Twitter’s New Staff Suddenly Began Purging Conservatives From Platform

Garrison is a fine cartoonist who supports Infowars.  He lives on his ranch in the West.  He is always very funny and quite talented as an artist.  Twitter today unveiled a new regime after hiring people to ‘clean up Twitter’ which is SJW-speak for ‘censoring everyone else so they can’t debate issues.’  This is, in other words, joining the Facebook/Google is Evil twin fascists who decided last May to rig the election by banning anyone including Congressmembers from platforms run by these gangsters.  I say, arrest them all.


Twitter Purges Accounts Across the Platform – Again | Breitbart: The Great Purge continues as the far leftist groups hired by far leftist media owners, attack citizens who don’t agree with the SJW agenda for destroying America.  This is an election year coup attempt and is riling the entire internet, big time.  I find many of the comments to this article to be most interesting showing how users who are conservatives are actually well-versed in the working details as to how the internet functions:


Incarnation of Truth ✓Vilified • 30 minutes ago
Just a reminder that notorious jewish supremacist and globalist banker Robert B. Zoellick has been director of twitter, Inc. since July.


Correct and I didn’t write about it last month!  My bad.  Yes, the Zionist leftists are taking over systems including Soros who is spending heavily so he can recreate Nazi Germany online and control all our interactions.  These devils in disguise fool humans into helping them due to no real history is taught in schools anymore.


Namely, all, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, super socialist states end up bankrupt and killing millions of people via good old starvation and working them to death.


GeneralMayhem • 10 minutes ago
Right before mid-term elections, this is a great time to “review accounts” and help make sure that everything is compliant and in line with requirements. “This is to make sure that the elections aren’t negatively affected by posts which are non compliant of course. We value the integrity of our elections and this is our attempt to make sure they are valid and pure.” Twatter management explanation if they were forced to give one. Nothing more than pure BS.


The ‘negatively affected by posts’ is fascist talk for ‘we must censor all opposition to our uniparty rule.  The ‘valid and pure’ talk is pure Naziism.  The Nazis loved to talk about ‘purity’.  So do the Maoists.  Look, these people who are imposing this on us learned how to be obedient tools in schools run by leftists.  They really think they are holy and good, censoring everyone and lying to everybody…for their ‘own good’ of course.


<— Worth a thousand words • 16 minutes ago
Del Harvey is the Twitter VP of Security. Go look into her background.
She worked with felons setting men up on the computer. That organization (Perverted Justice) folded after its founders stole money, got a person killed, falsified evidence, and the man who started it all was found guilty of felony racketeering (Philip Eide who changed his name to Xavier Von Erck).
That is who censors on Twitter.


So, they hired basically a woman who worked for criminals.  Ouch.  Well, Twitter is now a criminal operation.  So is Google and Facebook.  They want to rig an election via preventing citizens from communicating with each other.  This is criminal, as far as I am concerned.


#TwitterSmarter hashtag on Twitter: These criminals discuss how they are going to control us.

Brad Parscale: Big Tech is becoming Big Brother: This article gives a great explanation about who was hired to be the hit woman to ‘clear out all conservatives’ from SJW California websites like Twitter.  The lady running Twitter’s censorship systems was hired last month:


Communications Decency Act, websites such as Facebook and Twitter are not treated as publishers of “information provided by another” — which would subject them to libel laws and other headaches publishers have to deal with — because they “offer a forum for a true diversity of political discourse.”


This means social media platforms are not merely private companies who can censor whomever they wish — They are considered, by law, to be public forums that allow free and open debate.


To make matters worse, the social media giant recently changed its feed algorithms — ostensibly to combat fake news — but the result has been a suspicious and significant drop in the reach of conservative pages and advertisements. A study found that while liberal publishers saw a roughly 2 percent increase in web traffic from Facebook following the algorithm changes, conservative ones saw a loss of traffic averaging around 14 percent.


Big Tech’s anti-conservative bias is positively institutional. Facebook, Google (YouTube), and Twitter all work with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left organization with a proven track record of anti-conservative bias, to decide what is and isn’t “hate speech.”


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Big Tech is set to return to its free speech roots anytime soon. The Left clearly no longer values free speech at all.


Far from loving free speech, they positively hate free speech.  At every university now, gangs of Maoists scream for ending free speech.  I know these crazy people really well: at Berkeley I dueled with them!  They are now professors and have poisoned many schools with their fascist ideology.  They hate free speech.  They want one way speech: from them to the rest of us.


Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitter

The above is from postings today from Infowar’s Watson in England.  Prominent conservatives are being punished for publishing the news!  When they explain what is going on, they are banned if they mention what I mention in my own blog’s article: Nazis, for example, will get you banned.  Yet ANTIFA and other gangster operation are not censored at all.


This is going to a very violent end, I don’t see these fake liberals seeing reaon and stopping this blatant attempt at a coup.  They think, by cheating, they can win.  They justify this by pretending anyone who opposes them are ‘Russian bots’ and not very angry, often rather very armed citizens who are very pissed off now. I am pretty pissed off now.  We all are.


I call this ‘playing with fire.’  They call this censorship, ‘business as usual.’  We intend, eventually, to bankrupt all these people.  If 50% of a country walks away from businesses which attack them over and over again, these businesses go bankrupt.  The list grows longer and longer with major corporations like DISNEY going straight into the trashcan, for example.


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  1. ziff

    on the other hand , real nazis [in the comments] , history gets forgotten

  2. Jim R

    Elaine, here is a video proxy that can be used by anyone. The actual video is still from the usual source, but when you view it through a proxy, the source does not get your browser’s headers and IP address and stuff.

    It would be nice if wordpress could embed these things in a frame…

  3. Yes, that would be nice.

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