Kavanaugh Accuser Refuses To Answer Questions, SJWs Attack Bert And Ernie Creator Oz

The DNC conspiracy to stop the Kavanaugh nomination is collapsing.  The SJW California professor female harridan is now defying Congress and saying she won’t answer any questions.  This is because we now know this was all fake, cooked up by her and Feinstein to defame Kavanaugh and I hope he sues her for defamation of character.  What she and Feinstein did was utterly illegal.  And this kills off the remains of that noxious ‘Me Too’ movement.


The horrible SJWs at the New York Times still brave on, trying to keep this fake story afloat:

There is an old Chinese curse: may your wishes come true.  In this case, the FBI should be investigating the conspiracy between this very politically active woman who lives in Feinstein’s district and the Senator.  They conspired to defame a judge for political reasons.


This is a crime!  Of course, the DNC party is OK with criminals…I had half a dozen of them arrested years ago due to a conspiracy against me.  Giuliani was a fine Federal Prosecutor back then.  He was happy that the DNC giants in NYC were all calling me on the phone, threatening me for my political activities there back then.


These clowns think nothing of strong arming opponents.  Dirty tricks is ‘smart’ for them.  They have no morals.  And at the same time, they argue that they are very ‘moral’ and we should not oppose them when they are on a jihad due to this supposed ‘morality’ which is a one way street.


Even today, the SJW gang running the ‘sexist’ scam won’t attack Bill Clinton!  Not one of them so this is proof the whole thing is utterly fake and stupid.

Fox news is more credible here.  We actually have on video, the ‘victim’ admitting she can’t say if she is telling the truth, after all.  Of course, the NY Times won’t publish that news.

The SJW gang attacked Frank Oz of Sesame Street and Yoda fame.  They wanted to force Frank to say that Bert and Ernie, roommate puppets on a toddler show, are gay.  Frank refused and after Twitter attacks on Oz that were increasingly menacing from this gang, the producers for PBS stepped in and said the characters were not ‘gay’.


This inflamed the SJW gang even more and like starving sharks, they mobbed the PBS people and Frank Oz demanding both apologize to these fanatical, vile, obnoxious people.  I have told the gay/trans community to be very careful and not be violent or vicious or antisocial because it will backfire extremely badly.


This insane gang of radical leftists are systematically destroying all cultural things.  Many businesses which rely on entertaining people are collapsing thanks to these lunatics.  Real customers are being systematically driven away from ‘popular entertainment’.  The goal of these SJW gangs is the elimination of all entertainment which is what happened in Maoist China.

SJW Miss Amerika was on TV last night and lost nearly half of last year’s audience size.  After they had females talk about how Trump is evil and how they all wanted SJW impositions on the rest of us, the crown was handed to a black young lady who I suppose will go about the country lecturing us about how nasty we are and how Black Power means black people can run riot.


This is all so sad and predictable.  All cultural things are under sustained attack and all these systems are increasingly unpopular and also going bankrupt.  The new Miss Amerika pageant will be gone in a few years.  The Oscars will cease to be worth televising.


Football will be bankrupt.  Hollywood will make fewer and fewer movies that are more and more meaningless and violent.  The SJW triumph will lead to new systems of communication, new online entities, new entertainments that are for the rest of us and the SJW garbage will all end up going down the sewer.


But first, we must endure their attacks and their insane destruction.  Eventually, even the SJW lunatics, themselves, will realize this was stupid.  The Chinese figured it is really quickly once they got rid of Madame Mao.

Trump’s battle to fix the fatal trade deficit now goes after China.  China is ‘defiant’ and I say, very stupid.  But they will have to yield because they have the biggest trade surplus with the US.  Naturally, the DNC Maoists in Congress are howling about this, they are traitors.





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12 responses to “Kavanaugh Accuser Refuses To Answer Questions, SJWs Attack Bert And Ernie Creator Oz

  1. KHS71

    They are just trying to delay more. The FBI has already investigated Kavanaugh. There is nothing to investigate on the accusations. He said, she said. Flake has said that if she does not testify, then he will vote to approve Kavanaugh. I think she is kind of a nut case. I doubt she can stand up to cross examination.

  2. KHS71

    Apparently the FBI has stated that they will not investigate. Per Gateway Pundit. “It’s not their jurisdiction and there is no crime.”


  3. Nani

    “China is ‘defiant’ and I say, very stupid.”

