Bilderberg Gang Member DNC Powerhouse Kerry Meets Secretly With Iran

The Bilderberg gang is screaming about Trump, grasping at sex straws to pull him down, this is backfiring on them, the Russia collusion thing has collapsed, so now members of that odious gang are going to enemies of the USA to conspire something that will take down Trump.  In today’s story, it is DNC clown Kerry running off to Iran to make a secret deal.  This is called ‘treason’ but then, I have been saying this about the DNC for quite a while.  Just allowing and demanding illegal aliens vote is treason, keeping them here and helping them escape the police after they commit murder is also treason.  Just yesterday, an illegal alien felon released without notifying ICE, murdered yet another woman in California which is run by the DNC dictatorship.


Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry On Iran Meetings: ‘Unseemly And Unprecedented’ (VIDEO)


Asked by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt if he was “coaching” Zarif about how to handle Trump’s withdraw from the deal, Kerry said no.


“No, that’s not my job, and my coaching him would not, you know, that’s not how it works,” Kerry said, according to a transcript of the interview. “What I have done is tried to elicit from (Zarif) what Iran might be willing to do in order to change the dynamic in the Middle East for the better. You know, how does one resolve Yemen? What do you do to try to get peace in Syria?”


HAHAHA.  What a feeble liar.  Why fly out there to talk about Yemen?  Hello!  No, he had to meet in secret…and he is a Bilderberg gang member of long standing and loves secret meetings…it had to be secret because it was treasonous.  He could show us exactly what he said but he didn’t take notes or record anything for obvious reasons.

Here is an amazing Slate article from 2008 by Jake Shafer: Why isn’t the press corps more interested in covering the Bilderberg conference? This astonishing article is insane.  Like all Bilderberg tools, he claims that nothing ever happens at these secret international meetings and explains that these are not international meetings, they are just tea parties for connected people to talk about their children and pet dogs (I am joking, Mr. Shafe isn’t joking).


And yet the “mainstream press” can hardly be accused of blacking out Bilderberg. The New York Times has mentioned Bilderberg a couple dozen times since 1981, according to Nexis, including in a 2004 piece titled “A Secret Conference Thought To Rule the Word.” Other pieces in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and the Boston Globe refer to the group. Just last month, Anne-Marie Slaughter mentioned the Bilderbergers in her Post review of a new book, Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making.


When someone works for the Bilderberg gang, their brains fall out of their skulls.  This author is a classic example.  Too stupid to see how stupid he sounds, writing obvious lies, he just plows onwards, lying more and more.  This particular ‘reporter’ is a muckraker who supposedly goes after ‘hard news’ which is more fake stuff.


The above paragraph is a classic deliberate misinformation about a subject: yes, the NY Times, a founder of the Bilderberg gang, ‘reported’ on it on occasion…only all these stories were attacks on anyone daring to question the gang and demand they let us see what the hell they are doing behind closed doors!


Not one NY Times story, even though the NY Times attends all meetings, gives even one word of what actually happens at these meetings.  Slate’s editors should know this basic information and if too stupid, they should educate themselves by googling ‘Bilderberg GANG’ and they will get an earful of what is really going on.


Of course, Bilderberg critics don’t want to read mentions in the press. They want to see confirmation of their theories that the group operates in a sinister, behind-the-scenes fashion to exploit the powerless and throttle liberty.


HAHAHA.  Note how the ‘reporter’ makes fun of people demanding information.  This sly writer even notes that his stupid examples are merely MENTIONS and not INFORMATION in the above ‘many news stories’.  We don’t need confirmation of our theories, any theory is true so long as this hideous organization insists on total secrecy hidden behind military forces surrounding hotels to prevent anyone from learning what the hell they are discussing there.


How, exactly, are reporters supposed to do that when the critics rarely provide falsifiable evidence of Bilderberg malevolence?


This sentence is jaw droppingly stupid.  The proof is in the pudding: the various actions taken by the gang after each meeting make it crystal clear, what they talked about.  For example, we all speculated that the last meeting in Virginia several months ago was all about how to stop Alex Jones and anyone else online and how to frame Trump on silly sex charges.


They probably talked about framing the new Supreme Court judge, too.  We learned today that the DNC sat on the allegation of teen sex as proof the judge should be not confirmed and deliberately held this until the end of the grilling in Congress.


This conspiracy to smear someone based on zero real information, on pure gossip that was cooked up 40 years after the event, an event involving a juvenile, no less…this is an attempted coup, yet again.


