Trump Demands NY Times Reveal ‘Anonymous’ While NYT Finally Reports Ballet Rape

Rape Ballet.wmv – YouTube

The NY Times and I have a hate/hate relationship going way back in time to the 1960’s.  I knew many of the people running that ‘newspaper’ because some of them lived near me in NY City and I attended many events they attended since my father-in-law was a publisher there.  The NYT lies about nearly everything and when things blow up in their faces, they pretend all this is a great surprise.  The NYT is again, attacking Trump quoting a totally anonymous person who makes all sorts of Deep State claims…ahem…SECRETLY.  How juvenile.


Donald Trump Torches ‘Failing’ New York Times for ‘Gutless’ Anonymous Deep State Op-Ed | Breitbart


“The failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial, can you believe it? Anonymous. Meaning gutless, a gutless editorial,” Trump said.  The president commented on the op-ed during an appearance with Sheriffs and law enforcement officials at the White House.


He is very popular with people at the bottom of the totem pole.  The NY Times is, of course, one of the founders of the Bilderberg gang and is a bunch of international criminals who overthrow governments and attack citizens in many countries and do lots and lots of destructive actions.


“Can you imagine this?” Trump said, looking at the sheriffs in response to questions from the press. “This is what we have to deal with.”  Trump said that the “gutless” editorial was probably written by an official “probably who’s failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons.”


Correct, this is one of the gangsters who infest DC and NYC and California.  These gangsters hate citizens, hate Trump, hate the middle class, they want servants and cannon fodder humans and live in palaces and do as they please like raping innocent children.


More about THAT later in my editorial about the NYT today!


The op-ed complained about “instability” from Trump in the White House, reporting that there were “whispers” in the cabinet as they considered invoking the 25th Amendment to oust the president.


A President who has done more things for citizens than the last three all to gether.  Right.  Of course, they can impeach someone who is very popular with a huge hunk of the voters.  True, illegal aliens, black gangsters, Central American invaders, Muslims in general hate Trump.  Many women who hate men, hate Trump, too!  What an ‘alliance’!  Because they all, secretly or not so secretly, hate each other, too.


Trump DEMANDS NY Times Turn Over Anonymous Source For “National Security Purposes”: this brave man should reveal himself.  But he is really a coward, if he even exists.  None of the people quoted in frequent hysterical articles by Jewish reporters working for the Zionist Times ever reveal who they interview.  Anonymous is many and none at the same time.  I suspect they are made up entirely.


Now on to the NY Times and their slimy buddies in the cultural world of NYC.  I used to lecture, many moons ago, about the Dawn of American Modern Dancers starting with the lovely Lois Fuller, the lady who danced with 100 yards of silk.  I used to reproduce her dances from 100 years ago and Isadora Duncan’s dances.


I knew one of the adopted daughters of the famous tragic dancer who was in a nursing home but we would visit and chat and she showed me through hand and arm gestures, her dances with Isadora.


Well, I knew many dancers in NYC back then!  I knew Balanchine who argued with me about how to use cloth in dancing.  I knew his stable of tall, often blonde female dancers who he starved and tormented.  They all clustered around him and if they didn’t, they were removed.


He is now dead and gone.  But things have gotten totally out of control with his ballet company, the NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center.  Ex-NYC Ballet dancer joked about sexually abusing ballerinas: suit


The New York City Ballet “is a breeding ground for sexual exploitation” where a former male principal dancer exchanged text messages with a donor who suggested tying up ballerinas so they could “abuse them like farm animals,” according to a new lawsuit.


Former student Alexandra Waterbury filed the explosive claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court suit against the ballet company and her ex-boyfriend, principal dancer Chase Finlay, after discovering that he allegedly secretly photographed and video-recorded their sexual encounters, then shared the images with other male dancers, employees, donors and even a pimp.


The suit comes less than a week after the New York City Ballet announced that three male principals including Finlay would not be performing in the upcoming season because of unspecified “inappropriate communications.”


So much for romantic Victorian dance arts.  Ballet and sex were never more than half an inch apart.  In the 19th century the difference between a hooker and a ballet dancer was, one could stand on her toes.  The ballet was for men who sat on the chairs below the stage so they could look up the skirts while the women back in the 19th century sat in the boxes high up and saw only the bouncy skirts, not the legs and other points of male interest.

This scandal isn’t a sudden, new thing.  From last year: New York City Ballet Investigates Sexual Harassment Claim Against Peter Martins – The New York Times


Peter Martins, the longtime leader of New York City Ballet, has been removed from teaching his weekly class at the School of American Ballet while the two organizations jointly investigate an accusation of sexual harassment against him.