    Far from it. They know exactly what they are doing. China has the wisdom and capability to fight off this economic attack by the Trump gang, and emerge stronger, not weaker.

  4. Petruchio

    ” And at the same time, they argue that they are very ‘moral’ and we should not oppose them when they are on a jihad due to this supposed ‘morality’ which is a one way street.” Nope, they’re a bunch of overindulged, spoiled rotten rich kids who think the World revolves around them. They are gonna get a dose of reality rammed down their throats. As I said in a earlier post here, even if you are accused of MURDER, they System has to PROVE you did it!! And if they can’t prove your murdered someone–even if you did–you go free. Not so with the MeToo/SJW sex harassment stuff. Well if the System is so biased against one side, in this case Men who are attacked by the MeToo crowd, the wrongly accused will “even the score” one way or another.

  5. Floridasandy

    Nani it’s not an attack. It’s just asking for fair trade.
    We all know that it costs a lot of money to ship goods halfway around the world so somebody is subsidizing something

  6. shawntoh


    I think they stole the idea about Bert and Ernie from Lenny Bruce. Why?

    After all, Lenny Bruce was the one who suggested in a routine that a certain fictional character he calls the “Masked Man” (obviously the famous fictional character, “The Lone Ranger”) might be open to experimenting with his sexuality with “Tanta”[sic], AKA “Tonto”– in this here classic underground cartoon of “Thank You, Masked Man”…

    Btw, I would rate this PG-13 for language, subject matter, and situations, etc. al.

  7. Greg

    And here we have the Generals eyeballing Lindsey Graham and Huma Abedin at No names funeral, Kelly gives graham ‘the sign’.

    We are watching Lindsey!

  8. Wc

    I have read an article in the wsj that China is running out of ammo in this trade war because they import so little from us. They can’t put tariffs on their exports, now can they? No one would buy. Yet we can place many more tariffs on them due to the tsunami of imports from China. So, Nani, I do not understand your point. It is far more likely that Trump will win. Just takes patience. Wisdom can’t trump math.

  9. Zeke

    Protestor antics and high school boozy grinding kerfuffle are side show distractions from core issues.
    Kav was not only groomed, he was born into the Brahmin ruling class. His mother is a lawyer and a judge. His father is a lawyer and a K Street lobbyist. He is a personification of the deep state, Bilderberger stratus.
    He went to an elite prep high school outside D.C. Gorsuch and he were classmates. They are members of the same club, the Federalist Society.
    His entire pampered, privileged, coached, mentored life has been a life of “apple polishing and resume building.” He has little in common with 99% of those for whom he will establish rules.
    There are about 200 law schools in the US yet all of the scotus justices are from the same two Ivy League elitist Us: Harvard and Yale LSs. Four or five of the nine will be members of the same club, the Federalist Society . They were hand picked by the same person: Leonard Leo.
    It’s not the Harvard Yale Supreme Court. It’s not the Federalist Society Supreme Court, it’s not Leonard Leo’s Supreme Court. (That is at least it shouldn’t be.)
    It’s the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s composition should reflect that.

  10. Yes, he is one of THEM and they are all connected. So, try getting in anyone who isn’t connected. Look at the hysteria over Trump. Even when he cooperates with them, note how this is still resisted.

    The attacks on Kavanaugh are way too outsized for the event. This is an internal battle with one side demanding all the Elites support Hillary or else. And it is crashing and burning. They only have power via handing out welfare money and importing aliens.

  11. Lou

    9–Leonard Leo….is he tribe? who is he?

  12. Zeke

    11 – Lou, thank you for asking.

    He’s head of the Federalist Society. And unelected king maker for all federal and maybe some state judiciary positions.


    Kav was proud of appointing 50% women to judicial clerkships, etc. Wish the senators had asked him what percentage were Federalist Society members. My guess: 100%.
    This used to be called cronyism and was considered a bad thing.

    In 1930s Germany many honest moral and ethical citizens joined the Nazi party not because they believed in the ideology but because they needed a job.
    Supposedly similar with Baathist party under Saddam.

    In legal circles today it is pretty much understood that if you want employment in the federal judiciary you darn well better join the Federalist Society. It’s employment networking crosses the line into cronyism.

    (of course this is opinion – do your own further research and draw your own conclusions.)

    The fact that such an unelected little known person wields such power should make us question.

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