Would a shadow government, should it exist, really convene annually at a hotel to hash out the world’s fate? Would it really issue a press release about its latest meeting? Would it routinely assume the security risks of inviting new blood in?


The answer is obvious for all these questions: YES!!!  And when someone joins, they know if they screw up…a la Kennedy, for example…they end up dead.  I take this very seriously because I had several assassination attempts on myself including one man shooting at me with a pistol six times!


I changed my name three times in my life.  Each time, I have a period of peace and quiet but as I do politics, the assassins ring my doorbell.  This is why I took all possible training in fighting skills like knife throwing, using guns, sword fighting, hand to hand combat, etc.  The Bilderberg gang simply has to remove police protection and then urge people to kill someone.


We see this daily, hourly with Trump!  The gang’s media operations, run by fellow Bilderberg members, begs for assassinating Trump.  They cheer on celebrities and Hollywood criminals who demand someone kill Trump.  Today, they are giving another award to one of these monsters, Kathy Griffin.  She collects awards like crazy now for her stunt of slinging Trump’s bleeding head.  They love her and are telling people, she is good and Trump is evil.


This is our mainstream media at work!


(Couldn’t the notorious Bilderberger Conrad Black negotiate his way out of prison by exposing the group? Or is Bilderberg so powerful that it controls the federal prison system, too?) It largely limits its attendees to North Americans and Europeans. Are the Japanese, Indians, Chinese, Brazilians, Australians, South Koreans, and Singaporean so timid that they stand aside and let the Bilderbergers have their way with the world without making a peep?


This article reeks of lies.  How does the author know who attends these meetings?  Hello!  I know for a fact, many people from Japan, India, China, etc. go to these meetings!  People who have observed the flotilla of private jets at these meetings can see where they come from, etc.


Of course, the rulers of these mostly despotic countries, attend meetings!  And no one talks about this in their home states due to…these being dictatorships.  Duh.  Simple logic here: the writer of this tripe is so stupid, he thinks we are as dumb as he.


Reading the Slate article, the writer tells us about an obscure Bilderberg gangster, James A. Johnson.  This man was advisors to several DNC Presidents.  He picked Obama’s running mate, for example (Obama is a front man, not a creator of power).


Still, the fact that an active Democratic supporter has performed return duty as a veep vetter stops several stations short of arriving at a shadow government. It does, however, indicate that Johnson’s political influence may be underscrutinized by the press and that his career is deserving of extra study and attention. A May 24Wall Street Journal story, “Power Broker Helps Obama Search for Running Mate,” does just that. Although it makes no mention of Johnson’s Bilderberg connection, it drops a gentle dig that associates Johnson’s Fannie Mae service with the home-loan crisis.


The Wall Street Journal is one of the early members of the Bilderberg gang!  Duh!  So of course, it makes no mention of Johnson being at meetings where their own editors were at!  Duh!


It is amazing how this writer for Slate picks up rocks, sees creepy crawlies under each rock and then announces that no one can see anything.  The author of this piece of garbage propaganda ends by saying he will get lots of emails about this story’s mess.  Guess what?


Slate doesn’t allow any comments to any articles.  The majority of Bilderberg publications don’t allow even letters to the editor.  The connection between readers of the news and the reporters and owners has nearly totally broken down now.


They do not want to hear from citizens.  No way in hell.  Note the use of the word ‘hell’ in this story.  This is all about pure hell. EU Legislates Internet Death: and now they want to shut down all comments online, utterly and totally.  People are not allowed to discuss anything in public, anymore.  This is the Bilderberg goal.


The DNC openly talks about eliminating our First and Second Amendments.  This is why I now utterly oppose all of them, totally.


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9 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Member DNC Powerhouse Kerry Meets Secretly With Iran

  1. KHS71

    Kerry is a totally arrogant ass. Still thinks he is relevant. Just another Yale educated idiot. Was born to the right parents. Hasn’t done anything constructive in his lifetime. Just like Teddy Kennedy and other idiots like them. Without their mommies, daddies, and money propping them up and paving the way for them, I doubt they could learn how to clean toilets because that is all they are good for. A couple of years as bubbs’s little buddy would do him some good.

  2. Jim R

    Why, obviously, they just stand around at those meetings drinking tea with their pinky in the air, discussing how hard it is to find good maid service for their penthouse overlooking Central Park.

    How could you think such a thing, Elaine! They would never talk about the overpopulation problem, or how to get rid of several billion of us, and make it look like a natural disaster, or a little mistake by the company (that was outsourced to China by way of Israel) that makes some pharmaceutical or vaccine!

