McCain Funeral: Bilderberg Gang Reveals They Are Both DNC and GOP Elites

Barack Obama On John McCain: ‘We Never Doubted We Were On The Same Team’ | NBC News – YouTube


The Bilderberg gang buried one of their own, McCain.  Obama gave a heart rending speech at the funeral and skipped over all the attacks on McCain he and his gang made during the election but then, after the election of Trump who is NOT a member of the Bilderberg gang, suddenly McCain was a Democrat and fighting Trump tooth and nail alongside fellow Bilderbergers.  The mainstream media is playing this up like crazy telling citizens, the DNC and GOP both hate Trump and insofar as the people in Congress who are big Bilderberg gangsters, yes, they are on the same team which is why both the DNC and GOP constantly, in the past, let down voters with all sorts of goofy excuses that they can’t push legislation through.

Until Trump is doing this every week!  Oh no!  People might figure out the difference between ‘ruling elites’ and ‘voting citizens’.  Both the DNC and GOP co-conspirators want floods of illegal aliens and the destruction of US manufacturing cities and fake elections or poorly run elections because this is how they all stay in power!

The pretense of having two parties breaks down periodically.  I have often supported and voted for third parties because of anger about the secret deals the DNC and GOP make with each other.  Having played power politics in the past, I know how the Machine works.  When I went to Congress to present them with the ‘Uniform Voting Act’ they pretended to be interested in December, 2000 but the minute the Supreme Court ruled that counting votes DOESN’T COUNT…Congress cheered and cheerfully went off using the corrupted, inept system already in place that is a wild patchwork of voting systems and which many DNC cities run without checking identification as a citizen being a huge part of this fraudulent mess.

Excellent Obama Attack Ad Against McCain – YouTube

Nothing was fixed after 2000.  Worse, when this last election happened, the same DNC/GOP Bilderberg gang in media and government colluded in screaming that this election was…a fraud!!!  And what reforms are being suggested by these same howling baboons?


NOTHING!  Nothing at all!  ‘Impeach the winner’ is their only ‘solution’.  This is like fixing a broken leg by shooting the victim.  Here is today’s New York Times regular attack on Trump as the top story…this happens every day nearly without failure at this point:

They are still desperately peddling this fake story while ignoring Russian funds that flowed to Obama and Clinton!  This tiresome story continues out of pure desperation.  My disgust with the NYT has reached such a point, I am actively forcing myself to look at that disgusting ‘news’ site.


Families are busted apart by politics, friends drop friends over political battles…meanwhile, our ‘leaders’ pretend to also be fighting for something when in reality, they are in collusion with each other.  They have many secret organizations and meetings that are kept totally out of view for fear citizens will figure out this is all fake, this is all a scam.


Trump is blowing all this up, I noticed over time that each time the mass media/Congress old timers attack him, he goes out and gives increasingly popular speeches.  All the venues are packed and people watch these speeches in full online.  Nothing is passing through the hands of the Bilderberg gang!  Trump wins via talking directly to voters, directly to citizens and talks about what citizens want, not forcing them to accept Bilderberg solutions to problems.


In Europe and North America there is a real uprising against the plot to flood all these countries with hostile aliens who openly hate us and want to destroy our countries.  This suicidal measure by the Bilderberg gang is a sign of desperation: they can no longer keep in power via pleasing people so they resort to attacking people and driving them out or killing them all, outright.


Gypsies collect tons of garbage for a fee then abandon it all forcing locals to clean up giant messes:

England has let various invading groups to run riot just like here in the US.  Liberals think this is cute.  It isn’t cute, it is very destructive.


Another breaking story:300 Million in Aid to Pakistan Cancelled Over Lack of Progress Fighting Militants – YouTube

Trump is also forcing Canada to renegotiate trade now that he succeeded with Mexico.  This is another big battle Trump will win and the NY Times and mainstream media will scream bloody murder when he wins, they hate bringing back jobs to America and redusing our trade deficit.


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6 responses to “McCain Funeral: Bilderberg Gang Reveals They Are Both DNC and GOP Elites

  1. Mewswithaview

    It probably drove McCain insane with rage that an interloper who was not a member of the Republican country club succeeded being elected as president of the United States where he failed miserably despite having what he considered all the right establishment credentials. Hillary Clinton also considered herself the most qualified candidate.

    The public relations agency that he hired did an an impressive job getting his death catapulted into the headlines across the main stream media. Even local newspapers in countries outside the United States carried news of his impending death. I notice that several places had to close the comments section on him and the majority of negative comments towards him came from Republican voters.

    McCain is buried now along with his buddies from ISIS. Hopefully there is no one of his insanity to take his place and the governor of Arizona delivers the final insult by not appointing McCains relatives to the vacant seat, which was probably a key goal behind this week theatre.

  2. Saint Mike

    The state funeral for this corrupt open borders warmonger sociopath is nauseating, good riddance cuck.

    The pompous theatrics and phony solemnity shows that the old era is over, and that Trump is the future of America.

    “John McCain represented a different type of American politics, that sadly, is on its way out.”

    Yeah. That was kinda the point of November, 2016.

  3. vengeur

    The best quote for me was to hear murdering warmonger John McAnus eulogized as a “Warrior for Peace”.

  4. vengeur

    You can really see how Trump’s victory gnawed at John McAnus until it literally killed him. Looking at the rage oozing out of his daughter Cindy at the funeral, you can see that the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  5. Mewswithaview

    You must realise that for months John McCain planned to make this funeral about him, yet President Trump who was not present became the centre of attention. Satan has a weird sense of humour.

  6. The Bilderberg funeral is backfiring.

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