The accusation against Mr. Martins, 71, was made in an anonymous letter, both organizations confirmed on Monday. Mr. Martins is the artistic director and chairman of the faculty of the ballet school. He has led City Ballet, the company founded by the famed choreographer George Balanchine, since the 1980s.


“The safety and well-being of our students is our absolute priority,” the school said in a statement, adding that it “recently received an anonymous letter making general, nonspecific allegations of sexual harassment in the past by Peter Martins at both New York City Ballet and the school.”


As part of the investigation, Mr. Martins is believed to have discussed romantic relationships he has had with female dancers, according to a former official at City Ballet with knowledge of the investigation who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.


He, like the Master who started that ballet school, had sexual interest in students.  Young dancers are naive and anxious to please.  Easy prey.  From March, this year: James Levine’s Final Act at the Met Ends in Disgrace – The New York Times.


OMG.  I missed that story this last spring.  The NYT headlines were daily doses of hysteria about Trump’s sex life.  I scan the NYT every day without fail.  Never saw a hint of this story in their front page, it was obviously buried in the back.


The Metropolitan Opera fired the conductor James Levine on Monday evening, ending its association with a man who defined the company for more than four decades after an investigation found what the Met called credible evidence that Mr. Levine had engaged in “sexually abusive and harassing conduct.”


You have to read the entire article to learn, in classic NYT style, that this rapist went after vunerable young MEN.


The investigation, which the Met opened in December after a report in The New York Times, found evidence of abuse and harassment “both before and during the period” when Mr. Levine worked at the Met, the company said in a statement.


Chris Brown said that Mr. Levine had abused him in the summer of 1968, when he was a 17-year-old student at the Meadow Brook School of Music in Michigan and Mr. Levine led the school’s orchestral institute.


Mr. Brown, who went on to play principal bass in the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, said that one night in the dorms, Mr. Levine had masturbated him and asked him to reciprocate — and then punished Mr. Brown when he declined to do so again, ignoring him for the rest of the summer, even when he was conducting him.


This makes my skin crawl. I was part of an advanced program at Kansas University for gifted children and I played the cello and viola di gamba as well as other skills.  These high talent schools are hot beds for all sorts of troubles!  Boy!  Did we have bizarre things happen to us!  And the adults around us were stalking us in various ways.  Lots of strange stuff would go on in these sleep-away schools!


James Lestock, a cellist, said that he, too, was abused that summer when he was a student, and said that the abuse continued in Cleveland, where a tight-knit clique of musicians followed Mr. Levine, who was then an assistant conductor at the Cleveland Orchestra on the cusp of a major career. He said that at one point Mr. Levine had the group don blindfolds and masturbate partners they could not see.


Sigh.  I remember those years.  Lots of famous people roamed the university systems seeking trouble and finding it.  In paticular, they wanted to take down very talented young people of high school age!


It was ridiculously easy for us kids under the age of 19 to attract the attention of high flying adults.  Levine is ten years older than me, for example.  Classical music and dance stars wanted to be like the wild living rock stars!  So they acted like creeps way too often.


All these sex fiends running around DNC-enclaves of Hollywood and Manhattan are the same crew of UTTER CLOWNS screaming about Trump having sex!  This is insane, stupid and very annoying.  Pretending to be saintly while being total demons from hell, they were protected by the NYT and other schemers so they could run riot for generations with no one stopping them.  Sheesh.



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10 responses to “Trump Demands NY Times Reveal ‘Anonymous’ While NYT Finally Reports Ballet Rape

  1. Ken

    Elaine seems to think that just because she can see through the lies put forth daily by the main stream media, that so can other people. Wrong. I am running into lots of conservative, middle class, middle America people who have all bought into the media lies. They all believe that Trump is a complete lunatic. They all regret voting for him.

    The left’s strategy is working, and the people on this site cannot see it.

  2. We shall see. Yes, propaganda is effective but it has a bad downside: reality bites back eventually. This is why all communist nations fall and fall bad and hard.

  3. Melponeme_k

    “I knew his stable of tall, often blonde female dancers who he starved and tormented. They all clustered around him and if they didn’t, they were removed.”

    Yes, he preyed on the teenage girls who came into his company. Gelsey Kirkland wrote that they could receive gifts (perhaps dance roles included), if he was allowed to touch them. The scandal with Farrell was really unnecessary and wrong. A 50 something year old man should never have made so many emotional demands on a young woman in her teens through early 20s.

