Kavanaugh Accuser Is A California SJW Feminist Professor Christine Ford

Kavanaugh Accuser Is ‘Me Too’ SJW Activist:

Online sleuths are now madly going after the SJW California female professor who is training our youth to hate sex, hate white males, she is the one accusing a classmate in HIGH SCHOOL of ‘rape’ when he kissed her and wanted to fondle her in the usual clumsy way young men pursue sex in high school.  I was raped as a child and didn’t have any sex with anyone in high school.  Ms. Ford, on the other hand, knew she passed on her sob story to powerful DNC females and together the plotted to blow up the nomination at the last minute by pretending she was a shy, scared, scarred for life woman dragged into public eye…only this female is constantly in public, screaming about sex and hating men openly!


For example, it turns out that the DNC women in Congress sat on the allegations from their long time supporter and friend, Ms. Ford, for over several months, deliberately holding off until a ‘gotcha’ moment:


The woman accusing President Trump’s United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of a “rape attempt” when the two were in high school previously signed a letter fighting Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.


Like all these lunatic fake feminists, she wants desperately to import cultural values that say yes to raping women and children.  This is why feminists want more Muslims.  They have this insane double urge to emasculate men around them while inviting in the front door, an army of men who believe rape is good!  And who intend to carry out this rapine, too.  This is schizoid in the extreme and constantly bemuses me.  They are insane women desperate for men to chase them down.


Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor, signed the ACLU letter as “Christine Blasey Ph.D. Psychologist,” signing off on statements that accused Trump of using southern border enforcement to “traumatize children” and claimed the Zero Tolerance policy was “violating fundamental human rights.”


Why do all these radical feminists want to import an army of angry men who come from countries where women have little to no civil rights?  These men are bringing in a very anti-feminist culture!  Yet these same females squealing like stuck pigs over even being kissed, import rapists by the plane and boatload both in Europe and North America!


Historians in the future will shake their heads over this.  It does give us insight as to how the Roman Empire collapsed.  Same process: Roman women ceased having many children, the men were increasingly useless, aliens poured in to take over everything and ended up looting the joint and killing most of the Romans if not all of them.


The vast majority of ‘Italians’ since the fall of Rome are actually genetically not old Romans but the offspring of aliens who invaded after 300 AD.  There is zero pre-collapse Roman genetics in say, Britain despite the Romans populating the place for at least 300 years.  The changeover can be very strong, it happens over and over again across the planet over time.


So, the anti-Trumpists are joining with man-hating feminists who want to import women-hating Muslims are in an alliance to stop Trump from locking out foreign rapists.  They want desperately to destroy civilization which is funny since they are also demanding all of us walk on eggshells lest we hurt their feelings or bruise them.  This is so pathetic to watch.


This woman also was photographed with ‘brain’ pussy hat for anti-Trump march against Trump very recently.  I posted the picture of her throbbing brain at the top of the story.  People who knew her years ago are aghast at her sudden revelation that in high school, she had been kissed and hugged by a boy her age.  And that this was horrible and the same as rape which makes me mad: I WAS raped and there is an infinite distance between an annoying sexual encounter and being raped and physically damaged requiring surgery.


We already saw a campaign of a GOP man go bad due to stories about how, when he was 32 years old, he dated high school girls.  He had sex with none of them it was just that people like the horrible director, Woody Allen, marrying his ADOPTED STEPDAUGHTER and divorcing her mother, his former wife, Mia Farrow, support attacking judges like Kavanaugh while at the same time, Hollywood is the land of perversion and rape out in the open, utterly nasty and amoral in the extreme including winking at child rape ‘jokes’ as ‘harmless fun’.


More about the feminist law professor who is a radical hater of America:


To: bitt

Very interesting: Larry Beech ‏ @Larry_Beech Folks…Christine Ford’s mom (Paula k blasey) and dad (Ralph G Blasey) we’re defendants in a foreclosure case in Maryland in 1996. Guess who the judge was? Martha G Kavanaugh, mother of Brett Kavanaugh. You can’t make this $hit up
12 posted on 9/16/2018, 11:06:59 PM by Sarah Barracuda


The online sleuths have uncovered this SJW professor’s student evaluations and nearly all of these are from young men complaining about her wretched teaching style which attacks men and which is also boring, being pure propaganda:


To: Jane Long

And this one:Take her class and you will take antidepressant, start smoking or drinking again and gain 20lbs at your risk.


