NY Times: Rosenstein Secretly Plotted 25th Amendment Coup

NY Times yesterday continued to carry the dying flame of the fake story that Putin and Trump conspired to ‘steal’ Hillary’s 97% win in the last election.  This childish propaganda was hatched by the Bilderberg gang and they shoved this forwards for two years and it produced exactly zero real evidence but took down many people over small matters when put under the Special Prosecutor prosecutors.  I nearly wrote ‘prostitute’ subconsciously.   Now we lear Rosenstein wanted to secretly spy on Trump to impeach him on non-Russia stuff.

I am very surprised the NY Times also on the same day, has real news.  This shocking development: REAL NEWS…is an eye opener.  I was too tired yesterday to write about this, but after sleeping,  am raring to go.  According to Rosenstein, he is a JOKER:  Rosenstein claims he was ‘only joking’ about FBI coup against newly elected President.


I have noted in the past that the Bilderberg gang, when caught conspiring to commit treason, always claim ‘We are just joking.’  HAHAHA…NOT.


Rosenstein has denied the report, calling it “factually incorrect.” There were also subsequent reports that he was joking.


Whenever people who have the power to kill or destroy other people or entire nations, makes a ‘joke’ about destroying or killing people…IT ISN’T A JOKE.  This is called ‘a threat’.


“The New York Times’s story is inaccurate and factually incorrect,” he said in a statement to Fox News.


Rosenstein is a serial liar, too.  He lies about nearly everything now and the more he drags out his fake ‘inquiry’ the more lies he tells.


“I will not further comment on a story based on anonymous sources who are obviously biased against the department and are advancing their own personal agenda. But let me clear about this: Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment.”


This evil man’s entire business is building ‘stories’ based entirely on ‘anonymous sources who are obviously biased’ and his investigators have been revealed to be all, every one of them, Trump haters who voted for Hillary.


Wallace said he views the statement from Rosenstein as “very weak,” and written in a “lawyerly” fashion.


Wallace is right, Rosenstein is desperate to not admit to guilt.


“I think it’s very careful,” said Wallace, adding that Rosenstein only asserted there is “no basis” currently for the 25th Amendment to be considered.


Except there is ample proof now that from day one before he began even the first actions of investigating anything, he already found Trump guilty of something or other.


He said Rosenstein did not specifically say anything about whether he discussed wearing a “wire” or brought up the 25th Amendment.

Fox editorial about all this!


Of course, Rosenstein was wearing a ‘wire’.  Everything around Trump was strewn with spy devices courtesy of the DNC traitors inside the CIA and the FBI.  The FBI definitely spied on me in the past!  And we can all bet that these conspirators definitely discussed how they could use the 25th Amendment.


That is, the FBI conspired with DNC and some GOP leaders to frame Trump somehow and all they needed was…a sex scandal.  Note how one sex scandal after another, like old dead fish, floated to the surface and were covered intensely by media co-conspirators!


It continues today with the ridiculously ancient and utterly stupid sex stuff about TEEN sex eons ago in order to prevent a Trump Supreme Court appointee from gaining any power.


Control of the courts is life and death to these people who know very well, if brought to justice, will go to prison.  A mere tap on my own phone in New York City ended up putting several politicians in prison and one in the grave.


This is now ‘how naive’ news.  This strikes at the very heart of our government.  Investigator information was continuously leaked to Bilderberg gang media members and they published one ‘anonymous’ story after another, all designed to spook citizens into attacking Trump and throwing him out of the White House.


Virtually all the leaks were fake news.  Nothing could ever be verified and not once did Rosenstein FIRE ANYONE for leaking nor did he set a trap to catch leakers inside his operation.


This is because he, himself, is one of these leakers as I pointed out in the past.  He is a co-conspirator.  That is, an outright criminal who wants to overthrow an elected President based on false charges.  He should be arrested by politically, he is protected by the media giants and many in Congress who want a coup.


But this is breaking down now, it is too obvious and worse for them, it is backfiring.  Every time they use sex as a weapon, more ‘liberals’ fall under fire all over the place.  This is called ‘backfire’ and is immensely funny.

Now on to fake liberals who are censoring everyone who is to the political right of Maoism:

Yesterday, Paypal joined the conspiracy to eliminate Alex Jones.  He is suing all of these entities and will probably win.  Especially if the Supreme Court sides with him.  He will die a very, very rich man.


When the gang attacked him two months ago, he was very upset but as they conspired openly to destroy him, he already had lawyers working for him and now they got the Bilderberg gang by the balls: the conspiracy against Alex Jones went several steps too far.


Meanwhile, the media giants won’t censor vile Muslim users who use the web to do horrible things.  They are discriminating against American citizens who want to stop abortions (I am pro-abortion, myself!) via denying them access to buy ads online to push their agenda while at the same time, these same ‘liberals’ let Muslims who want to cut out women’s sex organs lots of coverage and the right to advertise everywhere.  This one sided censorship is grounds for a lawsuit and Google is now being sued.


SJW online businesses continues to blacklist or deny services to anyone conservative: TWITTER APPROVES ADS IN FAVOR OF FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION AFTER BLACKLISTING PRO-LIFERS:

The ideological banning or interfering or defunding of all conservatives is raising an army of angry citizens determined to take down Google and Facebook and all other SJW operations online.  I already hate Google totally ever since they began screwing with my own site’s ratings deliberately.


They are pure evil.  Too stupid to see what happens in the end…Europe is now in the grip of deranged SJW lunatics and citizens there have zero civil rights online and can be arrested for writing the wrong words and the list of Verboten Topics is growing longer and longer.


One cannot talk about Muslim terrorists or discuss the Muslim invasion of Europe.  One cannot talk about patriotism in any shape or form.  One cannot talk about crime or rape, even.  Post the wrong joke and you are arrested, charged and fined a huge amount of money to show everyone, the New World Order will allow no jokes, this is North Korea now, not the European Union.


How disgusting this is!  The SJW world is morose, dangerous, ugly and above all, stupid.  Only one opinion is allowed and it is whatever this army of Madam Maos decide.  They get to set all agendas and all conversations.  Gah.  This is frightful and worse, boring.

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  1. Petruchio

    You would think, no matter how corrupt the Political Wh#re Class is in Washington D.C. that everyone in that sleazy town would work together and vaporize a slimy, two faced snake like Rosenstein. Just for the sake of self preservation if for no other reason. Yes, there is no honor among thieves, but Rosenstein is a menace to everyone he comes onto contact with.

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