  Unlike last week when people could dispute things, this week, all protocols are ignored.  This is a coup, and a betrayal.  It is a crime as far as I am concerned.



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6 responses to “Electronic Frontier Foundation Fights For Free Speech Online

  1. melponeme_k

    What happened to AJ is no surprise, neither is how the Sillycon people handled it.

    The Sillycon people are fronts for the intelligence deep state. That is who funds them. Whatever is created was created with our tax dollars. WE, the people, OWN IT ALL. But they have scammed it all out from under us.

    They tested all of this social engineering out in the online MMORPGS (including Warcraft, Second Life etc.). Free Speech was greatly curtailed in these places. They would outright ban some people who were vocal about policies. In Second Life, they would close the account and freeze the assets associated with it (no small change since people who have business in that platform can make decent money). Warcraft itself wanted to out all the users by publishing their real names across all of the social networking sites and align more with Facebook. They got smacked in the face with mass outrage, cancellations, one group purposefully ferreted out Blizzard employees and published their real world social networks (they caught one Exec employee’s wife complaining about how she couldn’t afford a private exercise trainer). The point of all this is that they backed down. If the pressure is kept and no one lets their behavior pass, these companies will back down.

    They will back down in this case as well. Not because they will become more rational or fair but because the Sillycon people are cowards and the deepstate spooks don’t want to be outed.

    Interesting video from a former spook

  2. Petruchio

    It’s king of interesting. These SJW/Maoist types are the most Hate filled, vile folks on the Web. But when they started out, these very SAME people were preaching Tolerance and Acceptance. These people were preaching the values of ‘Diversity’ and MultiCulturalism. Look at them now!! Give these overindulged, spoiled rotten rich kids some Power and see what Racist, Intolerant Hatemongers they are.

  3. nclaughlin

    Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor and author of 12 Rules for Life, was banned by Google and YouTube for a day or two. All his business correspondence on GMail couldn’t be accessed. The lesson here is that anyone who annoys a SJW can be victimized.

  4. ziff

    Peter Strzok fired , yippee

  5. KHS71

    Should have been fired months ago. Now if he could go to jail for a while for all the damage he did. On to others now.

  6. The Real Rulers decided this month that losing business, running in the red is OK so long as they can regain power in DC. They want that so badly, all of them are willing to lose billions of dollars alienating millions of customers.

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