Muslim Terrorists Increase Attacks On Churches In Europe And Asia

Berlin: Attackers Hurl Stones at Church While Shouting “Allahu Akbar”:

Muslims believe in jihad.  So Europe invited…hell…the US and all NATO allies…invited many millions of Muslims to relocate to non-Muslim countries.  Lo and behold, Muslim terror followed closely.  All of this happened after a gang of Muslims ‘training to be pilots’ destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon in a terror attack.  Now, we have regular Muslim attacks on governments, citizens and religious sites.  This is happening all over the world.  Churches in countries run by Muslims are also being attacked regularly, too.  The DNC solution to all this is to import more Muslims.


Six individuals threw stones at the windows of the St. Simeon Church in Kreuzberg on Wednesday night. The stones “damaged the building” according to one report and the culprits fled the scene.  The attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar,” which means ‘God is great’ in Arabic throughout the incident.


An added irony is that the church in question declared itself to be a ‘refugee-friendly’ church in 2015, offering advice to migrants in Arabic.  “We want to give them a voice and a space in which they can actively contribute their ideas and interests, develop and fulfill their own plans,” said a statement released by the church at the time.

So, this German congregation certainly helped these invaders to ‘develop and fulfill their own plans’.  Polls show that recent Muslim ‘immigrants’ believe in Islam’s orders to conquer non-Muslims.  So we are inviting into our countries, people who want to destroy our civilization.  This is insanity.


FBI arrests five New Mexico compound suspects days after multiple charges were dropped: these Muslim immigrants who decided to be terrorists, were let out free again after being arrested due to New Mexico being run by Democrats who hate borders, hate the USA and want to see chaos.  But the FBI stepped in with Federal charges which is why we are fortunate the DNC has zero power in DC right now.  They desperately want to regain power so they can flood the nation with more foreigners who hate America.


Sweden: More Cars Torched, Anti-Migration Candidates Attacked: More cars torched in Sweden before election: Intelligence Fusion on Twitter: “10 vehicles damaged by fire overnight in Trollhättan – 4 cars completely destroyed – No arrests made as yet.


I used to use the New York Times and Washington Post to talk about events but for the last two years, both papers absolutely refuse to report any real news at all.  It is all nonstop attacks on Trump and anyone associated with him, nitpicking to death everything and lying about substantial issues on top of nitpicking.


Intelligence Fusion (@IntellFusion) | Twitter has further news from dying Sweden:

This is news from just the last hour.  I wonder if this will be reported in the US?  I am betting that mainstream news will not discuss this news at all.  Visitors to Sweden who don’t track jihadists probably think the country is still safe.  This is due entirely to mainstream news refusing to tell us vital information.


More news from the EU:

The Muslim mayor of London like the radical leftist mayor of NY City, thinks crime is OK.  He is perfectly fine with high crime rates so long as the criminal element doesn’t strike him, personally.  First, these gangsters disarm legal citizens, they let in a flood of illegal aliens and then let the aliens attack.  Sit back and enjoy the destruction as citizens flee these cities, turning them over entirely to criminals.


Many US cities, after being deindustrialized, were turned over to populations which actively destroyed these once-thriving cities but were kept limping along in and out of bankruptcy because these are farms for liberal politicians to gain power for themselves.  All, while living in safe ‘white’ noncrime suburbs.


Not one DNC politician lives in the hoods they created, they all run off to safe areas where their voters are not allowed to roam wild.


Intelligence Fusion (@IntellFusion) | Twitter is a very interesting site.  I will use it alot now!  More breaking news as of this morning:


A mass murderer terrorist in Peru who killed 11 police in a bombing attack has finally been arrested.  Here is another story from today at this interesting site:

Yes, the DNC hopes to import as many people as possible from these areas so we can enjoy the same level of crimes.  The responsibility to keep alien criminals out of our country has been destroyed by the DNC because they want a flood of aliens to come here to keep them in power while at the same time, chase law abiding citizens from major cities.


Trump is bringing home manufacturing that was shipped out of the country and this is reviving many communities including my own here in upstate New York.  His great success in this infuriates the left who are double down now about sex stuff since this is all they have left as a tool aside from outright murder.


Last news here today: hurricanes are forming again in the Atlantic and the Pacific, which has a much higher rate of hurricane formation, continues to see these storms target Hawaii.




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6 responses to “Muslim Terrorists Increase Attacks On Churches In Europe And Asia

  1. Jim R

    It’s hurricane and storm season, but it doesn’t look like a particularly active one.

    Ten or fifteen years ago, the weather map would have those things lined up like a queue at the supermarket. Katrina had already done its damage by this date, and Rita was not far behind, wrecking oil platforms in the Gulf.

    I think there was one year in that time when they used up the whole alphabet and had to start over with an ‘A’ name for the storms.

  2. Lou

    All White countries will be lands where Whites are a minority, if Jews have their way.
    Study who is behind things like USAs 1965 Immigration Act. Behind Ted and LBJ were Hart, Celler, Javits.

  3. fred mrozek

    What percentage of “muslim terrorists” are actually employed and run by intel agencies? There are occasionally interesting admissions or events which suggest the number is close to unity. T Victor Ostrovsky admitted the Mossad was running the cell the hijacked the Achille Lauro. A new book reveals Israel ran the FLLF that attempted to murder our Ambassador (he sinned by meeting PLO members) and who waged a horrendous campaign of car bombings in Beirut which to this day form the foundation of western perceptions of muslim or Islamic terrorists. The King David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, the Liberty, 9/11, etc. etc. Then there was the date in 2014, November I think when Netanyahu, or whatever his real Polish name is, threatened France for recognizing Palestine whereupon began a year of terrorist attacks in France many of which involved terrorists bringing their passports with them! 🙂 I’d bet a $100 that, if the truth ever comes out about terrorism in our lifetimes, we will learn it has been mostly synthetic and brewed up in the Mossad and its subordinate CIA.

  4. EVERYONE uses Muslims to be terrorists including Muslim dictators. This is because Muslims happily want to participate in doing this.

  5. Christian W

    @ 4

    Not everyone is using Muslim terrorism. Russia is not using Muslim terrorism but America and vassal states are, and American patriots and Special Forces are happy to provide the terrorists with weapons, training, intelligence and PR support. There is no Muslim terrorism without US support fed by the Petrodollar system.

    Stop it at your American end, THEN complain. The real victims of US sponsored terrorism are MUSLIMS, not Americans or even Europeans who hardly have been hit in comparison. “Muslim terrorism” is a US Foreign Policy tool and has been since the 1970s.

  6. Lou

    This is in upstate NY. Sad. Such a beautiful place.
    Dangerous stuff,

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