Ms. Ford Yearbook Found: She Was Drunken, Wild Sex Fiend From 8th Grade Onwards!

The Yearbook of Ms. Ford Is Filled With Pitures Of Her Showing Her Pubic Hairs, Drinking, Wild Parties, Rude Behaviors!

This horrible feminist is, like many feminists, a total liar.  She made up out of thin air, the accusations of ‘rape’ and this, from a very wild ‘party girl’ and we now have proof she wasn’t a wilting violent but rather, was a drunken, crazy teen female who paid male strippers at parties and chased boys relentlessly and very deliberately.  WOW.  We now have absolute proof of all this.


Kavanaugh true nature, her wild sex teen years, blacked out by operatives seeking to reframe this crazy Christine’s illegal behavior.


She made the news repeatedly because she was a totally out of control teenager!  Car accidents, wild parties broken up by the police, she was the poster girl for juvenile delinquents who are rich.  This is why she and the DNC clown car people spent months tracking down and eliminating all mention of this crazy female’s escapades only this white wash failed!


People still found some of her junk, her crazy, wild chick life.  She was one of the wild side chicks who jumped on young men, pulling down pants, demanding sex.  Yes, this does happen.  This female was a teen rapist!


Even in the eight grade when she was 13 years old!  She led a group of girls who would egg each other to ‘fall down drunk’.  Once, I lived in this exclusive neighborhood and the teen girls in 1984, like this female at the same time, would wait for parents to leave and then have drunken parties and I would call the cops and the parents would get mad at ME.  HAHAHA.


The DNC still is pretending this dirty teen temptress was a helpless litte girl hounded by evil young men.  Well, the cat is out of the bag!  Many of the pictures are blacked out in the yearbook found by one of the online sleuths.


Delusional Young Ladies (who also probably do wild sex) Storm Hart Senate Building Chanting ‘We Believe Christine Ford!’ HAHAHA.


It is so sad how these young ladies are being misled by evil, old, wrinkled, ugly females who hate men.  The DNC and this evil professor from California DELIBERATELY sought out and censored all the pictures and information of her wild, crazy teen years so they could lie to the public.


I suspected all of this, I never supported her from the first hour.  Looks like the media giants who fed…AS USUAL…fake stories about her, are not reporting this breaking news and I wonder if they will ever report this important news.  Since these clowns are pretending to be virgins in a Catholic School…Wait, when I was young, these girls had a wild reputation, running off under the nose of the nuns!


This is all so predictable.  What makes this a CRIME is that Ms. Ford tried her best to cover up the truth and she openly and deliberately lied about all this and so SHE should be investigated, charged and put in prison.  For this wasn’t mere ‘defamation of character’ this is ‘attempted coup’ so she and her mentally ill, evil buddies could commit more crimes with impunity and with judges letting them run riot.


This is a Constitutional Crisis.  Spread the news!  This female is a fraud, a criminal and a conspirator.

Click here to see the wonderful artist Garrison’s many cartoons including today’s cartoon of a Ford car driven by the fake virgin screaming rape.


Like the car “Christine” in Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Christine Ford seems haunted by past trauma, but her timing belt is off.

She’s waited over 30 years to scrape rust from her memory and come forward with accusations toward an honorable man who should become our next Supreme Court Justice.

She has accused Kavanaugh of stepping too hard on the sexual gas pedal when they were both teenagers at a drunken party. Kavanaugh categorically denies any sexual assault took place and in fact, he said he wasn’t even at the party.



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7 responses to “Ms. Ford Yearbook Found: She Was Drunken, Wild Sex Fiend From 8th Grade Onwards!

  1. Saint Mike

    Unfortunately none of that matters because with Leftist/Commies it’s the cause, it’s a Religion. A mental disease to shelter/protect their amygdala from any stimulation that is uncomfortable.

    They firmly believe that they are right, moral and justified in every action they take because the Right is evil, corrupt, and must be stopped by any means necessary.

    They have no ability to recognize that they are everything they claim to be fighting against.

  2. Jim R

    Who in government is left to prosecute this criminal conspiracy? Apparently everybody EXCEPT Trump is in on it!

    The US Army? After all, the officers do take an oath to defend the Constitution…

  3. Melponeme_k

    The girl had to do something, she wasn’t a beauty. *Snark*

    At this blog site, the commentator saw the yearbooks before the spooks tried to 86 them. And the evidence was saved.

  4. ziff

    i see jones is back on UtooB , whats up with that ? very odd , now we see him now we don’t ?

  5. Floridasandy

    I guess Christine didn’t know that Kavanaugh’s mother ruled against her parents in a foreclosure case. ??🤔

  6. She knew 100% that his mom ‘took their home’. This is pure revenge and she should go to prison.

  7. mistah charley, ph.d.

    actually bret’s mom did not ‘take their home’ they worked it out with their lender and continued to live there i am sorry to see that you are not very well informed these days elaine

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