NY Times Attacks Trump’s Epic Trade Deal With Mexico

The New York Times finally ran stories about the wonderful trade deal Trump hammered in Mexico which undid a lot of GOP/DNC Bilderberg garbage that was rapidly destroying our economic state.  The gang is furious!  All the stories at the NYT explains how evil Trump is for fixing what they, the NYT worked hard to destroy.  That is, American workers and taxpayers who are stuck with the bills due to red ink in trade and the loss of US good paying jobs!  Oh, and Trump doing this while telling the street urchin running Canada to go jump off a cliff, this infuriates our treasonous NYT  gang no end.  How dare he defy them and their foreign buddies!


CPA Statement on US-Mexico Trade Agreement – CPA: this is important news, it gives us the details we need.  Below are some questions about the pact which are still unanswered:


Agriculture: Agricultural goods will purportedly continue receiving zero tariff treatment. Corn and soybean farmers will be supportive because they are net exporters to Mexico. Fruit and vegetable growers as well as cattle producers, however, have suffered from cheap Mexican net imports that have displaced their share of the US consumer market.


We remain hopeful country of origin labeling for meats was included in the deal, though early reports are silent on this issue. Canada and Mexico were the instigators of a World Trade Organization proceeding that wrongly found that America’s country of origin meat labeling rules violated international trade rules. Foreign and multinational food companies oppose informing consumers about where their food comes from.


Section 232 Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum: While early announcements did not discuss the section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum, CPA has heard that the tariffs will remain in place as to Mexico or be shifted to quotas so as to prevent a surge of direct or trans-shipped imports from Mexico.


Misaligned Exchange Rates: Early reports are silent as to whether currency is included in the US-Mexico deal. We look forward to learning more. Whether or not included, America should implement unilateral measures such as charges on excessive foreign capital inflows that drive the US dollar too high. The strong dollar, supported by Wall Street financiers that sell dollar assets, depresses US exports of goods and services and subsidizes imports. The US needs a competitive dollar price to eliminate the trade deficit, increase wages and grow domestic production.


In the comments to this article which brings up some of the issues which our media giants ignore since they want to simply scream hysterically whenever Trump triumphs.  All good questions.  Yesterday, I had the amusement of watching Trump announce the Mexico agreements and the media went nuts, screamed literally in unison, sounded like howling wolves when from one side of the screen, I saw Sarah Huckabee suddenly rise up and pointing to the door, ordered them out of the room.  HAHAHA.  She had a toothy grin on her stern face, I am certain she enjoyed doing this.


Here is a comment to the above article from another supporter of sane systems to prevent economic collapse: Alan Blanes who is part of an organization called ‘Public Banking in Canada’ agrees with Trump’s goals in trade as we saw in the Mexico negotiations:

Alan Blanes

Trade deals that require reciprocal benefit are far better than neoliberal trade deals that replace common law of contract principles with secretive, deceptive, exploitive corporate control deals. Therefore, there is some potential in the new approach that the US government is initiating.


Ultimately, what the people of the world need, is a trade regime that is dedicated to putting the public interest ahead of short term private interests. The framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 should be adopted as a template for building an industrial strategy that will enable social economy customs to achieve such things as enabling the lowest prices in medicines to be made available in all participating countries, utilizing the principles of comparative economic advantage to bring together the best quality of medical technology and services, with the most favourable costs of production. This would enable Goal 3 – improved universal health services geared to achieving wellbeing, to enable international trade to genuinely elevate living standards around the world. This would be a way of applying the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, that has been waiting as a signed addendum to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, since December, 1966.


I would hope that Canada would become a constructive partner with the other 192 countries that signed on to the 17 SDGs in 2015, and would renounce private benefit, pillaging of labour, and the environment, focused trade deals that were part of the Washington Consensus approach to governing international trade, purely for the interests of private financial interests.

Alan Blanes
Organizer – Public Banking in Canada


Note how everything is for everyone in this Canadian’s view yet he lives in a country that funds its services via running trade surpluses with the USA.  I note this guy’s ‘pie in the sky’ musings and goals because of two reasons: all of these fail over time due to bankruptcy and…I belong to the first ‘public bank’ in America, my own bank, SEFCU:  


Established in 1934, today SEFCU is among the 50 largest credit unions in the U.S. with 300,000 members and more than 47 branches in the Capital Region, Binghamton, Syracuse, and Buffalo.


As SEFCU’s membership has grown through the decades, our list of member benefits has grown to include services for every aspect of your financial life: including share drafts, overdraft protection, consumer loans, and much more.


Our employees are committed to making a difference and participate in many community fundraising activities to benefit those in need. We’ve established branches in financially underserved neighborhoods such as Albany’s Arbor Hill and Schenectady’s Hamilton Hill, and have received approval to expand our underserved initiatives to Montgomery and Erie Counties.


