Tommy Robinson Embarrasses Daily Mail Harrassing His Children’s Vacation

Tommy Robinson DESTROYS Daily Mail “Journalist” – YouTube

The London rag, the Daily Mail, sent a young emo male to tag after Tommy Robinson while on vacation and take pictures and write an attack article accusing Tommy of being an ‘Islamophobe’ and thus, should be in PRISON!  The Daily Mail allowed moderated comments on the articles about Tommy’s illicit arrest but now their articles attacking him have zero comments allowed.  The Daily Mail is now a turncoat newspaper which supports Muslim terror attacks, it appears.  Listen to this ‘reporter’ make excuses for the Islamic attacks, one of which happened just yesterday in London next to Parliament!


Tommy Robinson soaks up the sun in Tenerife while on bail | Daily Mail Online


EXCLUSIVE: He’s beyond the bail! Far-Right thug Tommy Robinson soaks up the sun in Tenerife with German Islamophobe banned from Britain – and he’s back in court in TWO WEEKS


Note how the Daily Mail calls this gentleman a ‘far-right thug’.  Tommy has been hounded for many years so he records absolutely everything due to the blatant lies of the Bilderberg gang which fears him greatly.


The massive spontaneous demonstrations in London after his arrest and secret…SECRET trial…the muzzling of the press which was broken finall after online news people published the kidnapping and imprisonment of Tommy, was a total embarrassment for May and her gangster buddies who thought they could silence Tommy and even torture him in a secret prison a la Stalin-style…only we defeated them in this scheme.


Here is the noxious top editor of the Daily Mail sneering at Tommy’s family and grinding his teeth, talking about how this man who confronts Muslim child rapists…as if Tommy, not the rapists, is the evildoer…astonishing article indeed!


He (Tommy and his kids) even went on a pirate-themed whale watching boat trip organised by the resort.


One fellow guest said: ‘He didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Lots of people recognised him. You would never have thought he had the threat of prison hanging over his head. He was the life and soul of the party.’


So, Tommy relaxed and everyone around him had FUN!  The author of this Bilderberg hit piece grinds his teeth in fury.


Robinson, 35, is facing a new contempt of court hearing after judges quashed findings that saw him jailed for 13 months in Leeds, was unrepentant.


Duh.  He did nothing wrong.  The Daily Mail, on the other hand, conspired with powerful people to conceal important news from British subjects (they are NOT ‘citizens’ at all).  The danger to the young girls whose parents are not Muslims has been cleverly hidden by media giants who refuse to report anything so grave dangers to young ladies and even little girls is ignored or worse, anyone talking about these crimes is arrested and tortured.


He told MailOnline: ‘[Lutz Bachmann] came to see me for two seconds. He lives here (Tenerife). So where’s the problem?


The report by the Daily Mail of the confrontation between their barking dog of a ‘reporter’ and a very angry Tommy when he saw the creep photographing his children is written by someone who is a liar and a fraud.


The Daily Mail didn’t know that Tommy would publish the encounter on You Tube so we can all see exactly what happend.


‘Could you give me an example of what he possibly could have said that is Islamophobic?’


The reporter actually told Tommy that saying bsically ANYTHING about Muslims who attack people and rape people and kill people is..FORBIDDEN.  Yes, Brits are to never talk about any Muslim crime waves or terror attacks at all.  This astonished Tommy and astonishes me.


This is now the SJW leftist position.  Muslims are now allies to take over the USA and England and any other country because the SJW witches and soy boys think the Muslims will love them when they gain full power.  Talk about blind to all the long history about how Muslim radicals rule!  Good lord.


 American alt-Right pin-up Steve Bannon said he was ‘ecstatic’ at his release.  He told The Sunday Times: ‘Tommy is not just a guy but a movement in and of himself now.  ‘He represents the working class and channels a lot of the frustration of everyday, blue collar Britons… He is a force of nature, like Kanye (West) – not built to be managed.’


Correct, he earned this the hard way, in and out of prison, beaten up by thugs, by cops, smeared by the fake news media systems run by overlords who wish to destroy the British Spirit.


Bannon, a former investment banker, said authorities were wrong to jail Robinson, and that he deserves an apology.  His legal defence was rumoured to have been paid by the Middle East Forum and US tech billionaire Robert Shillman.


However Robinson told MailOnline: ‘Its absolute lies. The tech billionaire, I’ve never met him, I’ve never spoken to him and he’s never had any contact with me.


‘He did not pay my legal fees. The Middle East Forum didn’t pay my legal fees. They paid for help on the protest but I wasn’t even out of prison.’

Robinson also denied being paid £8000 a month by controversial Canadian political website Rebel Media.


