Illicit DNC/Google Hispanic Vote Initiative Backfired As 30% Latino Voters Voted For Trump

Email shows Google tried to help elect Clinton – YouTube

BREAKING: Newly Revealed Email Shows Google’s Bias Against Trump In 2016 Election, Report Says | Daily Wire: Fox news just got this email detailing how Google illicitly conspired to push Hillary in the last election via monkeying around with their search engine’s functions.  We all saw this happen, I wrote about it back then, it happened to ME, suddenly, I ceased appearing on page one of the Google searches.  It remains a mess that pushes the DNC/liberal narrative.  Also, in NYC, a female who is ‘Hispanic’ lied about her past when running for office in primaries, pretending to be a ‘poor Latino woman’ who is oppressed when she was actually from a highly-connected even CIA-connected family who rolled in dough, too!   Also, media giants hide real news about DNC election meddling schemes.


“An email obtained exclusively by this show reveals that a senior Google employee deployed the company’s resources to increase voter turnout in ways she believed would help the Clinton campaign win in the last election,” Carlson said.


It was painfully obvious to me that Google was cheating during the last election.  They deliberately changed how their search engine works.  To this day, it remains remarkably unfunctional.  It is getting so screwed up, it is nearly worthless as a search engine.


The November 9, 2016 email obtained by Fox News reportedly came from Eliana Murillo, the former Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google.


I find is most interesting that this woman is blowing the whistle.  Of course, mainstream liberal news won’t carry this breaking story nor will they discuss it until they get their story straight by conspiring with each other.  I bet they are right now frantically searching for dirt in Ms. Murillo’s past so they can defame or abuse her and drive her away.


“[Google] supported partners like Voto Latino to pay for rides to the polls in key states,” the email allegedly states, describing the assistance as a “silent donation.”


It is called ‘cheating’.  They know perfectly well, this is a donation to the DNC since the expectation was a DNC vote.  Ergo: it is a campaign donation.


“Murillo then says that Google helped Voto Latino create ad campaigns to promote those rides,” Carlson said. “At the end of her email, Murillo makes it clear that Google was working to get Hillary Clinton elected.”


“Ultimately, after all was said and done, the Latino community did come out to vote, and completely surprised us,” the email alleged states. “We never anticipated 29% of Latinos would vote for Trump. No one did.”


HAHAHA.  Interesting result.  More proof about why all the fake liberals were freaked out when Trump won. They assumed their tricks and games guaranteed success.


“If you see a Latino Googler in the office, please give them a smile,” the email allegedly continues. “They are probably hurting right now. You can rest assured that the Latinos of these blue states need your thoughts and prayers for them and their families.”


HAHAHA…again: the release of this information is from one of the ‘Latino Googlers’ who was supposed to be upset that Hillary was actually not upset at all.  I assume she was fired or had to resign because her true beliefs were discovered by the SJW gang running that business off a cliff.


So she left.  And is now spilling the beans.  Naturally, the mainstream liberals are censoring her.  When they open fire on her, I will watch this with bemused amazement.  Right now, Why Kanye’s love for Trump caused a liberal meltdown is amusing.  They are retaliating by cutting him off from making any deals, anywhere.

He went from a darling of liberals to evil monster and now is under sustained attack.  We have more of this sort of lunacy going on.  Here in NY where I live, we have fakers galore.  Here is the latest revelation which won’t make the NY Times but which made news in London:


Brother of Julia Salazar says they grew up with a maid and went to private school | Daily Mail Online


Avowed socialist Julia Salazar grew up in a succession of sprawling waterfront homes enjoying all the trappings of middle-class life, from boats and luxury cars to pedigree pets and private school, can reveal.


The 27-year-old Democratic candidate for the New York Senate has come unstuck in recent days after she was outed as a former Republican and accused of faking her hardscrabble immigrant backstory.


Jupiter Island is where the Bush clan hangs out in Florida.  It is a CIA hot spot, too.  Evidently, her father is one of the CIA guys who was buddies with several Presidents and rocket scientist von Braun, etc.


 ‘My father came here in his teens and he made a great success of his life. We did not struggle at all. His achievements should be celebrated,’ Salazar’s brother Alex, 29, told


Below is the house the young radical leftist grew up in.  Note how tiny it is!  HAHAHA.


‘Instead I have to sit here and listen to lies about who he was and who we are. And we are not just talking about airbrushing, we are talking outright lies.’  Salazar shot to prominence on the coattails of fellow socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who upset Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th congressional district.

A number of liberals have been caught faking this way.  It is rather common, actually.  Everyone who is privileged has to pretend they are poor people or were poor in the past.  Many are looting the country to get rich when they gain power.  Not one DNC powerhouse is even slightly poor except for ONE MAN: Jimmy Carter didn’t sell his soul to the devil.


He is not a multi-multi-millionaire.  The richest woman in Congress is the head of the DNC, for example.  And none of this will be news as far as liberal media is concerned.  STUNNING! Not One Single Liberal Mainstream Media Outlet Carries Papadopoulos Spygate Revelation that Obama DOJ Set Him Up!


George Papadopoulos: I received an unsolicited email from Stephan Halper who I thought was a Cambridge professor inviting me. So he reached out and said I want you to write a paper for me. I joined him about a week later over drinks at the hotel in London where all of the sudden he pulls out his phone. Everyone has phones when they meet with me and he places it in front of him and he begins to tell me, “So George, of course hacking is in the interest of your campaign. Of course, the Russians are helping you.” These open-ended questions, and, “Of course, you’re probably involved in it too. That’s correct right?”


Papdopoulos added that Halper began to sweat and his demeanor changed when George told him he had “no idea what you’re talking about” as far as hacking and Russians.


This mess continues to cook away.  The point of all news systems today is to hide news, twist news or push news that serves an agenda.  It is getting ridiculous.   The NYT today, for example, top story is GLOBAL WARMING.


Here is picture of ‘global warming’ from today’s news in other newspapers that have more real news than the insane NYT:

We had three snowstorms in the Sahara Desert last winter.  Now we have snow where it nearly never snows in Africa.  It has been a cold three days here where I live, too.  It is warm elsewhere, generally where the ocean is warm.  Where it is cold, the climate is cold.


The DNC has said they wish to cut off energy for the poor in order to save the planet because this is the end result of DNC climate change policies.  In Europe, the elderly and poor are suffering greatly due to high energy costs while China and India can merrily ‘pollute’ the planet and it is OK with activists.  Either we are going to ALL die of global warming (sure!) and therefore, must stop China and India.  Or we are not.


This is not a selective issue if the believers in global warming are right.  The fact that they finagled all this is proof they really don’t believe it is happening.  A major hurricane is coming to the US East Coast and this is normal.  During this warm cycle of the last 200 years, this is regular weather.  Do they want another Little Ice Age or worse, a full blown Ice Age?


The answer is: YES.




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4 responses to “Illicit DNC/Google Hispanic Vote Initiative Backfired As 30% Latino Voters Voted For Trump

  1. shawntoh


    I’m worried, I feel soon we will be calling it “Climate Collapse”, as in we may end up with some rather–ah, shall we say, inconvenience– like maybe, as in, NOT being able to grow food anymore!

    God[dess] help us!


  2. If we go into another Ice Age: YES.

  3. Lou

    Since you know so much about Climate, when and how does an Ice Age start? You have mention that it starts fast, with no warning, if I recall.

  4. My father wrote books about all this. He was a top scientist in this field. ALL Ice Ages begin suddenly. Like falling off a cliff.

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