Clinton ‘Sex Scandals’ Part II: Mainstream Media Tries To Destroy White House

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I actually played a very minor role in the Clinton impeachment scam.  I was once a major contributor to the New York Times forums back then and I went directly on attack when the special prosecutor finally unveiled his scheme to undo an election.  I called it pure BS due to the Constitution saying nothing about sex scandals and how these should be used to change the government in a dictatorial fashion and I wrote extensively about all the ‘sex stuff’ the White House had over the eons.  I won that argument back then as liberals agreed it is evil to go after a President due to sexual matters.  In particular, the ability of sex partners using their relationship to force payments for silence and then yapping about sex.  Now, liberals want to persecute Presidents over sex stuff!!!  This is infuriating.


The NY Times was slimy when the Clinton sex stuff happened and they are slimy today.  What is most infuriating this time around is, the DNC and the liberals all are screaming about how any sex is OK even raping small children.  They want wild sex in movies, in homes, in the streets, they are proud of blatant sex marches where armies of deranged people dressed as demons and SM prostitutes can march in major DNC cities while screaming about open sex…this is pure lunacy.


Suddenly, when attacking other people, these same sex fiends suddenly turn into Puritans.  I find this utterly reprehensible.  Even the Victorian era voters didn’t turn against Presidents and try to impeach them if they had sex relations with other people.  They might not have voted in the first place but they certainly didn’t draw up impeachment papers due to this.


Indeed!  The top icon of the DNC happens to be sex fiends like the Kennedy brothers!  The brothers could even leave sex partners to die and then run away and not tell the cops, she is drowning…and the DNC and the leftists justify this and continue loving the Kennedys because they want to overlook even criminal actions by these brothers when it comes to sex.


I argued this very loudly when the impeachment of Clinton rose up.  Impeachment should be for when someone subverts the CONSTITUTION and its powers, not sex stuff.  Now, the DNC and mainstream media run by the Bilderberg gang, the same gang that went after the Clintons until the Clintons begged to join and then were tools of this crew of obnoxious rich people…the DNC will now use the tool it abhorred years ago.


This is disgusting.  The Clintons, they demand this tool be used yet again and I am thoroughly disgusted by this.  I know they will both pay for this at the Gates of Death when the Watchers grill them about their noxious lives.


I, on the other hand, am very pissed off at the Constitutional abuses being played here yet again.  We all knew that Trump, like all powerful men, had sex all over the place.  I voted for sex fiends in the past!  Duh!  This is why support for Trump didn’t fall after voters learned he wasn’t a eunuch.


Ronald Reagan wasn’t a eunuch, either.  Yet ‘Christian’ voters voted for him and didn’t change their minds about him.  Ditto, today.  Conservative voters know that the sex fiends who run the DNC and their sex fiend voting base hate conservatives who believe in marriage.  Do note that DNC run cities have a very, very low marriage rate and a high out of wedlock birth rate.


They know that Trump is under sustained attack because he supports marriage.  He, like Reagan, had more than one marriage but even so, still got married.  The DNC hates marriage, wants to utterly eliminate it, is making efforts to remove all support for marriage and boasts about how it is useless at the same time demanding marriages for gay people!


This twin forces that drives the DNC is insane in that it attacks marriage while demanding marriage at the same time.  Conservatives aren’t falling for DNC sex tricks.  I critisized heavily the GOP when they went after Clinton over sex stuff and now I do the same with twice the fury due to hypocricy, with the DNC.  Both party leaders have used this dumb tool to attack opponents when they can’t win elections based on policies or ideology.


The hamfisted arm of the DNC justice people is twisting arms by going after associates of Trump and convicting them of making money in various shady ways…again, both party leaders have people around them who do this sort of thing.  So we have funny money/sex scandals as a tool to undo elections!


I often mention ancient Rome and the lessons one should learn from that great Decline and Fall…and many books have been written about this and no one seems capable of understanding this process.  The invasion of barbarians who can’t be civilized, the sex scandals and crazy stuff of emperors causing them to be replaced in coups at a mad rate, the debasing of the currency and the inability to export to rival empires while running trade deficits (WITH CHINA) all this is familiar and being played out right now, in our faces.


The DNC and mainstream media, instead of explaining all this, are desperate to make it much worse!  They want bigger and bigger trade deficits.  They want the currency debased even more!  They want to import millions and millions of hostile barbarians who don’t even know how to use toilets!  And above all, they want debased sex, the collapse of the family and so we repeat history exactly, stupidly and with blind malice of all things civilized.


Hypatia Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family & Achievements of Greek Mathematician, Astronomer & Philosopher: she was the very last of the great philosophers and…was beaten to death by raging mobs as the Roman empire collapsed in 412 AD.  Alexandria’s huge library was destroyed, too.  And the Dark Ages began in Europe at this time.


But philosophy died its slow death over time starting with the first emperors.  A good way to get killed was to irritate them via discussing politics and society issues in public.  But then, ‘democratic’ Athens several centuries earlier, killed Socrates and threw other noisy philosphers off of cliffs and then were enslaved soon afterwards.


