Illegal Invaders Kill Lots Of Germans…Merkel Calls Patriots ‘Nazis’

Number of Germans killed by foreigners highest in years – police: Merkel and her childless buddies in the Bilderberg EU decided to let in an army of illegal aliens who were mostly from very hostile, angry Muslim countries to replace the missing children that EU females no longer have.  This, in turn, is going to turn the EU into a terrible mess over time, possibly very vicious ethnic battles along the lines of the collapsing Roman Empire.  Trump is trying to stop the armies of invading illegal aliens and this ticks off our Real Rulers no end, they intend to get rid of Trump and punish anyone who is against this open invasion.


As thousands of people gathered for an anti-racism concert in Chemnitz on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to speak out against hate.


“These people who march and are prone to violence – some have also shamelessly shown their closeness to Nazism – they stand neither for Chemnitz nor for Saxony overall, nor are they ‘the people,’” her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said.


Yes, the communists and the Bilderberg gang are definitely in an alliance which is insane but then, all communist rulers live in huge palaces and fly private jets, etc. just like the super rich elites!  They are one and the same only under the communist/Bilderberg alliance, the lowest working class and the welfare recipients all get to starve to death or be tortured and killed in work camps.


Migrant Who Stabbed Two American Tourists Cites Criticism of Islam as Motive


Public prosecutors have revealed that the suspect, 19-year-old Jawed S., traveled from Germany to the Netherlands to carry out the attack “because he thinks that the Prophet Muhammad, the Koran and Islam are frequently offended here.”


The tsunami of violence crashing over Europe…the cartoon from Infowars’ artist, Grrr Graphics – Official Ben Garrison Cartoons at the top of this page is a great summary of what this means.  This is a classic ‘barbarian invasion of an empire’ that history has many, many examples.


One would imagine that existing empires could learn from history!  But no, they never, ever learn.  All imperial rulers think they are geniuses and utterly powerful and they end up fearing their own people so they import aliens to run things not imagining that these aliens dream of conquest instead.


As we reported last week, Wilders was forced to cancel a ‘draw Muhammad’ cartoon contest in Amsterdam after terrorists threatened to attack the event.


Amsterdam, like London and Paris, lives in constant terror of Muslim attackers who attack at leisure.  Nothing much stops them since the Real Rulers import endless new attackers.


Wilders made the decision after an Islamist posted a video to Facebook announcing he was in the Hague and ready to kill the Dutch politician.


All our Real Rulers live in secure sites and are guarded by armed guards.  The rest of us, they want DISARMED.  They hate Trump because he allows US citizens to be armed.  I am armed!  Try invading my little mountain and see what a barrel of a gun looks like…yup.


Finally One Graphic Shows How Facebook Has Eliminated Conservative Content Since the Election of Donald Trump: the censorship of 50% of America continues as Silicon Valley morphs into Silly Con Creep.

Report: Facebook Suffers Exodus of Small Businesses After News Feed Changes.  Eventually, by about the next two years, Facebook will be bankrupt.  Right now, enough women keep pages up to talk about their children and purchases so that their sites can be mined for data for businesses.  Google makes oodles of money selling information from web searches.


According to reports, efforts to make Facebook more sociable has hurt the reach of “publishers and businesses,” resulting in a massive drop in traffic and sales.


“One of the Facebook policy changes that kind of went under the radar and it went into effect in February was the branded content policy,” Quirky Mama owner Holly Homer said. “And it decreased my income from Facebook by 60 percent, overnight. No explanation.”


The mainstream media and the Bilderberg gang are doing the race baiting thing nonstop and boycotts are hardening into complete hatred of various businesses.  Nike sells a lot of expensive sneakers in the black community but also used to sell to white kids, too.  Now, they have decided to kill half of their sales:  Fans Burn Nike Gear in Response to Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Just Do It’ Ad Campaign.