At its heart, SEFCU is dedicated to helping members achieve their purpose with a complete range of services designed to meet every financial need.


My husband belonged to SEFCU when he began working for the NY State Museum.  I then drew in all my friends and family and the bank has been growing like crazy over the years this way.  It started out of desperation when all banking basically collapsed in the US panic of 1929.


Here is the website of the Canadian group:  The Bank of Canada: People’s Bank? – Public Banking Institute.


The Public Banking Institute (PBI) was formed in January 2011 as an educational non-profit organization. Its mission is to further the understanding, explore the possibilities, and facilitate the implementation of public banking at all levels — local, regional, state, and national.


PBI’s vision is to establish a distributed network of state and local publicly-owned banks that create affordable credit, while providing a sustainable alternative to the current high-risk centralized private banking system. This network will act in the public interest, using its counter-cyclical credit-generating capacity to stabilize potential credit crises, maintain the floor against threats of asset devaluations, build infrastructure, and fund expansion of critical industrial productive capacity. Most important, public banking will create jobs, by partnering with local banks to fund local business, advancing credit for public infrastructure, and augmenting government revenues.


They must handle money very conservatively and this is important: easy money vanishes easily.  And money sent overseas to save all humanity ends up funding vile despots who rule much of the planet’s people especially the poorly educated or out of control masses such as much of Africa and a huge hunk of Asia and South and Central America.


Many people, many populations view banking as looting expeditions.  Building a good bank, funding it via depositing money there and paying off the loans in full leads to a good, healthy society.  Viewing banks as looting opportunities and I have had epic battles with banks in the chaos of the 1970’s including telling the bank staff, I will stand in the doorway just one block from Wall Street, and will begin yelling what is wrong with the way they handled my bank accounts…it worked, by the way.


Yes, banks were collapsing around me which is why I belong to SEFCU!  It isn’t a stupid bank, it is a people’s bank but it requires people who want to pay their debts and who want to save money!  Doing both of these leads to wealth, doing the opposite leads to bankruptcy.

Krugman thinks he is very, very smart.  He has become dumber with age.  He is older than me and nearly as brain damaged as McCain was last week.  Oh, we may become like Poland or Hungary and protect our borders from freeloading invaders?  HAHAHA.  Thank god most people don’t read the silly NYT.  It is a dying newspaper.


We cannot save the world.  All nations and all tribes and all people have to figure out what is obvious to me.  AND…they don’t.  They want the easy answer and our own nation wants the easy answer, too: print more zeroes on paper money!  Now, the last item here: 

The stupid bitcoin sticks around, bouncing up and down, mostly down over time, as desperate believers pray to the gods that this worthless junk will become very valuable if only WE DESTROY CURRENCIES ENTIRELY due to being stupid about banking which is to borrow money, pay it back in full and save money for the future!  Good lord, systems doing that last a long time.


Fake money doesn’t fix what is wrong, speculative money is very bad.  Money isn’t invested into businesses that grow and do things for civilization, money is spent to buy…MONEY!  Which is a hamsterwheel operation that improves nothing, builds nothing.  And this fake money sucks down energy like a fiend from hell so it is very exploitive in the wrong ways entirely.  It is a vacuum sucking money out of systems.


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6 responses to “NY Times Attacks Trump’s Epic Trade Deal With Mexico

  1. shawntoh


    According to this article, banks may become “obsolete” because of the mobile payment apps. What do you think? It says–

    “….The future of consumer payments may not be designed in New York or London but in China.

    There, money flows mainly through a pair of digital ecosystems that blend social media, commerce and banking—all run by two of the world’s most valuable companies.

    That contrasts with the U.S., where numerous firms feast on fees from handling and processing payments. Western bankers and credit-card executives who travel to China keep returning with the same anxiety:

    Payments can happen cheaply and easily without them…”

    SOURCE: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-payment-systems-china-usa/

  2. Zeke

    Epic? Moderate nibbling around the edges of a trade treaty that should have been modified or regotisted two decades ago. There should be a standard, pro forma, five year review of any trade treaty to see how it’s performing in practice and no trade treaty should be ‘in perpetuity’ because conditions change over time.
    To that extent – Trump deserves credit.

  3. Neep Hazarika

    YES.ONLY economic migrants with skill sets who can CONTRIBUTE to society shud be let in. NOT useless refugees or asylum seekers.

  4. Lou

    3– robotics is the future. workers wont be needed, will they?

  5. Zeke

    There are citizens’ riots in eastern Germany protesting the killing of a German citizen by two middle eastern refugees.
    Holland is turning back some Syrian refugees whose views of life are not comparable with Western values (approval of honor killings, stoning of sexual minorities, beheading of women who show their hair, etc.)
    So, hostile environment in their native country will no longer be the sole key to admission to Western countries.
    So maybe things have finally changed for the better.

  6. Macron is pushing back, demanding more invaders be let into Europe.

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