Deep State Eliminates Alex Jones As Much As Possible: Police State Tactics

From August 16: Alex Jones claims conspiracy after FCC shutdown – YouTube


Twitter Bans Alex Jones! Deep State Fascism Kills Free Speech as the Real Rulers who conspired to eliminate Alex Jones, work tirelessly to do this and I am 100% against this because it is tyranny.  In Europe, anyone disputing the State of the EU is intimidated, arrested, harassed, threatened by authorities yet the People there are fighting back, voting against liberals more and more.  The mainstream Bilderberg gangsters claim Alex Jones is ‘a conspiracy theorist’ who is presumably, totally wrong…only they just proved him right! They all conspired to ban him when he violated no ‘rules’ as if there are any ‘rules’ online!  These monsters still pretend to be ‘liberals’ when they are really ‘authoritarians’ straight out of the 1984 playbook.

The Democrat’s Orchestrated Sedition – Grrr Graphics

Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and Infowars – YouTube


According to Twitter’s twits, Alex Jones ‘insulted a CNN reporter’ and this is why he is permenantly banned!  Astonishing and childish, this deliberate elimination of someone the gang hates.  I know exactly how Alex feels because I have been banned by mainstream media ever since 1969. 
Infowars’ Alex Jones speaks ahead of tech exec hearings – YouTube


Alex fought back in DC this week and note how the Real Rulers doubled down on trying to silence him.  Alex can be crazy and have strange beliefs but then, who doesn’t?  In a world of lies, pointing out that someone is lying is silly when the media giants pretend they never, ever lie.


Nearly all the comments to the CNBC clip agree that silencing Alex is totally wrong, anti-Constitutional and I hope this goes to the Supreme Court because it is discrimination.  Leftists can break any ‘rules’ with impunity and everyone else has to be careful, polite and still be banned.


The attempt at banning polite conservatives continues.  I go to quite a few sites that have content with zero cussing, zero dramatics, just dry analysis like professor Peterson’s site in Canada, yet the tech giants are most anxious to ban him and anyone else.


 Atkinson2 days ago

EVERYONE gets to speak, EVERYONE! If one person is denied, we will ALL be denied. You can be foolish if you want, there were plenty of fools in Germany, Cuba, and all over the world who sat back and watched until it was them. We can’t pretend that this is ok. This is NOT America.

Almir Preldzic2 days ago
Alex Jones ain’t perfect but compared to these deep state propaganda shills for the new world order, he’s a mahatma.

Justin Trudeau shuts down hecklers, orders them to leave – YouTube


This is a video from half a year ago, Trudeau has far leftist hecklers forcibly removed after he whines about how mean they are to him.  Leftists always attack leftists.  Trudeau was pandering to tribal people at this meeting and it was supposed to be a high point showing how kindly he is, etc.  It backfired.


Watch: Angel Families Hold Rally to Combat Illegal Immigration | Breitbart


Angel Families have gathered at the U.S. Capitol for a rally titled “The Negative Impact of Illegal Alien Crime in America.”

Speakers include: Pastor Mark Burns, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA). They will be joined by new members of the Angel Families: Arlene Cohen, Maria Wolff, Courtney Hacking, Aileen Smith, Kathy Hall, Bonnie Eggle, Cindy Scalf, Sharon Miller, and Sandy Doyal.


This is because even with the GOP ‘running’ Congress, they can’t build any Israeli-style walls to stop criminal trespassers. Business-First GOP Prepares Post-Election Border-Wall Trap for Trump | Breitbart


The cheap-labor legislation which is in the draft House appropriations bill would dramatically expand several visa-worker programs which suppress blue-collar wages and white-collar salaries. Before the election, Trump can pressure House Speaker Paul Ryan to drop those unpopular wage-cutting programs. But after the election, GOP leaders can offer extra border-wall funds to pressure Trump into accepting the cheap-labor programs.


The House’s 2019 spending bill, drafted by appropriations subcommittee chairman Rep. Kevin Yoder, includes $5 billion for roughly 200 miles of border wall in 2019. That is $3.4 billion above the $1.6 billion offered by Senate Republicans.

25 Straight Minutes Of Illegal Aliens Crossing Into The US – YouTube


This was a video from a rancher in southeastern Arizona on the border.  These are drug mules coming in from Mexico.  One would think preventing this would be a top priority with our government in DC.  It is, for Trump.  Yet the entire GOP except for the Trump team in Congress, are dragging their asses on this issue.  Why?


Cheap labor enters this way, too.  Trump’s team is clearing out illegal aliens from businesses.  The dairy farmer, for example, who harbored the illegal alien who went out into the neighborhood to murder and rape women, is being raided this week and several aliens were arrested.  Liberals won’t talk about all this and are in a secret alliance with fake conservatives who want cheap labor to conspire to haul in as many illegal aliens as possible.


Do It: President Trump Tells Reporters He May Use Military to Build Great Border Wall: Trump knows that saying this will expose the GOP creeps who are freaking out over his attempts at border contols and the only tool they have now is to make sure citizens don’t see any news which is why Alex Jones and others are now being wiped off the internet as much as possible.


Just like when all mainstream media except for a very few began eliminating reader’s comments, the entire point of reducing our interactions via the internet is because the State, that is, the Deep State (Bilderberg gang) doesn’t want citizens in any country talking with each other about how to run their homelands.  This is verboten.

We are to vote for uniparties that pretend to be different from each other.  Note the joint worship of McCain who betrayed his own voters.  They hated McCain when he ran against Bush Jr. or Obama but suddenly loved him now.  These wild swings in dogma are like in Stalinist Russia where people disappeared or reappeared as devils and saints and nothing was stable, everyone had to parrot the present incarnations of reality or they would be killed.


This is called ‘a terror state’ or ‘totalitarianism’.  Totalitarianists have only one story, one voice.  I have noted over the last two years how nearly all mainstream media has one voice, literally aping each other’s images, words and analysis.  They print the same stories the same time all the time and redact them simultaneously when these fake stories go ‘splat’ and then do this over and over again.


This is no secret now, so open warfare is happening: the mainstream media wants to kill off all competition so we must listen to these fake stories or else, comrade, you, too, will ‘disappear.’  We saw with Tommy Robinson, this is very literal: all news suppressed by the State while they throw you into a torture chamber secretly.


MORE NEWS: The White House is now moving from You Tube to Bitchute:


So far, this is all official videos but it is a start.



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2 responses to “Deep State Eliminates Alex Jones As Much As Possible: Police State Tactics

  1. Petruchio

    “This is because even with the GOP ‘running’ Congress,…” Is anybody really dumb enough to think the Republicans care about anything that might improve the average American? The Republicans and Dems serve the same Masters. REAL change aint gonna happen until BOTH sides are replaced in Congress. Only when both Parties are replaced in Congress and their Power Base in genuinely threatened will real change take place.

  2. ziff

    i found recent infowars stuff on youtube

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