Bilderberg Movie About Neil Armstrong Leaves Out Planting US Flag On Moon

Neil Armstrong biopic leaves out moment he plants US flag on moon | Daily Mail Online both my father and father-in-law were friends back in the 1960s’s.  I own a piece of the moon that was given to me via Neil Armstrong.  It is amazingly light and airy, not dense.  I suspect the lower gravity caused rocks melted by meteor strikes to not be compressed like on earth.  The reason the flag was cut from the movie is ‘no one cares, who needs it?’  Also, I notice that yet another mainstream organization has staff who are rude, crude and horrible and never are fired or punished if they are SJW nasty people.


First Man – from the Oscar-winning director of La La Land Damian Chazelle – opened the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday.  Starring Ryan Gosling as Armstrong, the film begins in 1961 as the US trails the Soviet Union in the space race and takes viewers up to the Moon landing in 1969.But while Gosling does declare the moment ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,’ critics have noted the absence of the stars and stripes in the film, the Telegraph reports.


Gosling, 37, said he believes the Moon landing was widely seen as a ‘human achievement’ and that’s what the film reflects.


This is how internationalists kill patriotism.  All forms of patriotism is to be mocked, people waving the American or British flags are attacked, the police won’t protect them when SJW rioters destroy the American flags they steal, all this is about pretending we are not a nation but are all atomized individuals who have zero connection with each other.


This is the very stark difference between the DNC and GOP: the DNC hates patriotism and the GOP half, is very patriotic and half are halfwits who would rather hang out with Bilderberg gangsters than patriots.


Now on to Comicgate: the people who draw and write patriotic comics have been driven out of Marvel and DC comics and so they have started their own businesses which are now thriving at an amazing rate so the Marvel/DC gang is attacking anyone who supports the renegade comics creators by calling everyone filthy names, cussing and threatening violence and in today’s case, sending an obscene picture of his anus to Ethan Van Sciver.

Ethan, always a gentleman, decided to use this latest personal attack on his success as a self-published author, decided to fundraise for men who have cancer in the sexual organs and raised $10,000 is less than two hours.

SJW Comic Book Pros Are FILLED With Hate & They Can’t Control Themselves – YouTube

I watched it unfold in real time and it was amazing the kind, honest efforts of Ethan to do something constructive.  All the SJW types destroying movies and comics and sports…etc. are rude, crude, violent and disgusting.  The New York Times still hasn’t fired the Asian lady who threatened, was obscene, who demanded racist elimination of all ‘white men’ and she still sits on the editorial board!


Disgusting in the extreme.  I used to mock the NYT every day but now I am so horrified and disgusted by their staff, I can’t bear to read the front page anymore.  My stomach turns.


None of this makes mainstream news.  That system of ‘news’ is in utter darkness, the Dark Side of the Moon at New Moon.  This pure evil is obvious and is ignored by mainstream creeps and no surprise, they are all horrible, irritable and deranged people best avoided.


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4 responses to “Bilderberg Movie About Neil Armstrong Leaves Out Planting US Flag On Moon

  1. shawntoh

    “I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn’t Work”–

  2. shawntoh

    “….I’ve Seen the Future and I’ve Left it Behind….”

  3. Petruchio

    The underlying emotion, the Driving Force of the SJW crowd is HATRED. They should be rejected out of hand. That aside, sooner or later the worm turns so to speak. The SJW crowd lives by hatred, their movement will die by hatred. The SJW crowd is outnumbered. They will find this fact out sooner or later.

  4. Zeke

    Boycott movie.

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