Rebel Media would be immensely amused to learn they have $10,000 dollars a month to spend on Tommy Robinson!  Good lord, the mainstream media can’t do even the most elementary reporting or research.


All they had to do was contact Rebel Media and voila!  Get information.  But no, they do rumor and innuendo.  Fake news from the same gang that always does fake news when egging on wars all the time.

Rebel Media answers the London Daily Mail’s ridiculous story about Tommy Robinson.


The reporter talking to Rebel Media accuses them of ‘talking about Muslim rape’ is bad because no one is supposed to talk about ANY Muslim crimes because…Muslims can’t be discussed at all.  He told Rebel Media that saying ‘Muslim rape gang’ is offensive to all Muslims.  What the hell???

Facebook Bans Jewish-Australian Military Veteran Avi Yemeni for ‘Hate Speech’ | Breitbart


A popular Jewish-Australian IDF veteran, political blogger, and Australian state government candidate recently found his Facebook page banned, just 48 hours before the blacklisting of Infowars host Alex Jones. Yemini’s Facebook page boasted a follower count of approximately 175,000 but was suspended for “hate speech” according to a notification Yemini received from Facebook. Yemeni has been on the receiving end of death threats on Facebook himself based on his reporting.


Yet another victim of the Great Purge.  Facebook, frankly, should be shoved into a grave and a stake in the heart.  End it now.  It is worthless as a platform for anything.  A waste of time.  The fewer users, the poorer Zuck the Cuck is and good riddance to a total jerk.


Donald Trump Cancels Military Parade, Blames Greedy D.C. Politicians this story is interesting.  Trump’s parade to celebrate the military, was to cost around $19 million but the Pentagon, in classic fashion, had to make it totally expensive and ridiculous so it was called off.


“The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “When asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory military parade, they wanted a number so ridiculously high that I canceled it.”


Putin is laughing his head off now.  I watch Putin’s parades. The cost is mainly the soldiers and other participant’s time which means, instead of parading on a base or sitting at desks, they get to march next to the Kremlin!  Wow.  How hard is that?


The parades by Putin are all young recruits graduating from school and is held as a celebration of their success.  Trump should try that, instead.


CNBC reported that Trump’s proposed military parade for November was estimated to cost $92 million, much more expensive that the originally estimated $12 million.


The Defense Department released a statement on Thursday noting that it would explore the possibility of a military parade in 2019.Trump suggested that the parade savings would be used to buy more airplanes for the military.


“Now we can buy some more jet fighters!” he wrote.


Trump trolled the military top brass most of whom were put there by Bush Jr. and Obama.  He knew they would screw this up and they did, thinking they were very, very oh-so-clever.  Instead, they appeared as fools, wasterals, idiots.


Trump plays hardball and I love it more and more as the days pass by…well played, Trump, very well played.


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25 responses to “Tommy Robinson Embarrasses Daily Mail Harrassing His Children’s Vacation

  1. The rage over Tommy’s incarceration and torture continues to anger many in Britain who are not fools or traitors.

  2. Jim R

    I’m posting in this thread b/c it fits the tag Muslim-rape-gangs.

    A story from Germany, also currently on the road to destruction:

    Woman Escapes ISIS Sex Slavery Only To Bump Into Former Captor Walking Freely In Germany

    by Tyler Durden
    Fri, 08/17/2018 – 11:42

    A woman who was kidnapped by ISIS as a teenager in her native Iraq in 2014 and held for three months as a sex slave by the terror group eventually managed to escape and later resettled as a refugee in Germany after the harrowing ordeal.

    But two years after her escape, she unexpectedly encountered her ISIS kidnapper while walking the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. The man she identified as Abu Hamam was living in Germany as a free man, and the police did nothing.

    The article goes on to say that the woman is planning to return to Kurdistan, now that the violence level has subsided, while the Muslim criminal stays in Germany. I think that’s happening a lot across Europe. The worst of the scum stay behind in Europe, while anyone who had a halfway normal life in Syria or Iraq is going home now.

  3. Yup and they are staying in Europe in order to commit crimes.

  4. Freedom Tunes is always very, very funny.

  5. Lou

    I recall an odd story about Symbiones Army. The police who hunted them went into private security at a complex in Santa Monica. Who worked there? The married SLA woman, I forgot her name.

  6. DM

    Thank you for documenting this, Elaine.

  7. Here is the main problem I have with this website as it exists now. There seems to be practically (Jim R a one or two others maybe being an exception) no counterpoint. Just a bunch typing the same mumbo-jumbo complaining.

    I’ll tell you this. My forebearers were immigrants and I can also with high confidence tell you over 99% of those of you posting here have that same history. So, please don’t forget that this is a country of immigrants – remember what I said about “Original Sins”. That means we have responsibilities to help and protect those who had a similar experience as our forebearers.

