CIA Spooks Declare Treason Against Boss, Trump, Demand Military Disobey President Orders!

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Opinion | Trump Is Not a King – The New York Times, he is a President and all the spooks and Federal workers and military must answer to him and mainly him.  If they can’t do this, they must resign.  This extremely racist newspaper that has editorial members calling for the annihilation of all white males is up in arms because Trump removed the security clearance of loud mouth spooks who attack him from every angle while backing treasonous actions that nearly destroyed our country which is under assault by foreign powers working with Bilderberg American traitors.


 They rebuked Mr. Trump for revoking the security clearance of John Brennan, the C.I.A. director under President Obama, in retaliation for his scalding condemnations and, ominously, for his role in “the rigged witch hunt” — the investigation into Russia’s attempt to fix the 2016 election, now in the hands of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel. The president’s latest attempt to punish or silence everyone connected with the case, along with his fiercest critics in political life, will not be his last.


Yes, the fake Russian messing up the election story that the NY Times peddled nonstop ever since their Bilderberg bitch, Hillary, lost the election.  They have to pretend there is a story whereby Trump and Putin really ran the election which is why 99% of all the non-major cities, all the little towns and villages were run by Russian agents and only the inner cities run by DNC officials were real voters.


Funny, that, the place the illegal aliens were allowed to vote were…DNC run cities!  These same CIA and FBI agents who conspired against Trump also have been claiming, there was no illegal alien voting in DNC cities which is insane, insulting and stupid all at the same time.


BTW, the people calling for destroying our democracy via paramilitary coup against an elected President…many of them are war criminals who lied about vital international matters so they could illegally attack innocent parties and destroy entire nations, kill millions of people, etc.  Arrest them all, I say.


 You don’t need a secret decoder ring to see what’s happening here. John Brennan, who knows whereof he speaks, believes that the president is a threat to the security of the United States — a counterintelligence threat, no less, in thrall to President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The president attacks him, severing Mr. Brennan’s access to classified information. The deans of national security rise up to defend him — and, by implication, intelligence officers and federal investigators who are closing in on the White House.


THIS IS A COUP.  Brennan, who is a tool of the Bilderberg Gang, a bevy of foreign powers and US traitors, wants to remove a President via…whatever.  A coup, of course.  He and his buddies will use military power to seize the President and I presume, kill him.


The NYT really believes this Russia spy game is going to get rid of Trump, not the true traitors who happen to be DNC leaders like Hillary and Obama.  They played every trick in the book including making a false birth certificate for Obama in order to hide the fact he was really born overseas.


They are sending a message to active-duty generals and admirals, soldiers and spies. Remember your oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Think twice before following this man’s orders in a crisis. You might first consider throwing down your stars.


Um, the Constitution doesn’t allow spooks to issue orders to the military to disobey orders of the President.  This is extremely, utterly, totally illegal.  Demanding no one follow Trump’s orders in a CRISIS is treason.  I can sit here and say to the military, if a bunch of angry spooks come running over to demand you break the law and commit treason, arrest or shoot them dead.  Thanks in advance.


Tim Weiner, a former reporter with The Times, is author of “Enemies: A History of the F.B.I.,” and “Legacy of Ashes: The History of the C.I.A.”

Also from the dementors running the NY Times treason paper:

Ohr is one of the conspirators who tried to frame Trump.  The fake charge of collusion with Putin is collapsing and Congress and many, many voters are sick and tired of the NY Times and other Bilderberg gangsters howling about this with zero proof of anything, all they dug up with Stormy the Sexual Depraved Lunatic.  Wow, what an investigation.


TRUMP GOES OFF On Social Media ‘Censorship’ and ‘Discrimination’ Against Conservative Voices: Trump is now aware of the wiping out of all alternative media by the Bilderberg gang working with California fake liberals to turn the internet into Pravda.  They have banned a number of very popular sites on line.  Infowars is fighting back and I hope they win at this point.


Many people just give up when pressed.  Even WordPress is now deleting sites that don’t ape the SJW dogma.  I pay a lot of money for WordPress platforms and if they want to commit economic suicide, they can screw with a real customer.  From day one, I paid so they would hesitate to attack me but then, they just might because it appears SJW lunatics are really insane.


Note how the NFL is dying rapidly.  Instead of fixing things, they flap around, wailing and it dies.  Disney thinks they cut short the death spiral by firing Kennedy and Rian Johnson and Gunn but that won’t save them since they are totally SJW now and can’t do anything but attack white males nonstop.


So 50% of their audience is telling them to jump off the cliff and fly with no wings.  Spewing hate isn’t a good way to attract support.  But then, this is all they have now: hate and demands we do aways with capitalism since all these losers are losing money in the capitalist game due to attacking their customer base!  Wow!  HAHAHA.  This is really funny, actually.


If I taught classes in ‘Capitalist Systems’ I would use this last several years of self destruction by liberals as a great case study of ‘what to NEVER do if you want to run a business.’




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6 responses to “CIA Spooks Declare Treason Against Boss, Trump, Demand Military Disobey President Orders!

  1. KHS71

    Wasn’t it Obama that said “I Have a pen and I have a phone” implying that he could do anything to push an agenda via executive orders.

  2. timothy carroll


    The one thing he DIDN”T have was a brain. Couple that with no balls and you have a real recipe for success right there. 🙂

  3. Zeke

    At least Trump came into office inheriting eight years of an expanding economy under Obama.
    When Obama took office he inherited an economy on its knees in the wake of the Bush/Cheney economic catastrophe which was shedding a million or so jobs per month.
    Housing foreclosures and business failures were the norm.

  4. Jim R

    When Obama came into office, the first thing he did was to write a check for almost a trillion dollars to “bail out” Wall Street.

    None of the crooks that created that problem went to jail.

    And more importantly, none of the structural problems they created were ever really addressed. The banks just sailed along on a sea of freshly issued credit, and home mortgage fraud.

  5. Zeke

    @ # 4 Jim R

    Agree with much of your post.
    The way Obama rescued the economy was bad.

    One thing: Obama did not write the check. Congress did.
    It was not done by executive order. It was done by congress. Spending power. The first vote was against the “bail out.” The stock market continued to plummet.
    In a second vote congress made the “bail out” (some consider it to be extortion).
    The consequences persists.

  6. timothy carroll

    It’s abundantly clear that all of them, Trump included, follow the orders of their masters. They’re pissed at Trump because he’s bucking their system when it comes to jobs, the economy, and patriotism (the NWO).

    Obama, having never had a real job and not an American born citizen, couldn’t have cared less.

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