Bilderberg Coup: Increasing Massive Deletion/Bans Across All ‘Liberal’ Owned Internet Systems

The West Coast SJW/Bilderberg gang internet companies are definitely on a rampage hoping to elect fake liberals to take over DC in a coup in the next election via banning for life anyone who isn’t an outright full leftist/ANTIFA supporter.  So all websites and other systems are being annihilated rapidly.  For example, yesterday Gavin McInnes was banned for life by Twitter.  There is a new news group, CRTV, that is now under full sustained attack.  More online computer companies are banning Infowars in an attempt at bankrupting Alex Jones who has collected quite a few million dollars in the last week in business ever since the sustained attack on him began.

Gavin McInnes Banned FOREVER: ‘My Last 20 Tweets’ – YouTube


It is now very obvious to me that a coup is underway.  Trump is just beginning to be aware of this coup.  Already, the battle lines are being drawn.  The tech giants have decided after May’s secret Bilderberg meeting in Italy and another meeting just outside Washington DC a few weeks later, to eliminate all opposition to California’s whacky plans to turn the US into a third world cesspool like much of California.


Back to Gavin: the Trump Hollywood star prank pissed off the fake liberals who are really Stalinists.  Stalin’s sense of humor was to make people physically disappear.  Not only were they murdered but all news and pictures and films of them were altered so they vanished utterly.  It does not surprise me to see the online big shots aping Stalin.  They learn how to do this in school.


So, Gavin and his friends pulled off the Hollywood star stunt.  They are now selling these stars online so people can do their own star pranks, too.  Alarmed by this, the Stalinists running many systems here decided to use their favorite tactic: Stalinist elimination of opposition.  Wipe them off the web entirely.

Like everyone during this Stalinist Great Purge, Gavin was told to go find out why he was banned for life.  So he went to their message and saw this:

Like everyone including Alex Jones, the ‘you were specifically banned for life for this’ is left blank because there is nothing they can put there except ‘we want to eliminate all opposition to us ruling the world.’


Now, as in the last 24 hours, a number of far left sites have also been banned.  We have yelled pretty hard that only ‘conservative’ sites are being bannned while ANTIFA sails merrily along so I am assuming some token ANTIFA sites are being banned, too.  I hope ANTIFA protests this very loudly which is very easy for them: they all live in ‘liberal’ cities and infest California in particular.


Now on to the other Kulture Kampf news:

The black power players in the NFL are kneeling again.  NBC Sports openly lies about the effects of this claiming the NFL is ‘making ends meet’ despite losing customers like crazy.  This war with Trump is harming the NFL’s business very badly but they have to pretend it is not lest they go totally under, fast.


Well, Disney is losing money like mad for the sports channel ESPAN now due to it being run by California leftists who attack patriots nonstop while doing sports stories.  Duh.  All systems are being broken apart by this war between patriotic citizens and California rich dopes who hate Middle America.


I remember early Disney.  He was born and raised in the exact middle of the USA and moved to California to do the movies but all his stuff from before he died in mid-1960’s was firmly afixed in Middle America.  Lady and the Tramp, for example, was a homage to 19oo Marceline Missouri.


When entering Disney parks, ‘Main Street’ is Marceline, Missouri, too.  The Disney corporate masters today are utterly alien to Disney, himself.  They are big city hot shots and they are in the process of destroying Disney rapidly.  The SJW elements are now so utterly out of control, it is repelling people from Disney, people with small children in particular.


Right now, there is a huge push in Hollywood to reinstate the director, Gunn, who hung out with, joked with and had fun with a bunch of California pedophiles one of whom, a close buddy, is now in prison for child rape.  Disney executives are being begged by actors and other directors to ignore this information about this creep and use him to make movies for young people.


This is infuriating.  Roseanne was banned for life for making a slightly upsetting joke about an adult woman who has powerful friends while Gunn laughed about and imagined raping helpless children with his powerful buddies!  Good lord, the moral collapse going on in that state doesn’t shock me.  I had a very rough childhood and my family was very much a California family since the Gold Rush and I was literally chased out of the state by screaming Stalinists and Maoists pissed off about an editorial I wrote about a young police officer murdered right next to my front yard there in Berkeley!


The place is nuts.  And these nuts are systematically destroying the internet.  Every time they black out a portion of the net, it grows darker and darker as well as more boring.  Europe is already all lights out.  Anyone posting anything questioning the Muslim invasion is not only blacked out but can be put in prison.  So no one talks online there anymore.

Wow.  Sweden is burning!  There is an election there and the gaggle of goofy leftist females who let the country be invaded and literally raped and looted will be voted out of office, one hopes.  So the invaders are rioting, showing exactly why the females who created this violent situation and the invaders should all be arrested and put in prison for life.


This is war.


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2 responses to “Bilderberg Coup: Increasing Massive Deletion/Bans Across All ‘Liberal’ Owned Internet Systems

  1. Petruchio

    “Back to Gavin: the Trump Hollywood star prank pissed off the fake liberals who are really Stalinists.” Good catch, Elaine. How does the cliché go? ” First you ignore them, Then you fight them.” With these ‘techies’, you can add, “Then you BAN them.” You can call them Stalinists or Maoists. They are, but what they really are is a bunch of overly sheltered, overindulged, spoiled rotten rich kids, vulnerable to brainwashing. It just shows you that the easiest person to ‘mind control’ is the person who doesn’t think they can be brainwashed or conned.

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