Trump’s Commission On Censorship Infuriates Bilderberg Gang Media Giants Like Google

Livestream: Trump’s Presidential Commission On Censorship Will Save America


Google is refusing to talk to Congress about blatant censorship.  DC is trying to understand ‘Russian meddling’ in the election which saw immense meddling by California liberal big businesses that hate Trump.  Google has screwed with me all year long, for example.  I want Google punished.  Also, CNN claims ANTIFA is a black power movement and it is racist to say ANTIFA is evil.  HAHAHA.  And South Africa’s new ruler is going to confiscate guns and land which is OK for liberals here who want to do the same.


CNN Analyst Says It’s Racist to Criticize Antifa Because They’re an “African-American” Group

The mainstream media is finally going utterly insane.  I watched them turn ANTIFA into an innocent group interested in democracy during this summer after the super secret Bilderberg meeting in Virginia which I talk about a great deal for this cemented the propaganda regime for this election, in discussions with foreign powers who want Trump overthrown due to his trade policies.


All of Europe’s leaders except a very few want one way trade.  Canada’s liberal government wants one way trade.  Mexico wanted it, too.  China is desperate for one way trade.  This is a menace to our civilization and the liberals want to destroy US jobs, US economy, US trade and replace citizens with illegal aliens.


MSNBC, CNN Defend Antifa, Claim Trump ‘Rationalizes’ And ‘Urges’ Violence: they are no longer hiding it, they openly want our nation utterly destroyed by violent leftists.


Despite the countless examples of Antifa engaging in violence toward its political ends, MSNBC host Chuck Todd insisted that the President was echoing crazed “conspiracies” of “Trump voters” and claimed Antifa was only “an issue in Portland, Oregon” and “some places else,” adding “this is not a giant issue.”


Lying about obvious dangers is criminal.  I believe liberal media has now decisively chosen the road to power via open, blatant lying.


“If it’s Tuesday, President Trump is warning there will be violence if Republicans lose the midterms,” Todd said, adding “the President is apparently trying to scare voters into wanting to support the GOP.”


Um, the entire left has made it crystal clear, they will use force.


“I think he just wants to rationalize violence,” Todd declared.


Downplaying obvious and open leftist violence while at the same time, claiming the right is violent is fraud.  Open fraud.  And all this runs alongside demands the populace be disarmed. I have guns, we hunt and we use guns to stop bears, coyotes and trespassers.


Here is a blast from the past as the NYT and mainstream media hammer Trump for not loving McCain who has become in the last two years, their hero.  Here is the NYT just a few years ago, talking about the evil McCain guy:

HAHAHA…notice how the NYT back then claimed that McCain was ‘partisan’ whereas they and their ilk are not ‘partisan’ at all.

Funny, how McCain was venal, evil and nasty and then suddenly has courage, honor and decency.  The mainstream media hopes we are all brain damaged and can’t remember recent events.  They go way out of the way to lie about the past so they can control the future.  This is straight out of the ‘1984’ playbook.


Donald Trump Taunts Florida Democrats for Nominating Socialist Andrew Gillum: yes, the DNC is going full communist this election.  Like all good communists, the Controllers hope to keep a grip on power and then screw their own supporters but thanks to control of media, courts and government systems, can then exploit their supporters and cage everyone in a gigantic prison society.


“Not only did Congressman Ron DeSantis easily win the Republican Primary, but his opponent in November is his biggest dream,” Trump marveled on Twitter. “A failed Socialist Mayor named Andrew Gillum who has allowed crime & many other problems to flourish in his city.”


Gillum is black.


Gillum surprised the Democrat establishment in Flordia with a primary victory. He was endorsed by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and ran on a platform of universal health care, a $15 an hour minimum wage, abolishing ICE, and repealing Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” gun defense law.


As Land Confiscations Loom, South Africa Rules 300,000 Gun-Owners Turn Over Their Weapons: all leftist government disarm citizens.


Reports: FBI Admits it Leaks to Media, Then Uses Stories to Get Warrants | Breitbart: and this story isn’t making headlines in mainstream media.  It is getting boring, finding out how little news makes it over the Great Wall of Lies.  The schemes cooked up by crooked DNC FBI staff put in places of power by Obama are endless.


Now on to DNC schools: Parents Fight Back After Atlanta School Replaces ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ With Oath to ‘Global Society’: the school leaders want to eliminate patriotism:


Lara Zelski, principal of Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School recently announced that in an effort to be a more inclusive community, the students will also pledge an oath to their community and global society.


Zelski proposed creating a pledge based on “students’ civic responsibility to their school family, community, country and our global society,” reported


Thankfully the parents fought back and the controversy grabbed the attention of Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, resulting in a reversal of the anti-American policy.


This is behind the ‘disrespect the flag’ nonsense in the NFL which it taking a gigantic hit in popularity due to siding with anti-American players.  Then there is the Portland schools that are openly pushing communist propaganda on children: Portland School Teachers Given “Social Justice” Guides – Praising Islam, Che Guevara, Black Panthers!


You can reach Portland Public Schools superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero at (503) 916-3200.


Amazing, the universities have been taken over by communists who teach their insane ideology.  Any sane person looking at history can see the ugly path of socialism when it veers into communism.  Even ‘functional’ socialist countries like say, Sweden, collapse within just two generations into chaos and loss of civil rights and outright cities put to the torch.


Look at America!  DNC cities with lots of welfare money, etc. all end up identical: put to the torch, out of control thugs roaming the streets openly, killing, looting and raping citizens, the cities collapse into chaos and loss of taxes, etc.


It is easy to see how this ends!  Why do people fall for it?  Oh, it is the ‘easy money/no work’ ethic.  The path to hell is wide and paved and the path to virtue is stony and hard.


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6 responses to “Trump’s Commission On Censorship Infuriates Bilderberg Gang Media Giants Like Google

  1. Saint Mike

    Websites / Blogs are being taken down. Shut down. Silenced.

    Because some Paki programmer in India sees something he thinks breaks the guidelines and wants to impress his Bellevue, WA SJW boss , off with your head. Anyone of you could be next.

    ” one blog/ comment silenced is a tragedy, a million blogs and comments silenced is a statistic”

    It has begun. Socialist-Democratic-Communist America is here.

  2. ziff

    there will be alternatives , direct email for one [ i get jones news that way now ] and there are some decentralized solutions [ kinda like block chain i guess[

  3. KHS71

    Please do not refer to them as “Democratic”. They are not. They are essentially left wing thugs and narrow minded bigots. They are not liberal. Real liberal allow all speech. Elaine is close to a real liberal. Her type went away years ago. What is appalling is their inability to see themselves in a mirror. Maybe they really are vampires. And then they have the audacity to call themselves intellectuals. I truly am concerned about my grand children and great grand children. They are 2, 4, and 5. What will they see in 20 years. I will not be here. Too old.

  4. shawntoh


    Appreciate your insights as always and–

    As you have pointed out, Portland, Oregon eventually will be leveled like San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and it will be a long time before it recovers especially if it happens during an mini-Ice Age in the next decade.

    All I can say to anyone anymore about the “American Way of Life” is–

    “Enjoy all the scenery, while you can, on the way down– to the crashing waves of doom below [on the rocks]! –Shawntoh”


    Sources cited above–

  5. It is, for all people, probably the hardest right move – only next to obtaining married.
    Evasion gains you with a stretch in jail. However, not all
    of us have the natural ability additional medications .
    people laugh.

  6. Lou

    Start at 3 minutes, Google hates Yt [whitey],

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