Kavanaugh ‘Rape’ Female Might Not Show Up Congressional Hearing


Google continues to deny they screw around with web searches.  I have proven this false for the last two years in particular, in the last year.  They have monkeyed around with their search engine to the point, it is good only if you are looking for SJW junk and Bilderberg bilge.  Alternative information is concealed as much as possible.  Any changes only make things worse.  It is rapidly approaching nearly totally useless.


You Tube still functions but they put a female in charge and she is determined to make You Tube as one sided as Google’s functions.  These California creeps have no idea how boring and predictable their services are becoming, one can’t find things easily, the suggested stuff is often wrong or insulting or boring.



The DNC lynch mob continues to run riot.  The ‘victim’ of drunken teen groping forced Congress to put off a vote on Kavanaugh until Thursday and now is saying she doesn’t want to do it on Thursday, anymore.  She forced this along via lying about being too scared to fly!


And previously, flew to Hawaii.  She makes up things one after another and has the credibility of a stolen credit card and fake ID.  Now Ms. Ford claims she won’t show up at all due to Congress using a lawyer to ask her questions about her fake allegations of teen sex play.


In the letter replying to one by Mike Davis, Chief Counsel for Nominations , Bromwich implies that Ford is not one hundred percent committed to appear on Thursday, raising serious reservations  about the Republican majority’s plan to have a sex crimes prosecutor question Ford, and stating the hearing plan “does not appear designed to provide Dr. Blasey with fair and respectful treatment.” Bromwich also complained that a “number of outstanding questions” about the hearing have not been answered.


The letter has been posted to Twitter by reporters including NBC’ Frank Thorp V, who noted, “This does not appear to be a done deal.”


This farce has to end now.  A parade of drunken shrieking SJW females howling about maybe having something happen to them all while they were hammered out of their gourds will never end.  These neo-virgins who are playing this stupid game are all fakers.


They also are not taking responsibility for their own social choices to be drunken sots in school or drinking underage.  They did this to themselves.  It is like blaming drivers for running over women who lie down in the street in the dark night and get hit by a car.


Way back when I was younger, we had this thing: ‘Just say no,’ and the male is supposed to stop.  Well, these females didn’t say no, they didn’t complain later, they told no one about these ‘events’ and they were irresponsible by putting themselves into obvious danger, deliberately and foolishly.


Adults take responsibility for themselves.  None of these professors and other top drawer females are taking any responsibility for themselves.  They want everyone else to babysit them because they are not adults even today, they are babies who need to be put in a crib and in a room with a locked door so no humans can go near these helpless little toddlers.


Oh, and Rosenstein: he is going down and out.  His goof in being exposed as someone plotting to overthrow the President via misusing the 25th Amendment which is for when a President is shot, has a stroke, etc. is criminal.  He has tremendous political and legal power and to even talk about that with associates is treason.


I hope he is arrested eventually.  We have to nip this sort of thing to the bud.  It is wrong.  And he was wrong to persist in staying in office after being exposed as a plotter for a government overthrow which is, again, treason.


This is due to the DNC refusing, as usual, to take responsibility for this happening in the first place, they support him doing a coup!  They openly talk about wishing to do this and even openly talk about killing the President.  This is why I expect many DNC leaders to fall in the end once this is all said and done.


Right now, they have political support in their home bases to get away with all this but this support is crumbling.  Looking at the maps of the last four elections, we see the DNC holding nearly ONLY some big cities, even in New York and California, the countryside outside of the big welfare cities vote GOP now.


This is why the election maps are nearly all red for the GOP and tiny blue enclaves for the DNC.  Their political base is extremely small, geographically, and the sharp divide is getting razor sharp now.


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17 responses to “Kavanaugh ‘Rape’ Female Might Not Show Up Congressional Hearing

  1. Saint Mike

    It’s difficult to testify to something that never happened, as Jeff Foxworthy said “If you claim to have been raped when you weren’t. You might be a democrat”

    In other news – “Anonymous sources are saying that Judge Kavanaugh was the founder of MS-13”

  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6204023/Michael-Avenatti-says-woman-come-forward-Wednesday-accuse-Kavanaugh-misconduct.html

    The same sleazy lawyer of the first two children has yet another who can’t remember anything, has no proof and is also a sodden drunken bint. There are many such in the DNC who can volunteer to ‘testify’ with zero proofs.

  3. Moe

    Proof of that previous engagement. 🙂

  4. KHS71

    Ford does not want to be questioned by a lawyer. She does not want her little feelings hurt. She wants a “fair” hearing. Sorry, but the Fair is in Sedalia. All’s fair in love and war and this is war. What a basket case. Typical fake feminist. Want’s to be treated the same as the big boys but then plays the victim when push comes to shove. Stand up and put on your big girl panties and take it like a guy. Dingbat. Too easy to play the victim. Loser.

  5. Jim R

    LOL, Moe!
    She looks pretty well marinated there .. stuff you won’t find in the NYT.

  6. Saint Mike

    This Ford woman does not want to be questioned under oath by a legal “sex crimes expert”. Because the alleged assault never happened, no matter how well they have coached her during the last month she will commit perjury.

    She knows it ( she just may be dumb enough not to realize it), her lawyers know it and the entire senate DNC knows it.

    But they all hate America so the show must go on.

  7. ziff

    she’s fat , unless photo is not her

  8. Melponeme_k

    That photo isn’t her, the face is too pretty.

    But her yearbook celebrated her drunk driving and claims that inanimate objects moved into the path of her car.


  9. Lou

    Google = Jew gle. Color us surprised that it is CIA backed.

  10. Christian W

    ELAINE: you launch your rant with ‘OFF TOPIC’ and then…I removed it.

  11. timothy carroll


    Thanks, Christian W, for the update on Russia and Syria. I have to wonder why Russia believes anything Israel says. The way you can tell if a Jew is lying is if its mouth is moving. Yep….we’re all gonna die.

  12. Moe

    @9 Mel

    Quote: “That photo isn’t her, the face is too pretty.” endquote

    Ergo, she’s not ugly enough. She’s ugly enough on the inside though.

  13. Moe

    @ 12 T.C.

    Don’t know what CW posted, but no, we’re not going to die.

    Here’s an update: http://thesaker.is/russia-will-establish-an-unofficial-no-fly-zone-over-syria/

    And plenty of other rational evaluation is available: accent on rational.

    PS: the Israel non related posting constitutes hijacking of Elaine’s original article. Bad netiquette form.

    Netiquette: http://blogs.onlineeducation.touro.edu/15-rules-netiquette-online-discussion-boards/

  14. Zeke

    Not to stoke anyone’s paranoia but someone I know thinks both Google and Facebook were CIA funded …. and presumably has some control at both.
    Don’t know about that but was amazed at the rapidity at which both were incorporated with their omnipresent logos throughout the Internet.
    And it would be a dream realized for the security apparatus to without a warrant or a wiretap have huge numbers of people voluntarily make available information in such quantity to the security state as well as commercial purveyors.
    (That person is not an ‘insider’ in any of mentioned organizations.)

  15. Christian W


    Look, post your stuff on stories that are on the topic. I won’t censor you. Do it to EVERY STORY and you will be cut.

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