Alex Jones Wins Battle With Bilderberg Internet Kings

Click here to see Alex Jones: “Trump Releases Viral Video – #StopTheBias”


The President made it totally clear late yesterday, all the giant Bilderberg corporations better cease banning American citizens from using their systems to access audiences online.  Google and Facebook and other evil organizations began wholesale banning of citizens who are even slightly conservative.  They hoped to divide and conquer by telling future victims, only the ‘bad’ guys would be censored and then censored people like…Trump, himself!  Now, these clowns are in full retreat and are promising to stop censoring everyone else.


Too late!  New systems are rising and many top performers online are putting their work on other platforms due to the capricious behavior of the tech giants.  These clowns running various websites thought they were all-powerful.

Poll: 32% of Conservatives Leaving Facebook Over Censorship


According to the poll conducted by the Media Research Center, 32% of self-described conservatives who use Facebook have left or are considering leaving the platform due to political censorship.


These Silly Con Valley Clowns think their websites are powerful and eternal. But they are mere websites just like my own little site here.  Previous giant service websites failed miserably when mistreating customers and the big techie giants today have decided to drive customers away.


It isn’t just them.  NFL football decided to alienate 50% of their customers and many have walked away and now the entire business is tottering and may even collapse and this seemed impervious to any destruction until players began playing ‘black power’ politics with Trump.


Many liberal operations are now in the red thanks to attacking 50% of their customers.  Hollywood is now hurting, for example.  Broadway plays are going down, hard, too.  Comix publishers are facing bankruptcy.  It is everywhere and the same message: mess with conservatives and their wallets go shut.


Additionally, 66% of conservative users agree they don’t trust Facebook to treat users equally and and fairly regardless of political beliefs.  Another 65% stated they believe major tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter deliberately censor conservative content.


Considering how heavily our news is censored by the Bilderberg gang, these numbers are amazing.  It grew on the ground with little fanfare or help by anyone, it is a classic grassroots operation.

Trump Provides Example of Google Bias After Being Called Liar

Trump, himself, as President, gave Google’s giggling gaggle of goofballs a hard lesson in real life.  These cheeky young gits mocked Trump when he explained how Google was shadowbanning him and then he produced a fine example of this: every year, Obama’s State of the Union speech was featured by Google’s opening page so everyone could click on it.


Every State of the Union speech by Trump, on the other hand, was left blank.    This was utterly childish of Google but then, Christmas was left blank, too, while made-up ‘black power’ Xmas greetings were posted with artwork by Google staff.  This refusal to celebrate Presidential birthdays especially George Washington and Lincoln while celebrating various black power/women’s rights characters is typical of the radical leftists running Google.


They actively hate America and want our nation eliminated as a nation.  France’s Macron urges EU to shun nationalism – BBC News:


He urged the EU to renew its commitment to democracy, in a passionate speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
“I don’t want to belong to a generation of sleepwalkers that has forgotten its own past”, he said.


Macron is delusional.  His country has been invaded by foreign shock troops who riot frequently and harass visitors and citizens and these interlopers have created a major terror/crime wave regime that is systematically destroying France and…he is unrepentant.


He wants all of Europe to ape him as he obeys Bilderberg demands.  He wants to eliminate all patriotism and replace this with cowardice, surrender monkey business.


Populists dominated recent elections in states like Hungary and Italy, fuelled by the continuing EU migrant crisis.  Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban returned to power with a landslide victory earlier this month while Eurosceptic parties caused a political earthquake in Italy in March.


So, what is Macron doing this week?  Macron’s popularity PLUMMETS: French President hits new low with people – shock poll shows | World | News |  HAHAHA…he doubles down on the demands Europe surrender!


Specifically, he is still demanding Poland and Hungary and several other nations take in a total of around 2 million more invaders!  (1) Shocked vacationers come face to face with boat full of migrants on beach this month:

And from a month earlier:

This happens every day and Macron’s solution is to give the invaders money and food and allow them to commit crimes.  France’s tourist trade is collapsing due to aliens attacking visitors nonstop at all the tourist hot spots, for example.

(1) Germany Rising? Thousands March in Chemnitz – YouTube

Germany is on its knees now but unlike France, some Germans are actually fighting back now.  About time.  Here is a video of a German mother who is a leftist with purple hair, nose ring, etc. looking freaky, complaining about her child being the only other non-Muslim in his kindergarden class.

(1) Germans Have To Integrate With Migrants! Only 2 Kids out of 25 Are German in Nursery School! – YouTube


Liberals across the planet are offering free food, free money, disarming citizens and free medical care and you get all this with a collapse of society, mass starvation, no more hospitals with even basic services due to everything being looted, and the miserable deaths of millions of victims of this crazy ideology that claims there are no borders and no citizens at all and above all, no free speech.


This is disgusting because the desire for free goodies always, always ends badly and history is crystal clear about this yet people still fall for this over and over again.  At least in the US and parts of Europe, people are aware of this and fighting back, finally.




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14 responses to “Alex Jones Wins Battle With Bilderberg Internet Kings

  1. Melponeme_k

    “Google and Facebook and other evil organizations began wholesale banning of citizens who are even slightly conservative. They hoped to divide and conquer by telling future victims, only the ‘bad’ guys would be censored and then censored people like…”

    This behavior is nothing new. When I joined VR and Game sites at the beginning, the companies behaved EXACTLY the same. EXACT. Banning left and right without explanation. Sometimes it was warranted, sometimes it was due to user fighting and other times it was the company itself wanting to ghost inconvenient customers. Well, this ploy FAILED time and time again. But they still kept doing it. I suppose in their minds, if they caused a few hours, days, weeks even months inconvenience to their “enemies” it was all worth it. Even if they failed and had to let the customer back into the system.