    That is I why I totally support Trump when it comes to that hating Jeff Sessions from Alabama. If Trump was a man he’d get rid of em instead of just all this 6th grade twitter nonsense. Asshole.

    Hell I might stick around here for awhile to be the counterpoint. What you think of that? Might improve the conversation some if you want my opinion.

  8. Lou

    please don’t forget that this is a country of immigrants –

    I am not an immigrant.
    And my fore-bearers go back, oh, some of them, 10,000 years in North America.
    USA wasnt founded by immigrants.
    And it was built by settlers. Immigrants are so ‘Ellis island.’
    And leave Jim alone. he is smart.

  9. Lou – if you say your not an immigrant, then I suppose that is true. But your forebearers? Were they?

    Now if they didn’t come here voluntarily, then you have a point. That speaks to the other Original Sin I made reference to in an earlier post.

    As for Jim, I think he can read between the lines. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he needs your help.

  10. I am not against immigrants, I am against INVADERS. The difference is obvious: immigrants want to be Americans. The invaders want to take over and destroy America. Look closely at the riots in California when Trump supporters were attacked: aliens screaming in Spanish, waving Mexican flags!!!

  11. Oh, and intelligent people who think I am stupid or wrong are free to post here (ON TOPIC) but they don’t want a debate. Look at the internet: nearly all liberal sites have zero comments and the few that have any, they ban anyone who disputes anything with the army of ‘me too’ leftists.

  12. I’m intelligent, and I’m pretty sure you ain’t stupid, and I want debate.

    What more do you want is someone your talking with?

    I’m the real deal. Make a deal with me baby!

  13. Make a deal if you want to talk.

    I’ll take a pass if you just want to preach or complain or tell us all how much you already know. We know you know. What more? Is that it? Are you done? You are not the only one.

  14. Elaine, as you must know, I don’t see the level of discourse here at your site as there was in the past. I think it has really diminished in value.

    I’m making an offer to help that change. My abilities would really be an asset for you, but if our views are so far apart, then how will we be able to make this work?

    Or maybe, you just don’t really care. You can’t deny, that is a possibility.

  15. Disregard all the personal posts above, here is something really important that ought be celebrated — especially so in Elaine’s neck of the woods.

    Amazing that nobody thought this ought be a day to celebrate!

  16. Moe

    Buffalo Ken: I took a look at your website and was underwhelmed. Please don’t ask for particulars, I have neither the time, energy nor inclination.

    You do appear though to hold yourself in high regard. Obliging of you to offer to ‘fix’ Elaine’s site.

  17. Moe – don’t think I ever said I could fix anything, and your opinion on my site is appreciated. More details at that site are forthcoming if you are into plastic recycling and that sort of chemical engineering detail. It will be there and me and my family are going to be seriously rich when it comes to fruition (ha, ha, ha….).

    I do hold myself in high regard and I hope you hold yourself as well.

  18. Moe

    @ 19 BK

    Quote: “…I don’t see the level of discourse here at your site as there was in the past. I think it has really diminished in value.

    I’m making an offer to help that change. My abilities would really be an asset for you…” end quote.

    If that isn’t an offer to ‘fix’ something, perhaps I’m simply imperceptive.

    HIgh regard is positive if that perspective also encompasses humility, and absent self-aggrandizement.

  19. The only people I dislike here are people who spam stupid stuff or are always off topic, ruining the conversation. People here attack me often nonstop which is OK, I don’t mind that at all, often, it is quite funny.

    Attacking EACH OTHER, on the other hand, is not a good thing. I am happy people can argue with each other without obnoxious personal attacks and I thank everyone for being frankly, quite cooperative for the most part, in this regard.

    And I read every comment, trust me on that. I like comments, a great deal and hope people feel free to comment.

  20. Name

    People here attack me often nonstop which is OK, I don’t mind that at all.

    I don’t suppose anyone else here is going to summon the balls to point out how false this obviously is.

    Nothing personal.

  21. Thank you, Name for being so brave! HAHAHA. I did ask people to stop being stupid in the past like the person who would post long screeds that were nearly always totally off topic, filled with raging personal attacks aimed at me.

    A mere request to confine this to on topic rants caused this person to leave instead of cooperating which is a sign of insanity, I would guess.

  22. Lou

    I have no doubt that Elaine’s blog is on the radar screen of the “Bilderberg Group.” As an occasional commentator, I wonder if I have also made their list….
    I believe EMS implied she had to leave NYC. The ‘man’ was bothering her.
    And many have seen thru the Bankers, One World Gov, U.N. etc….
    She just got here ealry, as her parents were high up, due to her dads intelligence.

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