    I’m not surprised that his ways were perpetuated after he has been long gone.

    So far as his choreography, he was a genius but most likely a CIA contact whose job was to destroy ballet much in the same way that contemporary Pollock was destroying art. His ballets were at least polished a bridge between old world style and CIA shlock. All of this aimed at Russia. Balanchine was always very convinced that Russian ballet was passe.

    Unlike Balanchine, choreographers today were not raised in the world created by Petipas. Their works show that lack of understanding. Instead they focus on being aggressively ugly and life denying.

    Levine had KNOWN predilections for YEARS! When I was in my opera program and working at Tower Records in the city, that was one of the main topics of gossip. It was said the boys choir at the MET had to be chaperoned at all times by staff and stage parents. Also young men in the opera choir were at his mercy.

    The MET has been dismantled for years. There is no in-house talent. It is just guest star after guest star from all over the world. They denigrate home grown talent deliberately. You can’t start in the choir and work your way up.

  4. WOW, you worked at Tower Records! Maybe we met! I used to shop there! We may have crossed paths going to the Joffrey Ballet gang who were wonderful, fun people, two of them lived next door to me…I was the blonde chick with a little girl named ‘Isadora’.

  5. Melponeme_k

    I worked in Tower Classical summer of 90. I may have worked the register while you visited!

    Oh, I miss the Joffrey Ballet. I used to go to their Nutcracker for a year or two before they moved to Chicago.

  6. Petruchio

    Mel: why all the hatred of American Actors and Performers? Over and over again, you see a VERY intense desire to hire ANYBODY other than American trained actors. And I have noted this before: watching TV and Movies from The Industry, you would think that American Actors are the rarest species in the Universe! You see the same handful of Actors, over and over and over again. Makes no sense to me.

  7. Melponeme_k


    This is a deliberate, psy-op against the American public by the CIA and the elites.

    It is to break our spirit and confidence.

    Realize that the entertainment industry is controlled top to bottom by the CIA and the elite families. This is their greatest weapon, the one with the most reach. They are not going to let just anyone into this industry.

    All the actors are part of these families. The ones who are not are never given big breaks.

    Psychology is their magic. If they can create a false construct of reality around us that says we are worthless, we are talentless, we are ignorant, we are lazy etc., then it breaks the spirit of the people. You can see their handiwork with the black population. Their disintegration is a case book example of what the entertainment weapon can do.

    Entertainment is filled with mind control imagery that was created during and just after WWII by various scientists around the world. The large part of it by Nazis.

    This is also a spiritual attack as well. They do not want people to realize that this world is very special. It is the highest creation and we all were chosen to take part. Luckily acts of kindness are worth more than their wicked black masses. Just love your family, friends and respect your self. Even that makes a huge difference.

    Turn off the TV and radio. Don’t give in to fear mongering. Simply put, what you think becomes your reality. So it pays to think well of yourself and everyone around you. Try it, you’ll be amazed how things change, how people change! I’ve done it and it works. It is better to see a smile on a stranger’s face rather than a frown.

  8. Saint Mike

    Eric Holder used the Espionage Act to spy on reporters – and even named some of them criminal co-conspirators to get warrants – for the purpose of discovering and jailing the sources, NOT the reporters.

  9. Petruchio

    @#7 Mel: Well said. I can remember when I was a brainwashed, Right Wing Republican. I LOVED all those warmongering movies that glorified the Pentagon–and the Presidents who enabled them–such as Patriot Games and Air Force One. To name just two. But just like Hank Williams says in one of his songs, “Just like the Blind Man who God gave back his sight. Praise the Lord! I saw the Light.” I was the Blind Man at one time. I feel a twinge of discomfort when i see these warmongering movies on now. Reminds me of how stupid I was. but like the Gospel hymn “Amazing Grace” says ” I once was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind, but now I see.” And, it really IS Amazing. I was in hook, line and sinker. Well, I’m Awake now.

  10. Well…here we all are…there is lots of confusion going on which is actually a good thing because there isn’t any one dominating ‘voice’ anymore thanks to the internet…which is why the Real Rulers are now conspiring with crazy, naive California computer geeks to kill the internet and ban anyone who has alternative views and put in prison, any users of the internet who say things the Real Rulers don’t want anyone saying in public, anymore.

    See? Isn’t this stupid. Killing the Golden Goose! The internet users are migrating to non-Bilderberg applications, bit by bit and soon this will be a tsunami…except not in Europe where the government spies on everyone online and puts them in prison if they publish non-speak.

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