Violent Hysteria Grips Liberal Nations

The Gateway Pundit: this online publication carries quite a bit of real news.  I find this very interesting, it also has ‘hit pieces’ but this is in a world that is mainstream media publishing nothing but ‘hit pieces’ attacking Trump over every possible iota of whatever they can seize including totally fake scandals while hiding or refusing to discuss real triumphs and changes for the better under Trump’s guidance.  This very much includes the wall to stop massive illegal alien invasions, the mainstream medai supports replacing citizens with hostile foreign entities many of whom openly talk about or do things intended to destroy our nation. This is called ‘treason’ and we have rising violence due to political hysteria like the Jacksonville shooting.


The Jacksonville shooting interests me in several ways.  Young men are making a living, playing video games instead of doing real things.  This is a retreat to fantasyland due to all the forces at work on young white males in particular.  The doors to many types of work are being slammed shut in their faces, nearly all other designated groups now (with Asians beginning to be punished, too) while everyone else gets to the head of the line for scholarships or jobs based on skin color or not being males.


The suicidal shooter in Florida had his emotions fired up by hysterical over-reactive news media scams and he lived inside the DC bubble, his father worked for NASA, an agency rotting away internally, unable to do much of anything, anymore, and his mother was also employed in DC and he was a DC brat.


I am pretty certain his family lived in fear, too, due to DNC policies enabling crime to flourish in all DNC-run cities.  I have lived in several DNC-run cities and all of them had out of control crime which is why I have very extensive experience in arresting people and stopping criminals, it was pure suvivalism at work.  Liberals seem to lack this inherent ability which is why, many years ago, I began talking about why Rome fell to the barbarians.


They just simply couldn’t do anything to protect themselves, they were sheep being led to the slaughter and few of them survived, nearly all people in Europe are ‘non-Romans’ including in Italy.  That is, if they were tribal groups inside the Roman Empire, genetically, they were all what the early Romans called ‘barbarians’.


NASA – Oceans: The Great Unknown:  NASA is seeking excuses to exist.  My father founded AURA, the consortium of observatories which studied the cosmos.  He also was one of the people who made NASA possible.  The very first satellite with a camera used my father’s optics and many observatories used his optics, too.  The excitement about using satellites and space probes to see the universe and our solar system was very exciting and now is considered boring.


NASA went off the cliff, in my estimation, when ‘scientists’ turned into propagandists when they embraced the ‘global warming’ belief system.  Instead of accumulating data and honestly examining, it, they went for covering up information, degrading the data and lying about simple stuff like temperatures.


This, in turn, forced them to lie about solar cycles, lie about the past Ice Ages, lie about many things I grew up learning about via my parents and grandparents who had 100 years of direct observations to back up their theories.  And my poor father told the truth about how the sun, not CO2, controls temperatures and that the sun causes all Ice Ages, the State Machine and the mainstream media turned on him viciously.


So, we live in this messed up world where reality is to be strangled in the cradle lest it causes citizens to make better choices as ‘solutions’ are imposed on us all that cause great harm to our nation.  Huge example is how the DNC and some of the GOP like McCain, wanted to hand over to China and India, all coal/gas use while strangling the use of both here in the US to the vanishing point.


That was treason.  Meanwhile, the treason gang continues endless attacks on Trump:

Yes, they intend to destroy everything.  These calls to arms is alarming and insane.  All one has to do is tell everyone living where winters rage, they won’t roast to death, if the DNC wins, they will freeze to death while being lectured that it is 1.5 degrees warmer now.


Right now, the left is on full attack: Leftists Hold Two Day Long Conference on How to Rip Down ‘Offensive’ Statues.  Do not be fooled by this list.  They made it totally clear, the goal is to wipe out nearly all of US history and to defame nearly all Presidents for one reason or another.  These are Maoists doing this and I tangled with them in the past and my wonderful father openly defied Mad Madame Mao in her face, inside China.  Recognizing these monsters is highly important.


Our ‘schools’ are filled with liberal arts professors who are really communist radicals. No one sane would want to work for peanuts and endure the torture of being abused by highly paid administrators, only Maoist sort of ideologues would do this.  They lust for revenge and hope to take over the schools entirely exactly like when Madame Mao did this to China and teachers were forced to bow to the students and the country was nearly destroyed. Happy days, for a bunch of crazy, hate filled lunatics!


England, like all of Europe, is a mess.  The Satanic celebrations are out of hand and violent and destructive and no one can figure out how to stop this destruction.

Notting Hill Carnival: Fearful residents build BARRICADES around homes | Daily Star


 Police will also be carrying water bottles and acid detecting kits amid fears of a repeat of last year when multiple people were sprayed with a corrosive liquid.  Residents and shop-owners are not taking any chances, with one company saying staff are working 15-hour days to keep up with demand for plywood barriers.


They are preparing for a human hurricane.  The participants know this is a golden opportunity to commit crimes so it has devolved into a looting expedition and not a celebration.


David McClure, a worker at company AES, told MailOnline: “We started on Thursday, we have to do today (Saturday) and we have about 160 shops to board up…It’s disgusting when you come to take it down but the council do clean it up pretty quick. They use these as urinals, it’s disgusting the stuff they leave around.”


The unnamed employee said: “We have had occasions where people have been trying to climb the boarding and get into the garden, because we have an open garden and it would just be smashed. The council board off all their garden spaces, everything is closed off. You can’t be the one that doesn’t.  You get the odd car left out and they are just destroyed or painted. It’s carnage.”


This is happening in the US, too.  Celebrations that are filthy, violent and murderous take over entire communities while the citizens who own property there have to brace for days and days of chaos.  Winning games is also deadly.  People think this is a great excuse for rioting.  The police are quite unable to stop any of this at least in ‘liberal’ cities.  There has to be a degree of fear so people behave themselves.  Just like schools in Western liberal countries are collapsing due to violent students refusing to cooperate with teachers and staff, discipline requires force to be effective.


Crazy leftists use force and terror openly, constantly!!!  Duh!  While screaming that no one else is allowed this behavior.


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4 responses to “Violent Hysteria Grips Liberal Nations

  1. Ken

    The link posted by Elaine indicates that the Notting Hill “festival” is basically an African-Caribbean pagan celebration. But London now has a large Muslim population which is very religious. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a violent backlash by the Muslims against what they would see as pagans. Surely cracking some pagan skulls would be worth a couple of virgins in the afterlife.

  2. Lou

    Gamer turned Shooter.
    I saw his photos and with the name he had, he was a small, ‘beta looking,’ hook nosed Jew,
    David Katz was his name.

    Sorry, but I call em like I see em.

  3. Lou

    off topic, Elaine, you may enjoy this,

  4. Ken, we never ever hear Muslims attacking black people. I know why, too!

    This population is being COURTED by the Muslims!!! I knew a bunch of Muslim clerics in NYC and they would visit the prisons to recruit new members.

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