NY Gov. Cuomo ‘America Was Never Great’ Even When His Own Daddy Was Governor! HAHAHA.

New York Gov Andrew Cuomo: America ‘Was Never That Great’ | Breitbart

He talks about how women need to ‘reach full potential’ THEN America will be ‘great’.  Good grief.  I suppose this is a call to force women to work like men!  Because being mothers and raising children isn’t ‘great’.  His very own mom was… a stay at home mommy!!!  Also, a report released about thousands of children raped by priests in the Catholic Church in Pittsburgh.  This doesn’t surprise me, almost all religions abuse children this way.  The Cuomos are Catholics who pretend they love children and want them protected.


She began teaching so she could be home with the kids in the afternoon once they got old enough so all of them were in school…this is what I did, too.  I will note that mommy Cuomo was supervising the children, not out of the home every day parking toddlers and babies with strangers.


 “The kids all had chores,” said the former school teacher. There was no nanny, no housekeeper. “They never ate out of cans. I had a written menu for every night.” She still races home daily at 4 p.m. to make a home-cooked meal for Mario.


And then there is the divorce:


Matilda Cuomo has shared life’s ups and downs with her son, including his failed 2002 gubernatorial to his painful split in 2003 from his wife of 13 years, Kerry Kennedy.


This stupid article goes on and on about what a miracle, great woman mommy Cuomo is (I knew her husband who did stuff for me when I was deep in NYC politics) could do everything…only she was married and cared for by her husband and unlike me in New York City, she didn’t fight City Hall or criminals or did street patrols or all the other nasty stuff I had to do to survive in the City.  She lived in a fine house in the suburbs!


The point here is, there thing destroying women today isn’t mean conservative men!   It is liberal men…deserting their families!  Look at the Cuomo family: the son mommy is working to help along is…divorced!  His children are now with a single mother.  Many children are being raised this way and it is a catastrophe.  And the rich, highly connected Catholic Cuomo family is now, the second generation, little different from ghetto families.


Broken families who vote for the Cuomos who are working hard to produce a broken family political structure that hands out stuff to families who don’t take care of themselves but instead, depend on Daddy, the State, to care for them and their moms.

On Evil | Ep. 603 – YouTube


Pennsylvania ‘predator priests’: More than 1,000 children sexually abused by Catholic church figures, report says | The Independent


More than 1,000 children were molested by hundreds of “predator priests” among six Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania, a grand jury report revealed.  The investigation identified more than 300 priests who it alleged committed the abuse over decades.  The report suggested that the “real number” of child abuse victims was likely to be ”in the thousands”.


As a child rape victim, I assume the men will blame the children.  Not one priest went to prison.  Nor did my own rapist.  Children usually struggle to make these things ‘real’ when harmed greatly.  I know how my own brain covered up the rape and it took a terrible amount of effort to uncover even a few hazy details.  I was lucky, my own rapist confessed to me…and I went into shock!  As an adult!


Now, back to the other major story this week.  The attack on everyone who might oppose the DNC continues with more and more people suddenly terminated online for no reason:

Conservatives to Protest Big Tech Censorship at Twitter HQ on Friday and I expect the ANTIFA gangsters to be there in great numbers, screaming and violent.  The more they do this, the more likely Trump will win.


The demonstration will begin at 2:30 p.m. and they are calling for everyone in the area who is concerned about free speech on the internet to come and join them for the rally.


Twitter and other tech companies have been cracking down on conservatives, and more specifically Trump supporters, as they aim to control public discourse. Many big accounts have been shadowbanned, which the company has previously denied.

It is all over the place.  Alex Jones is back online.  He is now suing everyone and yes, this shows obvious collusion. They overdid it with him.  If they simply took turns, over time, illicitly censoring him, it might have worked. But they all did it simultaneously which means they communicated with each other and colluded.


The chances of Alex Jones winning in court is high if it goes to the higher courts and not the 9th Circuit which is the communist court.


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14 responses to “NY Gov. Cuomo ‘America Was Never Great’ Even When His Own Daddy Was Governor! HAHAHA.

  1. Floridasandy

    Cuomo has secured his place in history as a total jackass.
    My sympathy, New York.

  2. Ken

    Elaine states that liberal men are at the core of broken families and divorces. Not true.

