NY Times Funnel For Illegal DNC State Department Leaks To Destroy Trump: Arrest Them All

From a few weeks ago, leaks about the Mexican trade nego
No Surprise: Obama State Department Employees Leaked Everything.


Evidently, when Trump’s appointee, a woman named Stull,  to run the State Department went off to Geneva for the World Health Assembly, Erin Barclay inside the department called a dozen other workers to a lunch meeting where they decided to secretly conspire to destroy Trump’s foreign policy moves via leaking real and fake information to NY/DC/California media giants who would then go on to howl with rage at Trump.  The very first story they leaked was pure propaganda: that Stull was secretly ‘vetting’ employees to see if any of them were traitors.  And…they were!  But she didn’t find them because she wasn’t doing this in the first place.

O’Keefe announces deep state investigation as Project Veritas unveils all the creeps trying to illegally destroy a President deliberately.


This murky story has a very long tale to tell at the Breitbart site and it is depressing to read but not surprising.  The government is riddled with people who will break laws and lie and cheat and steal if they can justify this to themselves via ‘we are the good guys…so breaking laws is OK!’


The piece also alleged Stull had a “highly secretive management style,” had emerged as the most “dominant force” in the bureau, had required that she review new directives from the office before they went out, and that she was stripping references to “international law” and “international order” from action items and memos.


Stull became ‘secretive’ because she was surrounded by a gang of lying, cheating political foes determined to destroy her via leaking information, especially fake information which leakers assumed no one in the media would question, these people being in cahoots in this conspiracy.


After the article published, three top Democrats — Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ), Rep. Eliot Engel (NY), and Elijah Cummings (MD) — then sent a letter datedJune 19 to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo citing the article and demanding documents related to Stull and her alleged vetting of employees’ loyalty.


Notice how the gang elected in the NY/DC circuit immediately demand a hearing about this fake leak.  This, in turn, puts everyone into danger.  The victim of all this has to deny everything even while she is under sustained attack internally by…leakers!  The illogic of all this is obvious but the media giants and DNC refuse to see the obvious, as per usual.


The fact that these top DNC tools are using a leak to attack the head of the State Department is beyond ironic, it is embarrassing.  Obviously, there are leakers there!  And all actions by Stull are correct.  She has to stop the leaking.


The leakers remain anonymous, like the author of a recent op-ed in the New York Times, and have been aggressive — wiping out many of the president’s appointees. Breitbart News, through this exclusive report, is exposing just a sliver of how these leakers maneuver — naming names and detailing the process through which they engage in their anti-Trump attacks.


The Big Bilderberg Bully is the New York Times.  So of course, they publish anonymous stories with zero proof and note that the crybaby editorial they published was all about how mean Trump is to try to stop this gang if howling, raging traitors.


Note how this is being played yet again: a DNC radical SJW California professor female who is disliked by many students for being strident, who demonstrated openly against Trump repeatedly in an openly hostile sexual way (pussy brain time) was, when anonymous, told to us that she was weak, broken and helpless and had to hide who she was out of FEAR.


This blatant lie, this deception collapsed when online sleuths discovered the truth.  The mainstream media still struggles to call this vile, violent female ‘helpless/broken’.


Foreign Policy’s next exclusive article came September 7, alleging that the inspector general was also investigating Stull for allegedly “hurl[ing] homophobic slurs at a State Department staffer.”


Note how immediately, they pick yet another lie, this time about gay sex.  Then they move on to ‘anti-Muslim’ and then on to ‘anti-Black Lives Matter (an organization that seems to have collapsed after liberals fed the gang tons of loot!)


One of those disputing the allegations is Susan Yoshihara, senior vice president at the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) and director of the International Organizations Research Group in New York.


Yoshihara, also a retired U.S. Navy commander, is well-connected within the international organization community and the State Department. She told Breitbart News that the allegations against Stull are the “fabrications of disgruntled employees,” in reference to Phee, Barclay, and Cook.


“They are also part of a broader political campaign to thwart the foreign policy of a president they openly disdain,” she said.


All the women and minorities who support Trump are demonized by fake liberals.  When any stand up to the liberals, the liberals dig dirt and go full blown hysteria.  This is causing the government to suffer in a huge way.  It is eternal warfare.