    And maybe they are right? Because the change that is being enforced is tiny and incremental.

    It is a classic MIND CONTROL ploy. It was taught to the early Sillycon Valley people waaaaaay back in the 70s when they were all members of Erhard’s EST cult. The meetings centered on using the pain threshold to break through people’s personality defenses basically their civilized beahavior. Obviously peeing their pants and being mocked by CIA handlers made a big impression on the Sillycon crowd. Now they do it to us. And when we break, they move in with little bits of social engineering.

    Luckily we are all on to their old bag of tricks now.

    I remember way back in the 70s, these groups (including Scientology/Dianetics) would set up display tables at department stores. I was just a 7 or 8 year old but I would stop by the tables and start reading their propaganda. I wasn’t curious, I was just playing head games. Just when they started to get creeped out by my creepy ways, my Mom would pull me away. They never even tried to get her involved, they just wanted me away from their table. I was queering their pitch. Which was what I intended. HAHAHAHA!

  2. Lou

    Silly Con Valley –funny.

  3. Petruchio

    @#1 mel: Well done. Great job on the mind control types in the CIA.

  4. Petruchio

    “Many liberal operations are now in the red thanks to attacking 50% of their customers. Hollywood is now hurting, for example. Broadway plays are going down, hard, too. ” I wonder how long these folks are gonna bleed financial red. Hollywood is creatively bankrupt and has been so for a long, long time. Everything is a sequel movie. “Fast and Furious”. “Star Wars”. Just to name two. Took nephew to see “Christopher Robin” the other day. What a bizarre movie! I got the message of the movie: always focus on what’s important, etc. But can’t Hollywood come up with the same message, but in a more modern format? The second half of the story takes place immediately after WW2. I guess Holly weird doesn’t want to bring up any history from 1950 onwards.

  5. Melponeme_k


    They don’t change formats because long ago they set their mind control scripts using certain stories, images and dialogue.

    They can’t allow anything new because it won’t fit in with the mind control paradigm that they have set up to implant behavior in us.

    All these mind control signals have been embedded in our media since the 1950s, some say even earlier. We self select the programming we like and the signals inside those pieces of entertainment (whether it be music, movies, books etc.) are constantly giving us directions on how to act.

    Take Christopher Robin for instance.

    It is a story of a mind controlled slave that is WAKING UP from his mind control script.

    In this scenario, Winnie the Pooh is acting like a Guardian Program that goes out into the “world” AKA contacting the Front Alter (alter that deals with day to day life) to get this malfunctioning slave back on the path and back to what the handlers want him to do.

    What is the ultimate outcome of the story? Mind Control slave, Christopher Robin, disassociates and goes back to his internal fantasy world. A fantasy world that was built on trauma torture that broke his mind and turned him into a slave.

    This film, like all Disney films, is chock full of real trauma based mind control symbols and trigger words/phrases.

    Who chose the film? Whoever chose it will give you insight into what kind of programming they are attracted to and will accept from the Elites.

    This film seems to be an amalgamation of similar programming themes in Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Marionette/Pinocchio.

  6. ziff

    Mel , maybe a bit more to it ?

  7. Melponeme_k


    The mythological and archetypes are the foundation. The Elites have built specific meanings on top of that foundation.

    Marionette Programming is a depiction of the Slave relationship to the Programmer.



    What is Pinocchio depicted to do? He ran away from his Programmer. He got lost, ignored his own intuition (the cricket) and got into Boy’s Town (reference to sexual trauma based torture). He experiences a massive reset (Blue Fairy) to his control system which brings him back to his Programmer.

  8. Jim R

    In those Spanish beach videos, you are not supposed to notice that the boat is full of Negroes and the beach is full of Europeans. (“if you could pay no attention to that it’d be greeaat” — your local bilderberg rep)

    Also they are all twenty-something men. They aren’t all that thin, either. Those aren’t refugees, it is an invasion!

  9. Yup, an obvious invasion. Looks like D-Day.

  10. shawntoh

    Gee Elaine,

    Why is this German granny so upset? Could Sen. Poco-Haunt-Us tell us? Could she?

  11. Zeke

    Australia now considers the vessels loaded with refugee aliens to be ‘invaders’ and tow the vessels back out to sea – to some island nearby.
    Sweden has an emerging party whose goal is preserving Swedish culture. This was heightened in the aftermath of a coordinated attack across Sweden when scores of vehicles were set on fire near alien refugee settlement areas for reasons unknown.
    Of course, much of MSM labels such stances as ‘right wing’ or intolerant or xenophobic or ignorant. Much of ‘the resistance’ seems to be organic grass roots people. The ‘elite’ leaders are awol.

  12. shawntoh

    “Sweden: Rape Capital of Europe…”, Sargon reports–

    Yes, it’s “The Dystopia Next Door”–

  13. Neep Hazarika

    Yes, I am an immigrant from India in the UK, but I do NOT dress weird, or do yabba-dabba-doo in weird places of worship. I INTEGRATE, and encourage my children to do the same. I do not stand out at all. In fact, I am the ONLY Indian in a all-white neighbourhood, ‘cos I WANTED my children to be part of the host society.

  14. Integration was always a key force in creating citizens.

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