This isn’t the only insane feminist openly attacking men in court and in the press.  Here is another insane, horrible female, this time, a judge in Texas:

Texas Female Judge Wears Pussy Hat In Courtroom


In June of last year, Eckhardt used a naturalization ceremony to attack Donald Trump, the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and the death penalty. At one point during the ceremony, the judge urged the newly sworn citizens to register to vote so they could vote against Donald Trump. Her bald attempt to politicize the ceremony rankled some participants.


So, is it now OK for someone to wear a KKK robe in court, too?  This is the exact equivalent.  Every man who appeared before this obviously very biased judge should demand a retrial.  Most of these are black men.  Unfair judges and authorities and especially university people are hammering white males in particular with obvious hatred and have a goal of eliminating white males and then…paradise as these men go away or marry only Asian women and the white females doing this end up old maids.


And thus we have a huge change in population not unlike the fall of Rome and the utter replacement of Romans across the empire even in Rome itself which went from over a million people to a tiny handful in nust 150 years, in total ruin.


Found this comment at the Gateway Pundit article:

She also says she went upstairs to allegedly use the bathroom. Who goes upstairs to use a for-family-members-only upstairs bathroom when the guest bathroom is on the first floor? There were only allegedly 4 guys at the party (same number of girls?) so using the main-floor guest bathroom should have been easy. (Of course, some pre-WWII modest-cost 2-story houses have only an upstairs hallway bathroom, and no guest bathroom, but see below for why this house virtually certainly had a main floor guest bathroom.)

Another fishy DOES NOT COMPUTE WILL ROBINSON detail: She claimed she feared for her life, and tried to scream, but BK covered her mouth. She said she feared she might die. But BK and Judge, who also jumped on her, were both so blitzed she was able to get away.

So as she ran towards the door, why did she NOT start screaming, and keep screaming as she exited into the hallway, which would have caused her downstairs friends to rush to her?

Another very fishy detail: Why did she run into the bathroom, and lock herself in, but again, not even calling for help, when panicked human herding instinct is to rush downstairs to seek the safety of the herd?

Of note, she attended a ritzy private girls school Holton-Arms(day-school only, tuition today $43,000!) and mostly hung out with guys who attended Landon (tuition today $39,000). BK’s and Judge’s Georgetown Prep day-tuition is “only” $37,000 today in comparison).

In addition, she had on a bathing suit, and the story talks about the kids often going to the nearby country club. Soo, this was a get-together of affluent teens.

It was almost certainly in an upper-income house with a downstairs guest half-bath, a kids upstairs shared 3/4 or full hallway bath, and a parents’ private master bath. Why did Ford even go upstairs in the first place? There wasn’t a party of 30 people with a line to the guest bathroom justifying going upstairs to use the loo. But were that the case, there would have been a bunch of people also upstairs using that bathroom as well–no chance to be grabbed alone by two guys.

Final very fishy element: As she wasn’t raped, she had no reason to be deeply ashamed. Why didn’t she soon after tell her friends, “Those GTP boys are horney bastards, a couple of them ganged up on me at Buffy’s house; you best be careful and make sure you double or triple-date if you go out with them. Do not let them get you alone. And don’t go upstairs if there’s a party where they can jump you and take you into a bedroom.”


Sounds like she was ripping drunk, illegally as well as the other kids were illegal…I once lived in an exclusive community with rich kiddies and they all drank mom and dad’s booze at parties while the parents went off to a fancy restaraunt.  The young lady went off to the loo to barf, she wasn’t running away from ‘rapists’ and she had zero memory of all this until two years ago when she ‘remembered’ it under questioning as she wanted her brain (see picture above of her brain!) fixed by a therapist.


In other words, she is insane.  MORE INFORMATION:

Yes, she sounds like her family is very ‘connected’ in DC and this is no surprise, her family went to top Elite Schools there!  This was a planned character assassination created by the CIA/DNC.


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16 responses to “Kavanaugh Accuser Is A California SJW Feminist Professor Christine Ford

  1. Saint Mike

    Why would anyone believe a Psychologist about anything?

  2. Petruchio

    “Why do all these radical feminists want to import an army of angry men who come from countries where women have little to no civil rights? These men are bringing in a very anti-feminist culture! Yet these same females squealing like stuck pigs over even being kissed, import rapists by the plane and boatload both in Europe and North America!” Why? Because their REAL agenda is the destruction of White, Western Society and Culture, but they don’t dare come right out and say it. They are against capital punishment but favor abortion. They are utter frauds about everything they claim to stand for. The fact that they want to import millions of illegals, mainly from Muslim countries and bring them to the West removes any doubt that these folks are driven by hatred, not any sense of “equality” or “fairness” or “inclusion”. But there is good news. Sooner or later, these SJW feminist types will get just desserts. It’s just going to have to wait awhile longer before more white folks wake up and recognize the enemy–some of whom just so happen to be white folks themselves. This is what happens when you indulge a bunch of ultra spoiled rotten rich kids and no matter how badly they f#ck up, you still feed them with the proverbial silver spoon.