Seems no one learns even the simplest lessons from history.  Our country is now going into political chaos, DC will be consumed by this, all work on behalf of stopping the barbarian invasion will collapse and our Senators will debate nothing important as Rome burns.  By the way, I descended from northern barbarians who took over all of Europe and created modern civilization.


All part of the grand cycle of history!  We fled our own creation in Europe 400 years ago and tried a new system in the New World and here we are: it is all for naught.


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9 responses to “Clinton ‘Sex Scandals’ Part II: Mainstream Media Tries To Destroy White House

  1. Ken

    Perhaps the main stream media has not yet adequately explained things, but I don’t see what the big uproar is about.

    As I understand it, Trump or Cohen paid money out of their own pocket “to influence the election.” I do that every time I make a contribution to a candidate. Candidates do that every time they spend money in a campaign.

    If the press thinks that they finally have the silver bullet to take down Trump, then they need to do a better job of explaining what he (allegedly) did wrong. Unless they’re hoping for a “cover-up” like with Nixon.

  2. Nixon made many mistakes. He sank his own ship. All this opened the door to a true liberal, Jimmy Carter. The mainstream media HATED Carter tremendously. My dad was a friend of the Carters, big time. Personally a friend.

    My father gave up on DC after these attacks on Carter and dropped out of politics after Carter while I went on to annoy the bejesus out of the Bush gang.

    The main story here is, Carter was HONEST. And they hated him. The Bushes were corrupt and the Bilderberg gang loved the Bushes and when the Clintons sold out to the gang, the gang loved the Clintons.

    Everything is run so we cannot keep an eye on the ball, we are yanked from one hysterical story to the next goofy story that means nothing.

  3. Melponeme_k

    “Alexandria’s huge library was destroyed, too.”

    Before it was burnt it was looted. And whatever was looted is now part of the occult. I have no doubt some of the elites are sitting on a dragon’s treasure trove of books we would all love to read.

    What history is, is a bunch of inbred families jostling for supremacy. And believe me, some of them will set the world afire to get what they want. Sometimes, when we hoi polloi get above ourselves and accrue too much power, they will destroy us in any way possible in order to reorder the chess board then start the game anew. Of course, since they have access to real history, they will always start the game a few steps ahead.

    Its all about trade, taxation and sea power. That is the biggest connection. The elite are now in the process of getting rid of their prior strongholds in order to push up China for whatever reason of their own. They did the same to Rome and moved behind the Byzantine Empire. That wasn’t a mistake, Byzantium was very close to the ancient Phoenician Empire.

    The dark ages are dark because this group was busy with sea routes and establishing ties to “Barbarian” Kings. They were doing this even before the fall of Rome. Just follow the sea ports.

  4. Mewswithaview

    The Democrats and their accomplices in the deep state are blind to the major civil unrest across the United States that they are fomenting, their intent does not go beyond the objective of knocking out the interloper (Trump) from the podium so they can resume their looting operations. Here is the interesting thing, the Democrats in power are old and decrepit, they have nothing to offer the population as a whole and neither have the old guard Republicans.

    Everyone who voted for Trump knows why they did, and a large part of it was to to give the bird to the Washington establishment. This no more business as usual is there in the Democrat party as well but towards the extreme left end of the scale. I don’t see a Democrat victory in November since they have nothing but aggravation to offer the voters and I think the population as a whole is not blind to what is happening in Washington and are more likely to form the view that the establishment is attacking them personally and vote accordingly.

    Since I’m not on the ground in the US I can’t read the intentions of those who will vote democrat, but lets say they do motivate enough voters to get a majority in Congress what happens then? Lets say they succeed in their goal of impeaching the president how does half the population that support Trump react? I figure they have opened the door to a military dictatorship in the next decade as the population tries to unite behind a strong man and the military attempts to retain it’s place for all the pork barrels.

  5. Mewswithaview

    Spoiler Alert: Robert Mueller was the US Attorney in Boston in the 1980s.

    As the US Attorney, Mueller knew exactly what was in the FBI files on this case. He would have read them annually before sending those letters to the Parole Board. Therefore, Mueller knew that Joe Barboza and Jimmy Flemmi were the real killers. Mueller lied to the Massachusetts Parole Board to protect Mafia hitmen and to keep innocent men in prison.

    In 2007, two of the surviving men and the estates of the two who died in prison were awarded more than $100 million in a lawsuit against the Justice Department for wrongful imprisonment. Joe Barboza was never punished for the murder of Teddy Deegan, but the American taxpayers were! We paid for the injustice that was perpetuated by the FBI and the DOJ for more than 30 years.

    Robert Mueller’s Dirty Past Comes to Light

  6. Mewswithaview

    Here is a really interesting interview with Newt Gingrich on Trumps America. I found it an interesting viewpoint outside the goldfish bowl of mainstream coverage.

  7. Dirty hands all over everything.

  8. shawntoh

    Once the alien sex fiends take over, then I know we are finished!

  9. Mewswithaview

    Someone took the time to document the relationships between the Trump coup operators and they are all linked by corruption and the Clinton foundation “charity”

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