A long-time friend of Stull who is a gay and a Democrat told Breitbart News he is sickened by the smears suggesting that Stull is homophobic. He spoke on anonymity since he is a business owner in D.C. and fears retaliation.


“I am a proud member of the resistance, and we have plenty of opportunities at our disposal to discredit this administration,” he told Breitbart News. “But untruthful character assassination, especially against a woman who has been an ally of the LGBTQ community [is] wrong. I’ve known Mari for over a decade. In that time, she has been a big sister to myself and many of my gay friends.”


So, he is scared of his own political allies!!!  And at the same time, thinks Trump is the problem?  Does he have any idea how reality works?  Living in fear of one’s own allies is insane.  It is a sign, one is in the wrong place.  It is the road to ruin.  And the gay community which has decided to make themselves very annoying and threatening, are digging their own graves here.


I have supported gay rights nearly my entire life, since high school when I learned one of my dearest friends was gay. I was friends with one of the first transexuals, too, way back in 1969.  I pushed for gay rights for many years and when AIDS hit NYC, one of my dear friends died of it and I went on the warpath to get the Reagan government to do something.


Now, that is being systematically destroyed by gay SJW mindless youth who hate everyone and latch onto everything and anything to attack people, not win them over.  Winning hearts and minds wins wars.  Alienating and infuriating everyone leads to rising resistance and then defeat.  This is so simple to understand and hard to obey, it is more fun to be infuriating and nasty and a bully.


Another long-time friend of Stull who is also a human rights lawyer and lifelong Democrat said she was also sickened by the attacks against Stull. She told Breitbart News that Stull would never put together “loyalty” lists based on political affiliation and that Stull had even forwarded her resumé for consideration for a job at the UN.


“You know that old saying — throw it against the wall and see if it sticks? That’s what they’re doing here,” she told Breitbart News. “I’m really angry about it.”


So, this female is also a member of the SJW army even though she isn’t SJW.  She is ‘really angry’ to the point of shutting herself in a closet and hiding.  Great bravery there, lady.  These cowards won’t confront their own allies and friends, instead, they go along with everything in public.


This is due to naked FEAR.  They are scared of their own mobs and hope the lynch mobs will leave them alone.  We know that anyone ‘liberal’ who is even slightly reasonable is instantly attacked by the SJW gangs.


Yoshihara and others believe the concerted campaign against Stull is a joint effort involving career officials inside State and an outside group composed of former Obama officials, Democrat congressional aides, and Hillary Clinton loyalists.


The group, called “American Oversight,” was founded by Austin Evers, the former senior counsel in the State Department for oversight and transparency matters, has been investigating “loyalty tests and retaliation” since February 2018 — before Stull was ever hired at State.


And this ‘outside group’ is a tentacle of the Bilderber gang and of course, it has total connection to mainstream media especially the New York Times which has published any and all anonymous ‘leaks’ and doesn’t vet these to see if they are blatant lies.  Of course, these are lies!  The NYT has a long, ugly record of publishing lies to start wars.  If killing millions of people based on lies doesn’t bother the NYT, this lying certainly seems normal.


This is what happens when one tells endless lies: it cannot stop.  Ever.  This is why our country has stopped all stuff to talk about 16 year olds having drunken sex at a party nearly 40 years ago.  Based on zero facts not even a time stamp, an exact date, this smear on a very adult man with a long record of being normal and not a teenager, is insanity yet the mainstream media colludes to keep it in the news and to pressure everyone via LYING about facts yet again to stop the government from functioning as normal.


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4 responses to “NY Times Funnel For Illegal DNC State Department Leaks To Destroy Trump: Arrest Them All

  1. KHS71

    In your opinion, how long have the workers in the federal government been nothing but DNC tools as you call them. Since Clinton, Obama, or just since Trump took over?

  2. Obama hired many of them because the 1960’s generation is retiring.

  3. Mari Stull

    Great article. Can’t overstate just how coordinated the left is and how cozy the media and deep state are. Read how it’s done. https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/this-is-how-the-state-department-purges-trumps-conservative-political-appoi

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