This is no minor threat, Kaepernick’s alienation of a huge hunk of football fans has caused huge financial harm to the NFL and mainstream media companies who bid huge hunks of millions of dollars to televise football games.All this is going down the drain now.  Audiences at games are way down last year and the NFL promised they would no longer pander to anti-American players only to back down when players said they were going to diss patriots at games anyways…so the boycott is expanding, not contracting.


News about #BoycottNike on Twitter: there is already websites promoting this latest boycott.  Remember the restaurant that kicked out Trump’s Lady of the Lake, Sanders, who drowns reporters in distain?  Early this summer, the owner of the restaurant chased her out and then followed her into the street and organized a physical attack!


Now…they are going bankrupt!  Not only that, the entire town has seen tourism collapse and are in great fear, the government there is losing big money and may go bankrupt, too.  The Little Red Hen communist eating joint is killing the entire community.


This is because conservatives are literally fed up.  They won’t take any attacks sitting down anymore.



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6 responses to “Illegal Invaders Kill Lots Of Germans…Merkel Calls Patriots ‘Nazis’

  1. Petruchio

    “Audiences at games are way down last year and the NFL…” Directly, fan attendance is not real important to the Financial Bottom Line for an NFL team. TV and Ad revenue is. I’m going to be watching the sidelines this year for the Cheerleaders. I always do, but for this year, I have another reason. If the NFL gets rid of the cheerleaders, I’m gonna lose alot of interest in the NFL. If NFL teams buckle to the pressure to remove cheerleaders, I lose whatever respect I had for the people running the League. On top of all this, NFL team owners have shown, just in recent years, they have ZERO loyalty to their fans or the Communities in which they operate. The St. Louis team moved to LA. The San Diego team moved to LA. The Oakland team is moving to Las Vegas next season. If ANYBODY in Oakland CA buys or wears an Oakland Raiders jersey–or any other team item–they should feel embarrassed of themselves. The team you are so loyal to has just sh#t all over you and yet you still wear their clothes and buy their sponsored products. I guess some people deserve t get screwed over.

  2. Melponeme_k


    Keep watching the Male Cheerleaders, the powers that be are LAUGHING at you. They feed you their Baphomet, the goddess they adore, and you think you are looking at women. Keep giving them money.

    In regards to the Illegal Aliens, the Elite are not being stupid. They damn well KNOW that the illegal alien swarm will collapse the EU. THEY WANT TO DO IT. THEY WANT to create a NEW DARK AGE. Simple answer. They have their hidey holes and are quite willing to wait 100 to 200 years for things to settle down.

    And this works perfect for them. Because then they can hide history once again.

    After all none of us hoi polloi will be able to read after their forced reset. So what will we know?

  3. Petruchio

    Mel: the (so-called) elites have been trying to do this since the Beginning of Time. They ultimately fail and they will this time around too. do the elites REALLY think they will be safe in their hidey holes? Sooner or later, their guards will own them! I can hear their armed guards now: “We are the only thing standing between you and the masses. Pay us!”. And, unlike in Ancient Times, the masses will be armed. Look to Venezuela. They have Walls which separate the wealthy from the masses–with gun towers all along the Wall. That won’t help much in the long run.


    NIKE STOCKS CRASH! Lost $3.75 billion! Amazing. I bet the clowns who came up with the idea of using a traitor as their spokesman are going to be kicked out. Or maybe not…Nike just might want to be destroyed.

  5. Zeke

    It was agency co-founder Dan Wieden who coined the now-famous slogan “Just Do It” for a 1988 Nike ad campaign, which was chosen by Advertising Age as one of the top five ad slogans of the 20th century and enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution.[17] Walt Stack was featured in Nike’s first “Just Do It” advertisement, which debuted on July 1, 1988.[18] Wieden credits the inspiration for the slogan to “Let’s do it”, the last words spoken by Gary Gilmore before he was executed.[19],_Inc.

  6. Lou

    I want NIKE to fail.

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