    Statistics show that women initiate the divorce almost 80% of the time. The men would stick it out in a bad marriage, trying to make it work. It is the women who kick the fathers out of the family and deprive the children of having input in their lives from two full time parents.

    The reasons for this behavior by women have been extensively discussed on this blog before.

  3. KHS71

    Maybe someone should remind Cuomo who saved Italy’s butt in WWII.

  4. Ken

    KHS71 @3.

    I’m not sure America “saved Italy’s butt in WWII.”. Didn’t we invade and kick their butt?

  5. Zeke

    Ken @ 4, yes (of course)
    [unless it’s an ‘alternative fact.’] 😉

  6. KHS71

    Did not word my comment well. We saved Italy from Mussolini and his fascist government.

  7. Petruchio

    @#2 Ken: Yes, women initiate divorce proceedings 80% of the time. This is because of the deep, bitter HATRED of Men in the Family Court System. It’s always been amazing to me how women can claim to be the Equals of Men yet anytime playing the Victim gets them a benefit, women play the Victim!! Same thing with sexual harassment complaints. Yes, of course there are REAL sexual harassment issues, but alot of sexual harassment complaints are done out of spite. Usually the male will make a comment that the female doesn’t like and then she will ‘ADD ON’ to the complaint to get the male into bigger trouble. I’m gonna be watching with interest if/when the illegals/muslim invasion occurs in the US and the rape epidemic that is happening in Europe happens here. Women use Divorce laws and sexual harassment laws as a WEAPON against men. Let’s see how their “weapons” work against a Class of Men (illegal Muslims) protected by the liberal class.

  8. The Muslim/liberal alliance is doomed. One is the spider and the other is the fly.

  9. Melponeme_k

    Most of these horrific scandals, murders etc. have large scale elements of fakery. Why? Because they are subjects that DESTROY the social fabric. A destroyed social fabric means the public can not put up a united front against the Bilderbergs.

    While I have no doubt pedophila has occurred, the large majority of these cases involve teenagers. That is not pedophilia. I’m not saying it isn’t wrong but Teenagers DO know right from wrong and are in a total different state of mind than a child under age 10.

    Pedophilia in regards to the church is aimed to destroy the institution. ALL Christian institutions are suffering.

    The only religious institutions that are not being targeted are Jewish temples. And that says a lot.

    They aren’t going after crazy off shoots like Scientology, Mormons etc. because they are so obviously CIA strongholds it is laughable.

    Miles Mathis exposing the hoaxed out stories and the fact that the major figure behind these scandals barely spent any time in jail. AND he is related to all the big families.

    Click to access spot.pdf

  10. I was raped at Five years. And damaged by it. If someone is a teacher or a priest or whatever and in charge of YOUNG PEOPLE, we expect them to not RAPE them.

  11. Melponeme_k


    Exactly. But we aren’t talking about young children in these stories. We are talking about teenagers. That is statutory rape not pedophila.

    They are talking about enormous numbers of children being attacked. Considering how up in arms everyone is in regards to this subject, are you going to tell me that most of these parents were clueless? We aren’t talking about the prim and repressed 1950s generation. We are talking about the sexual revolution Boomers who talk about their genitals every time they get the chance. And mostly they tortured their Gen X children with these discussions. No one here is clueless. Yet all these children are attacked.

    Something is wrong with these stories. And they are hiding real cases of abuse merely for political and financial madness.

    E. Michael Jones is very conservative but he is right. He is extremely correct in diagnosing the problem.

  12. It is also PEDOPHILES. Young children.

  13. Melponeme_k

    Elaine, the article was very shady in mentioning the cases. 300 in DECADES. So what is the fire now except for the fact there is an important election this year? These papers lie and I can see them lying over something as important as this in order to make it worse or better depending on their ulterior motives.

    The article also just mentions children, no other ages. Except for a girl who was 17 (gotta get that important magical 8 in there). Age 17 is not pedophila, it is statutory rape. At 17 I knew what the heck I was doing and knew the consequences of my actions. So did this girl. That doesn’t absolve the priest but, hell, 17 year old girls are getting pregnant every day with partners of various ages.

  14. Lou

    13–the jews control the news. Elaine and many others know about pedo Rabbis and other powerful jews that molest.

    caught another one,


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