  3. Christian W

    The DNC openly talks about eliminating our First and Second Amendments. This is why I now utterly oppose all of them, totally.

    This is kinda of tragicomic. This blog is like watching someone hit the ‘left’ side of their face repeatedly with their ‘right’ hand saying “bad, bad left side of the face – I hate you”.

    The GOP, the “right” hand, under Dubya Bush already gutted the First Amendment totally, thanks to the 9/11 false flag. The Second Amendment is a relic kept alive to sell arms for big corporate profits and keep the GOP voters voting GOP and DNC voters voting DNC.

    Look at Trump. Recently he ‘said’ he is against internet censorship, but is he really? If he was he wouldn’t appoint TWO Supreme Court judges who FAVOR corporate control over the internet etc, meaning that Google/Youtube, Facebook and Twitter (and Amazon etc) can do what they want with the content people post since they have made people sign agreements the companies can do what they want with the uploaded content.

    Look at how these corporations have outsourced censorship to the the think tank the Atlantic Council – which is sponsored by stalwart “commies” like the Pentagon, the UK Foreign Office, Saudi Arabian oligarchs, the National Endowment for Democracy (the CIA), Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing. Some commies…

    Don’t you see the circularity of the whole setup? It’s not the DNC or the GOP or the Bilderberg Gang, it’s all of them – the whole system, including Trump, the totality of the US Establishment, the new Aristocracy, the Insiders, the Nomenklatura as this style of elites were known in the Soviet Union.

    And these are the Capitalists who take all of the REAL profits, SERIOUS profits, they milk out of the US system for themselves, while they let a tiny bit trickle down to increasingly desperate neo-serf voters while the
    – Real Economy is stagnant/regressing,
    – Culture is stagnant/regressing,
    – Education is stagnant/regressing,
    – Employment is stagnant/regressing,
    – Politics is stagnant/regressing and so on…

    And the youth are TRAPPED. The US is a system in atrophy.

    Waving the flag for House Trump is like a feudal serf waving the colors of his Duke or Baron in a horse race sponsored by the Aristocracy where each horse is owned by a different House. At the end of the day, no matter which horse wins, you will still be a serf.

    So dies the American Dream, if you ever believed in it.

  4. Zeke

    100%. Agreed. CW.
    George Carlin summed it up within 5 mins.

  5. Zeke

    George Carlin wrote and performed that stand-up skit in 2005/2006. Long before Trump, before Hillary, before Obama, (their candidacies anyway) before the “bailout” of the Bankster-Fraudsters.
    It’s like he could see into the future. And that was a painful burden to him.
    Sometimes comedians (“many a true word has been spoken in jest”) like court jesters can see and speak truths the rest of us can’t and won’t.

  6. Greg

    Yes agreed Elaine, treason rules supreme at the moment.

    These traitors need to be brought to justice.


  7. The primary tool of all despots is to control speech and publishing. There has always been some degree of censorship and the internet’s birth was great fun. I have been on the internet literally since day one back when it was used by the CIA and the Pentagon for scientists like my dad to talk to each other without paying Ma Bell!!!

    I used it way back when it was very simple and weak, would go to my father’s office to use it.

    This freedom collapsed very quickly after 9/11. This is when I was beginning to be banned. From my own point of view, the internet is barely functional now. It is crappy, actually, they are now degrading the search engines, too.

    It is becoming deader and dumber. I am very angry about this. It was a ton of fun back in 2000. Now, it is approaching uselessness. And this is intentional.

  8. Lou

    The primary tool of all despots is to control speech and publishing.

    —–History is being rewritten. Monuments torn down.
    Mark King [MLK] was no great hero, in the 1970s.
    Its taken a long time to build his myth.

  9. Jim R

    Christian W #3,

    You do not seem to have gotten the memo, but Trump is the first president in several decades that was not pre-selected to “win” the election. I think Carter might have been the last one previous to this..

    It’s not much of a glimmer of hope, because it looks like the empire is going to go down anyway. But Trump is (whether or not he means to do it) shining a spotlight in some very dark corners of recent history. Even without Trump doing anything at all, we have watched the deep state gangsters go insane and publicly act out on their crazy beliefs.

    All this stuff Elaine writes about, the ridiculous lies in the “news” headlines every day, the crazy made-up nonsense they are throwing at him, it’s all plain to see if you are paying attention .

    It would have been the same if Trump were a non-pre-chosen Democrat, but the Democrats are far too corrupt after the Clintons and Obamas.

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