  3. Jim R

    Was watching a Nova episode the other day … was about the Iceman, that guy who was frozen in a glacier in the Alps for 5000 years.

    They extracted some DNA from him, and went looking for his relatives in modern Europe. Turns out that Europe, along with its Neanderthal ancestry, Europe has been repeatedly overrun by people from the area where Turkey, Syria, and Israel are now located. Wave after wave, ever since 10000 years ago or so, the end of the last heavy glaciation.

    They found similar DNA among the people now living on the island of Sardinia. It’s like a time capsule out there in the middle of the Mediterranean, with traces of old cultures, languages, and people.

  4. Turkey, Syria and Israel were at the legendary ‘land bridge which humans from Africa used to populate the earth.

  5. Not making huge news: a black lady made up a fake story about ‘Trump voters’ attacking her and damaging her car.

  6. KHS71

    Another fake hate crime. This has happened numerous times since Trump became president. One of the best fake rapes was the Virginia frat house a few years back. The Kavanaugh accusation has a very similar feel to it. Notice how none of the accusers ever have their lives upended. Only the accused. And they’re always guilty until they prove their innocence. I noticed the story from above was from RT, not any US media. They would never print a story such as this. Against their narrative. How come you have to go overseas to find articles such as this?

  7. Zeke

    Without making any judgment on the current controversy –
    The fringes of #MeToo movement have generally devolved from being against roofie doping knockout drug predators and power/influence imbalance abuser creeps to – being against socially inept, lacking in people skills awkward clueless geeks.

  8. This is neo-Victorianism. Instead of young ladies needing chaperones ( I remember the end of the chaperone era!) due to young ladies lying about sex stuff with boys.

  9. Saint Mike

    Now they are accusing Kavanaugh of being a secret KKK member.

    That makes me like him even more. All rise for Judge KKKKavanaugh!

  10. timothy carroll


    How come you have to go overseas to find articles such as this?

    News flash! The MSM is bought and paid for by our (((enemies))). Make no mistake. If you are white and Christian, they absolutely hate you. Nothing less than the annihilation of the white race is what they want. Lying is what they do and who they are. You’re welcome!

  11. timothy carroll


    Yeah, I think I saw a clip of him flashing that neo nazi hand sign back in the late ’90s, So that would link him to the KKK (beginning to be more attractive as the descent goes into overdrive!)

  12. Ken

    The Democrats tried character assassination against Clarence Thomas too, also on the basis of false sexual harassment claims. It failed that time, and as soon as he was appointed to the Supreme Court all claims of sexual harassment ceased. Hopefully the same thing will happen this time too.

    The truly sad thing is that all of this is happening because the Supreme Court overstepped its authority several times in the past. Now, instead of merely interpreting the law the Court has become a de facto second legislature. One without any accountability. This whole circus only exists because the Supreme Court keeps making stuff up, and the rest of us have to live with it. Nobody would care about this appointment if the Supreme Court applied the Constitution to itself.

  13. Saint Mike

    HUGE! Judge Kavanaugh Says He Was NOT EVEN AT THE PARTY in Question!

    This dumb broad should check her “repressed memory” again.

    Told ya, you can never trust a Psychologist or Sociologist, voodoo science all of it.

  14. Ken, you are correct. And I am the only American who remembers why the Supreme Court ruled in December, 2000, to NOT COUNT THE VOTES in that disputed election: they said the voting process was no good!!!

    So I said, in CONGRESS, that then this means they must reform voting systems! So the Supreme Court decided, when I said I was going to sue using their ruling, to make it NO GOOD. They said, it can’t be used as precedent to force anyone to reform anything.

    I went to the media to talk about this and NPR did the report exactly once and then censored it.

    So nothing was fixed and it remains unfixed and it why I am disgusted with all the fake hysteria about how crappy our voting systems are today.

  15. Petruchio

    @#6 KHS71: It’s amazing, isn’t it? It is FORBIDDEN to question the motives of a “MeToo” type accuser. And the accuser in a sex harassment type complaint never has to prove anything. Even if you are accused of MURDER, they have to PROVE you did it!! The sexual harassment accuser never has to prove anything and there is no time limit to make accusations. This is what the War on Men looks like.

  16. Name

    The SCOTUS has been a “de facto legislature” since Marbury v. Madison.

    The Lochner era at least is a pretty convincing example.

    But anytime you have judicial review there will be claims of overstepping.

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